21 Wonderful Things to Do in Berlin in Winter [2023]

the brandenburg gate in berlin germany with a christmas tree in front of it

Germany’s most international city, Berlin, is the perfect destination any time of the year — but we especially love Berlin in winter. Home to stunning museums, impressive landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and an endless choice of international restaurants, Berlin is a buzzing city with something for every traveler’s taste. While it’s true that the winter weather … Read more

The 10 Absolute Best Things to Do in Wengen: Switzerland’s Hidden Gem

If I could pick only one mountain village to be the absolutely postcard-perfect symbol of Switzerland, I’d pick Wengen every time. Sitting high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Wengen is everything you could ask for in a Swiss vacation.  With its traditional chalets that haven’t been tainted by modern architecture, rugged snow-capped mountains towering above you … Read more

Taking the Roatan to Utila Ferry: Everything You Need to Know [2023 Guide]

The ferry boat in Roatan Honduras

​The two largest of the Bay Islands in Honduras, Roatan and Utila, are both fantastic destinations for their diving, beaches, and laidback vibes. Roatan is typically people’s first port of call in Honduras, as Roatan has the international airport. Roatan is the destination for all international flights, as well as domestic flights from the mainland … Read more

50 Great Quotes About Los Angeles (For Instagram Captions & More)

Los Angeles is a city that takes up a lot of space — both physically and metaphorically. It’s synonymous with California for many, Hollywood looming large in people’s minds when they think of Los Angeles. But Los Angeles — or L.A., or La La Land, or the City of Angels, or whatever you choose to … Read more