10 Best Hikes in Tenerife (Guided & Independent Options!)

Mount Teide cable car viewing point where you can see the cars coming up and down the mountain with clouds in the background and sea in the distance

Tenerife, the largest and most popular of the Canary Islands, is a paradise for nature lovers. The gorgeous island offers diverse landscapes ranging from black-sand beaches to sky-high mountain peaks and lush forests… all on one single island.  As you explore these stunning landscapes, travelers can find countless hiking trails, with endless natural beauty around … Read more

12 Best Hikes in Fuerteventura (Guided & Independent Options!)

view from the highest point in the fuerteventura island, pico de zarza, over the Atlantic Ocean and beach coastline

Fuerteventura is the second-largest island in the Canary Islands archipelago, best known for being extremely windy and perfect for water sports.  The island doesn’t have particularly high peaks, but its beautiful volcanic landscape makes it an ideal spot for easy and moderate hikes. Unlike some of the other islands, such as Tenerife or Gran Canaria, … Read more

Waitavala Water Slides: A Quick Guide to This Fun Taveuni Attraction!

Allison Green going down the Waitavala Water slides while on vacation in Taveuni, Fiji

Just a short drive from the main town of Somosomo on Taveuni, Fiji is one of the locals’ favorite spots: the Waitavala Water Slides. Don’t get it twisted with the name: this isn’t anything close to your average water slide! Rather, it’s a naturally occurring set of waterfalls that have created a flowing natural “chute” … Read more

10 Epic Things to Do in Grand Canyon in Winter (+ What to Know!) for 2023

Snow covered landscape of the Grand Canyon in the winter months

Gazing into the vastness of the Grand Canyon is a dream for many, no matter the time of year. Its towering cliffs rise 6,000 feet, showcasing a tapestry of red hues and unmatched desert vistas. When you peer into this immense chasm, the multilayered rocks carved out by the relentless Colorado River offer a journey … Read more

7 Epic Things to Do in Arches National Park in Winter (+ Tips for 2023)

Among the five iconic national parks in Utah, often referred to as the Mighty Five, Arches National Park may be the most recognizable. From Delicate Arch’s feature on the Utah state license plate to influencer snaps of natural arches across social media, most people need no convincing to visit Arches National Park once they know … Read more

9 Things to Do in Grand Teton in Winter (+ Tips for Visiting!)

For those enchanted by the pristine beauty of snow-clad peaks, Grand Teton National Park in winter is nothing short of a daydream come to life. As frequent snowfall sculpts and changes the mountain’s craggy surfaces and hiking trails get a snowy blanket tucking them in, Grand Teton’s winter panoramas are even more serene. ⌛ Planning … Read more