Aboard the Yangon Circular Train, A Quirky Cultural Experience

yangon myanmar

When you think train travel, you probably think of looking out the window at greenery rolls by. Relaxation, quiet, each person in their own meditation.

Not so in Myanmar. As the Yangon circular train chugged along at a jogger’s pace through the lush countryside surrounding the chaotic capital city, first I found myself staring out the window.

I frantically snapped photos of modest homes, people playing sports outside, grassy fields. But as we drifted further away from the center, picking up more people, a rollicking show began to play before my eyes, stealing my attention.

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20 Stunning Photos from Myanmar

Girls with umbrellas in Myanmar

In honor of my short attention span and my rapidly filling one-terabyte hard drive, I bring to you a photo essay of 20 photos from last summer, taken in my one of my favorite travel destinations: Myanmar.

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