Camping Tips for Beginners: 10 Rookie Camping Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

 The word camping evokes thoughts of simplicity, connecting to nature and relaxation. However, if you’re not prepared or adequately equipped your dreams of a peaceful night out in nature can quickly turn into a night of discomfort and despair. Take it from me, an avid camper who’s spent hundreds of nights under the stars! I’ve … Read more

50 Essentials for Car Camping: Checklist & Packing List For Car Camping

There’s nothing better than classic smell of a warm campfire crackling under a blanket of twinkling stars and waking up to a soft glowing sunrise as dawn breaks the horizon. Camping is all about those moments of peace and serenity. When your pace for the day is slow and peaceful, and you truly embrace what … Read more

5 Incredible Free Campsites in Utah (Near National Parks & Attractions!)

Allison hiking in utah

 Utah is home to thousands of campgrounds dispersed all over the state. With nearly 75% of the land being public, campers have an unlimited option when it comes to free campsites in Utah! Yes, free! Sure, Utah’s State Parks and National Parks have their own beautiful campsites but if you truly want to live life … Read more