view of the small island with a church on it on the center of lake bled, a beautiful turquoise lake in Slovenia

23 Most Beautiful Places in Slovenia for Your Bucket List

Slovenia is a small European country tucked away in the Balkans, bordering Italy, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria.

Despite its small size (it’s actually smaller than New Jersey!), the country has remarkable variety and exceptional beauty – from alpine peaks to rolling plains, from peaceful coasts to deep caves and roaring rivers. 

We spent two weeks exploring all the corners of Slovenia, and absolutely fell in love – it’s just a really special country. 

If you’re thinking of visiting Slovenia and looking for the most beautiful places to explore, you’re in the right place!

This post highlights the top attractions and activities you can’t miss while you’re there.

Most Beautiful Places in Slovenia

1. Triple Bridge in Ljubljana 

The famous triple bridge of Ljubljana with a pink church in the background on a sunny day
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Triple Bridge is one of the most iconic locations in Ljubljana!

As the name implies, the Triple Bridge has three slightly unparallel pathways across the Ljubljanica River that are all adjacent to each other. It has grand stone railings, and the middle pathway is made of cobblestones.

What makes it more adorable is the pink Franciscan Church of the Annunciation situated behind it. This church casts a reflection on the water that, along with the bridge and draping trees, is absolutely charming.

Pro Tip: One of the best spots to photograph the bridge, the church, and the river all together is from the Ribja Brv bridge, just south of Triple Bridge. 

2. Skocjan Caves

view of light coming in through crevices of the cave at skocjan caves in Slovenia

Skocjan Caves was a big surprise – we were not expecting how much this UNESCO World Heritage site would literally make our jaws drop!

The start of the cave tour is through caverns with a few stalagmites and stalactites (and tbh, is pretty meh). 

However, the really incredible experience begins when you reach a massive cavern that is over 150 meters (450 feet) tall!

You’ll follow a winding path that runs along the cliff’s edge, high above a rushing river.

As you walk along, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the cavern below and a stunning head-on view of the bridge before crossing it. 

The cavern was really giving a Lord of the Rings feel, much like the Mines of Moria and the Bridge of Khazad-dûm.

While the start of the cave was fairly forgettable, the walk through the cavern was truly a highlight of our trip to Slovenia.

It’s easy to get to, too — Skocjan Cave is a popular day trip from Ljubljana, as it is less than an hour from the capital. 

3. Predjama Castle

view of a castle built into the side of the wall in Slovenia which is also part of a cave complex

Predjama Castle is considered to be the oldest cave castle in the world!

This castle is built on a cliffside and possesses some really cool and innovative cave features – sometimes it’s hard to tell where the castle ends and the cave begins!

Visiting this beautiful place in Slovenia will allow you to explore and learn more about its history, and even discover some of the caverns in the rock behind and adjacent to the castle.

Inside the castle, each room is beautifully set up to reflect its appearance during Medieval times.

An audioguide is provided to each guest and tells the fascinating story of the people who lived here, how they withstood sieges, and how they were ultimately conquered.

It’s a crazy story involving the leader using the bathroom in the middle of the night!

4. Logar Valley

views of a pathway in a green meadow with mountains in the distance in Slovenia's logar valley

The Logar Valley is in a lesser-visited mountain range in north-central Slovenia.

It features long, narrow valleys with lush meadows and forests that end in majestic mountains.

With scenic driving routes, waterfalls, numerous hiking trails, and jaw-dropping views, there are plenty of ways to explore and enjoy this unique mountain range.

We absolutely loved this valley and are so glad we took the time to explore this less-visited region in Slovenia. 

5. Velika Planina

Velika Planina is a high mountain plateau near the Logar Valley.

You can reach it by cable car from the valley floor, or you can just drive up the mountain yourself.

On top of the plateau, you’ll be surrounded by a charming and picturesque pastoral scene.

Rolling hills are filled with wildflowers in the summer and tall mountain peaks are in the background.

Cows freely roam the village and hills, the clanging bells around their necks creating a soundtrack as you explore.

The village is filled with simple wooden huts that look like they would fit right in 200 years ago (though they have clearly been updated with modern conveniences).

Historically, shepherds who make cheese have lived on these plateaus throughout Slovenia, and dairy farming continues to be the main economy.

