Doors Off Helicopter Tour in Kauai: 15 Things to Know Before Your Nāpali Coast Helicopter Tour

Deep green cathedral spires alternately bathing in sunlight and hiding behind misty puffs of cloud. Layers of canyon stacked one on top of another in a stunning array of colors. The impossibly blue and wild Pacific Ocean meeting hidden white sand beaches. Waterfalls only visible by helicopter, so many it is literally impossible to keep … Read more

Your Perfect Kauai Itinerary: How to Spend a Magical 4 Days in Kauaʻi

A few palm trees on the rugged coast of Kauai with a lighthouse in the distance as seen at sunset

Rugged emerald spire-like mountains cascading into the turquoise sea, deep multicolored canyons rivaling Southwestern landscapes, waterfalls only visible by helicopter… sound like a dream? It is. And yet, it’s also a real place: the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai (written Kauaʻi in the Hawaiian language). Located nearly 3,000 miles from the American mainland, Kauai is … Read more

2 Day Honolulu Itinerary: How to Maximize Your Waikiki Itinerary

aloha tower in honolulu

While every one of the Hawaiian islands offers something special, Oahu is the one that really feels like it has it all. A thriving metropolis, delicious food culture, incredible history, and of course — amazing beaches, hikes, and landscapes everywhere you look when you visit Oahu. This post outlines a Honolulu itinerary for a short … Read more

7 Jaw-Dropping Bucket List Hikes in Oahu (2022 Update)

Oahu is within the Hawaiian Island chain. It was formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Oahu is known for mesmerizing natural beauty — complete with white sands, humpback whale watching, tropical flora, dense jungle and waterfalls. Oahu is also a culturally rich and historically significant place. It’s known for important landmarks that should … Read more