The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List: 50 Road Trip Necessities

Music blasting on the stereo, windows rolled down and hair mussed by the wind, singing with your road tripping besties: there’s nothing better than a road trip. It’s my favorite way to travel. I’ve done road trips all over the world: from Brazil to the Faroe Islands, the American Southwest (Nevada, Arizona, and Utah) to … Read more

12 Breathtaking Overwater Bungalows in Panama in 2023

Dreaming of a relaxing trip to Central America? There’s simply no better way to relax than waking up in an overwater bungalow in Panama. There’s one main region where you’ll find Panama overwater bungalows, the Bocas del Toro region in the country’s northeast corner, a collection of islands tucked away along the sapphire-blue waters of … Read more

29 of the Most Bucket List-Worthy Ecotourism Destinations

There’s no denying that in a lot of the world, mass tourism is a serious problem. Many beautiful destinations are buckling under the weight of their own popularity, as they struggle to maintain the pristine landscapes and conserve wildlife. But equally so, there are also countless destinations that prioritize ecotourism and conservation and minimize their … Read more