You can (and should!) even buy locally-made cheese and dairy products on your visit. 

6. Lake Bled

view of the small island with a church on it on the center of lake bled, a beautiful turquoise lake in Slovenia

Lake Bled is one of the most enchanting spots in all of Slovenia!

The lake’s stunning turquoise waters are set against a backdrop of mountains, and an island with a medieval church sits in the middle of the lake. 

There are quite a ways fun things to do around Lake Bled, including hiking to the Mala Osojnica viewpoint for overhead views of the lake, or renting a rowboat or a stand-up paddleboard and going out on the water.

The impressive Bled Castle stands tall on a cliff on the lake’s edge, and you can explore the castle grounds and admire the view from the castle walls.

Make sure you walk along the path that encircles the entire lake, and stop by the Vila Bled, a mansion-turned-hotel that used to be owned by royalty. 

7. Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps

Triglav National Park, located in the stunning Julian Alps of northwest Slovenia is where much of Slovenia’s preserved natural beauty can be found. 

This park is massive and known for its rugged mountains, clear alpine lakes, dense forests, and crystal-clear rivers.

In the center of the park is Mount Triglav, which is Slovenia’s highest mountain and a symbol of the country. 

People who visit Triglav National Park can enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, like hiking, climbing mountains, and even paddling in clear lakes and rivers.

Besides the natural beauty, there are also cute little villages and old landmarks to explore.

8. Soča River

bright turquoise river called the soca river in the heart of Slovenia with gorgeous foliage on the sides of the river water

The Soča is easily one of the most beautiful rivers I have ever seen, and the Soča River Valley is easily one of the most beautiful places in all of Slovenia. 

The water is clear and deep turquoise and the nature around it is pristine. It has a beautiful turquoise color, which changes at times and becomes either light or deep green depending on its depth.

The banks are lush with greenery, and there are scenic hills and mountains in the background, creating a wonderful setting.

The river is also famous for its activities and tours, especially white water rafting, which you can do near the towns of Bovec and Kobarid.

There are also many hiking opportunities in and around the Soča, and numerous towns situated next to it.

The Soča River is really the ideal place to visit if you are looking for a fun-filled yet relaxing spot while in Slovenia.

9. Vršič Pass

the vrsic pass in Triglav national park with mountain peaks and edges and sunny weather

Vršič Pass (pronounced ‘virsheech’) is a steep switchback road that traverses a high mountain pass.

It’s a challenging drive, with 49 tight and narrow switchbacks!

The scenery is truly awe-inspiring… for the passengers, that is. The driver will definitely be focused on the twisting road!

Thankfully, there are quite a few pull-out spots where you can stop, admire the views, and take some pictures.

You can also stop at the Russian Chapel, a quaint wooden church built for the Russian POWs who constructed the pass during World War I.

The top of the pass is Switchback 25, which hosts a hut offering great food and incredible views.

This spot also marks the beginning of several trailheads leading to the surrounding mountains.

For example, we did the Path of the Pagan Girl and the Slemenova Spica hike, both starting at the Vršič Pass summit.

10. Kozjak Waterfall

the kozjak waterfall in a narrow slot canyon style landscape in Slovenia on a beautiful day in the summer with water pouring into a small pool

Kozjak Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia due to its bright turquoise water and enchanting cove setting.

The trail to the waterfall follows the Soča River before veering off to follow the Kozjak stream (which feeds into the Soča), and you’ll enjoy incredible views of the turquoise river as you hike. 

There are also some trenches and embankments left over from World War I that you can see just off the trail – this region saw a lot of fighting and conflict during the Great War. 

11. Virje Waterfall

the virje waterfall, a series of small waterfalls cascading over a large rock and forming a beautiful natural swimming pool at the foot of the waterfall

Virje Waterfall is another amazing natural wonder located near the town of Bovec in the Soča River Valley.

It is comprised of multiple cascades that spread out into a deep turquoise pool, and it’s spectacular.

The pool is stunningly clear and you can wade or swim during the summer if you don’t mind the chilly water temperatures.

12. Great Soca Gorge

large gorge with a canyon in the middle of it, with a river in between, seen from above looking into the narrow slot between the two sides of the gorge

The Great Soca Gorge is a specific section of the Soca River that is particularly gorgeous.

