Eternal Arrival


From climbing mountains in Montenegro to diving beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea, here are some of my favorite outdoors adventures in the world.


Durmitor National Park: The Gem of the Balkans

A comprehensive guide to hiking the best of Durmitor National Park in Montenegro, from easy walks to arduous mountain treks.

Bobotov Kuk: Where You Can See Three Countries from One Peak

Hike to the top of the over 8,000 foot peak of Bobotov Kuk to see views of Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Serbia.

Climbing Telica Volcano for the Best Sunset in Nicaragua

Sleep on top an active volcano for epic, sweeping views of the sunset over the Pacific and sunrise over the Ring of Fire.


Winter Travel

See the Northern Lights on a Budget in Abisko, Sweden

The best place to see the Northern lights in the world is Abisko, and it’s surprisingly budget-friendly.

10 Reasons to Travel to Sweden in Winter

Sweden is downright fairy tale magical in the winter, from the Northern lights to dog sledding and more.

How Not to Get to Abisko; Or, Waist-deep in Snow by the Side of a Highway

In which what should have been a simple airport transfer goes hilariously awry.


Adventures & Adrenaline

Volcano Boarding in Leon: A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again

In case you thought that boarding down the slopes of an active volcano at up to 30 MPH was a good idea, let me dispell that for you.

Caving with the Dead in Belize’s ATM Cave

After navigating hairpin twists and turns in freezing cold water and pitch darkness,  I found the ancient skeletons of human sacrifices.


 Under the Water

Snorkeling Caye Caulker, Belize: Sharks, Rays, and Rum Punch Galore

Swim with nurse sharks, spotted eagle rays, giant manta rays, and sea turtles in beautiful Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

10 Amazing Places to Learn to Scuba Dive on a Budget

If you want to truly experience the underwater world, you’re going to have to learn how to SCUBA dive. Check out some of the best, cheapest places to learn!