21 San Francisco Puns That’ll Make You Groan and/or Smile

Want some knee-slappingly bad San Francisco puns to make your closest loved ones groan at your dad jokes?

I’ve got you covered. San Francisco is my hometown and I’ve heard it all.

Here are 30 funny puns about San Francisco to make those around you groan, chuckle, or throw a book at you (they also work as San Francisco Instagram captions should you want a funny one!)

General San Francisco Puns

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Good bay, San Francisco!

I love the San Francisco Bae

This city is so Alcatra-ctive

I’m a San Fan-cisco

The streets here are San Frenetic

Hello, Sun Francisco

MoMa-ney, Mo’ Problems

San Francisco Neighborhood Puns

I’m going to Haight it when I have to leave San Francisco.

There so SoMa-ny reasons to love this city

I’m really Mission San Francisco

Leaving San Francisco feels like a ca-Castro-trophe

I’m going to Embarcadero on a Mission to explore San Francisco

Don’t be Russian up those Hills

It’s been Hayes since I’ve been to San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge Puns

I’m going to gate leaving San Francisco

The suspension is killing me

I’ve red that the Golden Gate Bridge is nearly two miles long!

Nothing can gold a candle to this bridge

Leaving San Francisco gold turkey is hard

San Francisco Fog Puns

It’s hard to fog-get your first time in San Francisco.

It’s been a while, San Francisco — I’ve really mist you.

Karl me crazy, but I love foggy days in San Francisco [Karl is the name of our fog, because of course it is]

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