Best Backpack For Europe: My Top Pick (& 4 Runner-Ups)

I’ve spent the majority of the last two and a half years backpacking, living, and traveling around Europe. I’ve visited about 80% of the countries that make up this big and diverse continent and travel around Europe since I’m based in Bulgaria and it’s quite easy to hop around for cheap from Sofia (I love you, … Read more

Best Underseat Luggage: My Top Pick & 5 Runner Ups

With airlines constantly adjusting their compact carry-on size requirements and implementing higher fees for checked luggage, travelers have been forced to adjust and pack smarter. Many U.S. airlines are following in the footsteps of ultra-low budget carriers like WOW and Spirit, introducing free “basic economy” fares that charge extra for carry-on bags. As a result, … Read more

5 Best Travel Coffee Makers, Compared by a Former Barista

If you’re a coffee fanatic like I am, it’s probably important to you that you’re never far away from a good cup of coffee while you’re traveling. There are some places around the world with fantastic coffee: I’ve been especially impressed with the coffee in Australia and Scandinavia. However, it’s also true that certain countries … Read more

27 Actually Useful Travel Gifts for Female Travelers (& Everyone, Really)

For someone who loves making lists far in advance of when it’s appropriate to, it’s kind of weird that I haven’t already made a mega-post of travel gift ideas yet. That’s probably because I’m a bit of a self-admitted Grinch. The stress of Christmas gets me every year – I hate the obligation of buying … Read more