It is a 750-meter-long and 10 to 15-meter-deep slot canyon along the river, with high, curving, undulating walls, and captivating blue-green turquoise color.

Along the gorge, you’ll find bridges spanning the river, a dirt path running parallel to it, and many charming lookout points.

Narrow paths lead from the main trail to river overlooks where you can admire the rapids and curving canyon walls from above.

In other areas, you can get closer to the water and enjoy a remarkable view of the deep turquoise river with dark canyon walls.

The southern mouth of the gorge, where the slot canyon ends and opens back up to a wider river, is stunning, full of rocks to climb on, and views directly into the canyon.

The water here is much deeper than in other sections, which makes it a perfect place for swimming. 

We spent some peaceful and breathtaking moments here enjoying a leisurely summer evening, watching the other swimmers and picnickers, and enjoying the beautiful views.

13. Vintgar Gorge

beautiful hazy landscape of the vintgar gorge in Slovenia with water, bridge, and trees

Not far from Lake Bled is the Vintgar Gorge, which looks like it came right out of a fairytale.

Vintgar Gorge is a narrow canyon with tall walls, a river with vibrant blue-green water, and a wooden boardwalk attached to the side of the canyon walls.

The path through the slot canyon is pretty long – lasting more than a kilometer, and delivers beauty at every turn. 

Mist rises off the water, which sometimes babbles pleasantly along, and sometimes churns over small waterfalls and sharp rapids.

The boardwalk occasionally crosses the river and the canyon is adorned with vegetation, adding to the “fantasy-land” feeling of the canyon.

The end of the gorge hike is marked by the beautiful Sum Waterfall — not a bad way to end the trek!

14. Kanal ob Soci

the unique riverside town of kanal ob soci in Slovenia along the river with an arched stone bridge and old fashioned stone architecture and fairytale aesthetic

Kanal ob Soci is a lovely small town situated directly on the Soca River.

A tall bridge, the “Most Kanal” stretches across the river gorge, surrounded by the town on both sides.

The sight of this high bridge over the gorge, with the green river flowing beneath and the village above, provides a breathtaking view. 

You can enjoy the views from the bridge, along the upper banks, or even walk down to the shoreline of the river to see the bridge from below.

Shockingly, there is actually a small diving board attached to the middle of the bridge, clearly intended for anyone brave enough to take the long plunge into the river below.

On the buildings right next to the bridge are pictures and articles about some of the people who have dove off the bridge! 

15. Lake Jasna

peaceful calm waters of lake janna reflecting mountains above it in the water, and view of a dock in the foreground

Lake Jasna is a small and charming lake located in the heart of the town of Kranjska Gora, near the Vrsic Pass. 

On one side of the lake, you’ll find a row of restaurants and hotels, and a path runs through the center of the lake, which divides it in two.

There are also docks and relaxation spots along the lakeside.

The highlight of the lake, however, is the breathtaking view of towering mountains behind the lake, which creates a stunning reflection on the water’s surface. 

16. Lake Bohinj

calm waters of lake bohinj in the spectacular landscape of Slovenia with a bridge crossing the lake and a bell tower

Lake Bohinj is the largest lake in Slovenia and is a tranquil paradise just 30 minutes southwest of busy Lake Bled. 

The lake is surrounded by mountains and is filled with beautiful blue water (although not as vibrant as other lakes in Slovenia). 

In Lake Bohinj, you can take the ferry across the lake, rent a canoe or kayak, or go for a swim.

There is also the Savica waterfall nearby – a beautiful waterfall that feeds into the lake. 

One of the must-visit places here is the famous church called the Church of St. John the Baptist, which was built a long time ago in the 11th century.

Uniquely, it has beautiful paintings on the outside of the church and is situated right along the banks of the river. 

17. Tolmin Gorge

person hiking in tolmin gorge wearing a tank top and shorts walking alongside the waters edge

Inside Triglav National Park, just outside the town of Tolmin is the Tolmin Gorge, a charming and scenic canyon to discover. 

The Tolminka River and the Zadlascica River converge in the gorge, and you can hike up both forks to follow each river. 

The trail follows an interesting winding path, taking hikers to various points of interest: down to Tolminka River, then back around and up the Zadlascica River, around to a cave, across the Devil’s Bridge, which sits very high above the river, and back to the starting point, creating a pleasant one-way loop. 

