23 Most Beautiful Places in Slovenia for Your Bucket List

view of the small island with a church on it on the center of lake bled, a beautiful turquoise lake in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small European country tucked away in the Balkans, bordering Italy, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria. Despite its small size (it’s actually smaller than New Jersey!), the country has remarkable variety and exceptional beauty – from alpine peaks to rolling plains, from peaceful coasts to deep caves and roaring rivers.  We spent two weeks … Read more

17 Wonderful Things to Do in Bordeaux in Winter by a Local

view of the bourse palace in bordeaux with morning light falling on the building in a beautiful light

Known locally as a miniature version of Paris, and only a two-hour high-speed train ride from the capital, Bordeaux is the largest city in southwestern France.  The spotlight is very often on the region’s celebrated vineyards and great wine production industry, which means that Bordeaux is a year-round destination for wine lovers and culture fans … Read more

15 Magical Things to Do in Madeira, Portugal’s Island Paradise

landscape of madeira island

Madeira is an island of breathtaking beauty and captivating charm. Nicknamed the “Island of Flowers”, it boasts a stunning landscape that can be enjoyed in many different ways. From sun-soaked beaches to verdant forests, there’s something for everyone here. Choose from adventurous outdoor activities like hiking or relaxing on one of its many gorgeous beaches … Read more

Medieval Monteriggioni: 11 Marvelous Things to Do in this Lovely Walled Town

monteriggioni streets in the city center with cobblestone and old brick buildings

Wandering the medieval streets of Monteriggioni, it’s easy to feel like you’ve stepped into bygone era, Outlander-style. Located along the Via Francigena route, Monteriggioni simply couldn’t get any cuter. This entirely-walled-in small village is part of the Tuscan province Siena, and definitely vies for the prize of being one of Tuscany’s most scenic towns. And … Read more

21 Most Beautiful Towns in Dordogne, France

21 Most Beautiful Dordogne Towns and Villages to Visit Magnificent castles, beautiful medieval villages, a dreamy bucolic landscape, bustling markets, a bountiful gastronomy – Dordogne in southwest France has long been a big draw for its beautiful small country towns The third largest department of France, forming part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the Dordogne department is more … Read more