I started Eternal Arrival in 2016 with a desire to travel the world, in search of weird, wild, and rugged places. I have a deep love for quirky cities, faraway islands, epic road trips, and being surrounded by nature.

I grew up in California, which inspired a deep love for my state and the Western U.S. in general, which you’ll see heavily represented on this blog as well as my California travel blog. I also spent nearly a decade living in New York City and write about it frequently.

While this started as a personal blog, Eternal Arrival has become something different: a resource for those who always seek to arrive somewhere new and get that rush of adventure.

After 60+ countries of travel, I’ve realized it’s not the distance that measures the adventure, but the spirit the adventure was taken on. So I’ve opened up Eternal Arrival to fellow wanderlusting, experienced travel writers with a love for outdoors, oddness, and getting a bit off the beaten path to share their passion with you and cover more ground of this great, wild world we all share.

Our mission at Eternal Arrival is to inspire you to move: whether that’s for a weekend camping trip in your own state or a whirlwind trip through European capitals.

You provide the dreams. We provide the know-how.