The water in the gorge is a vibrant icy blue, and the gorge is often tall and narrow, creating a fairytale feeling.

Tolmin Gorge is often overlooked in favor of the much more popular Vintgar Gorge, but I think it’s definitely worth visiting both!

18. Brda Wine Region

vineyards in the brda wine region of Slovenia with stunning landscape and vineyards in rows in the green summer landscape

Brda is a secluded wine region situated along the border of Slovenia and Italy, nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps.

This region has gained renown for its production of high-quality wines.

You’ll see endless vineyards, rolling hills with grapevine terraces, olive groves, and cherry orchards.

You’ll admire charming hilltop villages with castles or churches towering above the valleys, peaceful countryside roads with light traffic, white buildings with terracotta roofs, and the distant peaks of Triglav National Park. 

In short, we absolutely loved this region.

And of course, there are plenty of wineries that offer wine tastings for visitors passing through. 

While there are plenty of ways to explore the Brda Wine Region, I’d recommend driving on Vipolze Road to Dobrovo and then taking Highway 402 from Dobrovo to Smartno for great views. 

19. Slap Pericnik

crushing waterfall with roaring waters seen from behind at the pericnik waterfall in Slovenia

Slap Pericnik is a stunning waterfall, and probably in my top 3 waterfalls in Slovenia. 

This waterfall is one of a kind because you can walk all the way behind it! It’s a unique experience walking under the rocky overhang and witnessing the waterfall drop in one big cascade to the valley below. 

While you can observe the falls from the parking lot, you’ll need to climb a fairly steep trail to walk behind the falls.

It’s definitely worth it, though! From the falls, there is also a fantastic wide view of the valley, which adds to the beauty of the whole scene.

20. Piran

lovely view of the Iran port harbor area in Slovenia at sunset with boats and bell tower and city behind it

Piran is a charming coastal town on the Adriatic Sea.

It’s almost entirely pedestrian-friendly, with no cars allowed in the town center. (Visitors usually park on the outskirts and walk or take a bus.)

The streets are narrow and winding – almost alley-like – and filled with colorful buildings. 

The city is built on a hill, so expect to find several great viewpoints, like the City Wall ruins whose remaining towers and walls offer incredible vistas over the Adriatic Sea.

The bell tower of St. George’s Church is also impressive, providing stunning panoramic views of the area. 

Make sure you stop by the harbor and Tartini Square, and then walk the pathway along the shore, taking in the clear, blue-green water.

Make sure you enjoy some gelato or dine in one of the many delicious restaurants near the harbor. 

21. Zelenci Nature Reserve

brilliant nature preserve with green grass and blue waters and a hiking trail along the waters edge

Zelenci Nature Reserve is a nature reserve located just outside Kranjska Gora. This beautiful spot is where the Sava River starts!

The water here is incredibly clear and blue, and you can actually see it bubbling up from springs at the bottom of the pool.

It’s a quick and easy walk through the forest to reach the lake, which has a short boardwalk leading to a small observation tower. 

It’s free to visit and open all day. While many people come just for the lake, there are also lots of trails through the wetland in the nature preserve. 

22. Dreznica Church and Valley

a little white church on top of a hill with a mountain behind it and the valley landscape around it

We came into the Dreznica Valley to do a waterfall hike, but just entering the valley took our breath away.

Surrounded by tall, jagged mountain peaks, the most prominent part of Dreznica village is the Sacred Heart Church, a white church set on a hilltop above the village. 

The church is open to visitors during the day and is lovely inside, and the views from the church overlooking the valley are also gorgeous.

After you visit the church, there are several interesting waterfalls in the area you should visit, including the Koseska Korita loop, which showcases five different falls. 

23. Maribor

the charming glavni square in Maribor with pink and beige buildings round the central square

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, with a charming old town filled with stunning Hapsburg-style architecture. 

Glavni Trg is the main square and is a bustling hub for activities and events in the city.

Be sure to admire the beautiful churches, walk along the river, see the world’s oldest grapevine (more than 400 years old!), and stroll around beautiful Slomskov Trg, surrounded by numerous historic buildings. 

Just 30 minutes away is the adorable village of Ptuj, which has a castle, colorful streets, and a historic church with a maroon steeple. 

We really found Maribor to be a delightful surprise and a beautiful addition to our Slovenia itinerary

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