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Best Airbnbs Near Yellowstone: 9 Wonderful West Yellowstone Airbnbs

Planning a trip to Yellowstone?

Lodging in the park books up insanely fast, so if you’re planning something a bit more last minute, these Airbnbs near Yellowstone are the perfect solution.

They offer the comforts of home with excellent prices and allow you to save money by offering amenities like washing machines and kitchens so you can budget better for your Yellowstone trip.

If you want to stay comfortably close to the park, it doesn’t get better or more centrally located than West Yellowstone.

Here are some of the best Airbnbs near Yellowstone National Park!

Best West Yellowstone Airbnbs

Yellowstone Getaway

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Rustic designed Airbnb near Yellowstone with wood paneling and white walls and vintage-inspired furnishings
Image provided by Airbnb.

While Airbnbs near Yellowstone are plentiful, few West Yellowstone Airbnbs are quite as appealing as this one!

Combining white walls with a wooden finish and rustic furniture, this house is as inviting as they come, and the two-floor plan ensures there’s more than enough room for everyone to get around.

The living room area comes equipped with a fireplace, ensuring warmth and comfort no matter the season, and if you’re visiting with a large group, you’ll be delighted to know there’s also a second bathroom for your convenience.

Located in West Yellowstone, the getaway is as convenient for exploring the national park as a rental can be.

The best way to get around during the winter is via snowmobile (read our winter guide to Yellowstone here), and there’s plenty worth checking out in Yellowstone even in the winter – the Rendezvous Ski Trails and (now-defunct) Oregon Short Line Railroad are both a short distance away, as is the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center if you’re an animal enthusiast.

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Wander Camp Yellowstone Tent

If you don’t want a cabin or condo stay to break the immersive feel of exploring beautiful Yellowstone, consider booking a tent at Wander Camp. The tents are quite minimalistic, featuring a bed and some rudimentary seating, but that’s all you really need at Yellowstone!

The bathrooms are shared, but remain quite private as they are also enclosed within a tent, and if you don’t feel like staying “inside” you can pull up a couple of chairs and enjoy the vast expanse of nature that is the Wander Camp.

The best part of your stay, however, will probably be the unobstructed, mesmerizing view of the night sky on clearer nights!

West Yellowstone is one of the best places to stay if you want to explore the national park in its entirety, and the camp offers you a unique advantage.

On one hand, you can enjoy a quiet, serene vacation with constant exposure to nature, and on the other, you’ll be able to access a number of shops in West Yellowstone, guaranteeing a comfortable, well-supplied stay.

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Aspen Lodge

Rustic wood paneled cabin in the woods surrounded by green trees.
Image provided by Airbnb.

Anyone looking to explore Yellowstone likely won’t be spending much time indoors, but this resort makes for a great place to start and end your day without breaking the budget.

The interior is nicely furnished and well-illuminated, and between the two floors, you can expect plenty of space and privacy for up to 5 guests.

In the evening, you can relax outside by the fire pit and relish in the peace and quiet of the West Yosemite area.

Rain or shine, the beautiful garden area gives you plenty of greenery to look at and wake up to, and it’s especially beautiful when covered in snow.

On that note, although the neighborhood is quite serene, you’ll have quick and easy access to a variety of restaurants, shops, and a number of other locales downtown.

Most importantly, the nearest forest trails are only a stone’s throw away, further incentivizing thorough exploration of the beautiful Yosemite National Park!

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Raven’s Heart

A large open plan kitchen with a bed in the distant studio area
Image provided by Airbnb.

Few Airbnbs in the West Yellowstone area can measure up to Raven’s Heart in terms of charm!

Boasting a largely wooden interior complemented by rustic, but comfortable furniture, the rental offers everything you could possibly need. Add to this the abundant illumination and the tasteful décor, and you’re left with one of the most inviting cabins in the region.

Furthermore, small but meaningful touches like a mudroom for your damp clothes after a long day of hiking will make your stay all the more comfortable and convenient.

Outside, guests will have access to a spacious garden area, as well as a grill for a group cookout just by the entrance.

The real draw of this rental, however, is the great location – West Yellowstone has you covered in every possible regard, as it features several places to shop and eat, and even a fitness center and a number of fishing spots.

