Eternal Arrival


Frequently Asked Questions


[accordion] [apane title=”How can you afford to travel so much?”] I saved up approximately $45,000 USD to travel over the span of five years. I do freelance work that brings in a couple hundred bucks a month so that I’m not constantly blowing my savings. On average, I try to budget about $1,000 a month, which is about $33 a day. Since I tend to visit cheaper countries or places away from tourist hotspots, this is usually a sufficient amount.

[/apane] [apane title=”You were a teacher. Wasn’t that enough vacation time for you?”] Nope.


[apane title=”Do you worry about your safety?”] Constantly. However, I also constantly worry about my safety when I’m home in California or in New York. Unfortunately, as women, we have to be more mindful.