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Cozy Yellowstone Cabin

A white bed with a red blanket with 3 photos above the bed.
Photo provided by Airbnb.

If you’re staying in Yellowstone but aren’t spending most of your time outside, you’re doing something wrong!

All you really need from a rental is a warm bed to sleep in and a kitchen to whip up some meals, and this house has you completely covered in that regard, making it the ideal getaway for a couple looking to explore the Yellowstone area.

You’ll definitely need to do a lot of washing and cleaning after a long day of hiking in Yellowstone National Park, so the house comes equipped with a washer and dryer.

West Yellowstone is perhaps the most convenient gateway to the National Park, so it’s perfect for exploring the area.

In addition, the town has everything from shops and restaurants to a fitness center (in the event that exploring all day hasn’t tuckered you out already), meaning that all your basic needs, and many more, will be accounted for here.

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Three Bedroom Townhouse

Brown leather couch and armchair in front of a fireplace with a sliding glass door opening to a patio area
Image provided by Airbnb.

This house is the definitive Yellowstone pick if you’re looking to visit the national park with your family or a larger group of friends!

Boasting a spacious, eye-catching interior, this house is bound to feel like home by the time you’ve unpacked, and the fireplace in the living area makes it a comfortable place to relax no matter the season.

In the interest of privacy, guests will have access to 3 bedrooms, as well as 3 toilets for maximum convenience. On top of the amazing window views from virtually any room in the house, the lush, beautiful garden is bound to leave an impression.

 Lastly, the idyllic location alone is enough to sell this place – located in West Yellowstone, the house puts you in the eye of the storm as far as the national park is concerned, and you’ll find no shortage of shops and restaurants in town to boot.

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1/2 Mile From Yellowstone

Bed with a cozy red and white and black blanket on top of it with carpet and a ceiling fan.
Image provided by Airbnb.

Exploring one of the States’ most iconic national parks is more fun with company, and this condo can accommodate up to 8 people very comfortably, between its 3 bedrooms and even 3 bathrooms.

The house comes with a well-stocked kitchen, and the living room area is all it needs to be – roomy, well-decorated, and even equipped with a fireplace, ensuring a comfortable stay irrespective of the weather.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to step outside onto the patio and into the spacious garden, the perfect place to let your children run free whenever you’re not out exploring Yellowstone National Park.

Getting around the area is quite easy, especially with a snowmobile in the winter. West Yellowstone makes for a great place to stay if you’re looking to cover as much of the National Park as possible, and this resort makes things even simpler for you, being only half a mile from the park.

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6 Blocks from Yellowstone

Slightly vintage distressed couch with a sign above it reading "mountains" with a coffee table and outdoor patio area
Image provided by Airbnb.

When it comes to spacious apartments near Yellowstone National Park, it doesn’t get much better than this rental.

Featuring 6 beds and more than enough room for 8 guests to move around freely, this is up there as one of the most family-friendly rentals in Yellowstone.

The fireplace in the living room area is an always-welcome addition, and you’ll find yourself captivated by the simple, yet elegant white and wooden furniture and décor.

In addition, having an additional bathroom and a second floor ensures everyone gets their share of privacy here. The exterior features two decks and a grill, as well as a spacious courtyard, perfect for children or a quiet gathering.

Perhaps most importantly, however, the house is only a short walk from Yellowstone National Park, and West Yellowstone cover all your basic needs as far as dining and shopping options are concerned.

In the winter, rent a snowmobile to get around and use it to go through the otherwise inaccessible west entrance to the park.

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The Little Green Apartment

Sofa with a small table and a bed with a quilt and TV with window and curtains
Image provided by Airbnb.

If you’re looking for a homey place to spend the night while vacationing near Yellowstone with your significant other, this rental is everything you need!

The house is exactly what it says on the box – a green vacation home with a cozy bed, fully equipped kitchen, decently sized bathroom and a lovely window view.

The house is located near a forest, right on the edge of town, giving you plenty to explore outside of the park itself. While it’s not remote per se, the place is great for a quiet, peaceful vacation.

At the same time, the house is technically part of a complex of cabins, meaning you’ll have plenty of neighbors to get to know if you choose to stay for an extended period of time.

That aside, West Yellowstone has shops, restaurants, and just about everything else you need to make a proper vacation out of your trip.

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