10 Best Santorini Wine Tasting Tours + My Experience (By a Wine Geek)

two glasses of white wine against a sunny backdrop of santorini caldera with cliffside views

Gorgeous white-and-blue buildings, stunning cliffside vistas, and the most delicious food you’ll ever eat. 

What could make your trip to Santorini better?

That’s simple – a wine tour that covers all the best Santorini wineries!

It’s no secret that Greece has some of the best food and spectacular beaches in the world. 

I mean, there’s a good reason people swarm the Greek islands year after year.

That said, the wine in Greece is every bit as magical as its beaches. 

If you know the first thing about Greek history, you’ll know that wine is incredibly important to the country’s culture throughout history… and that’s true for Santorini, as well!

Venetsanos winery with Allison Green's hand holding a glass of white wine

In fact, I’d argue that no visit to Santorini would be complete without a good wine tour — mine was the highlight of my trip.

Couple the amazing wine with the irresistible views you’ll find all around Santorini, and that’s a vacation that can’t be beat!

Take your wine appreciation to the next level by taking a wine tour in Santorini.

Your taste buds will thank you – and so will your friends, if you can manage to bring a bottle or two back for them.

And if you find yourself wanting to bring home more Santorini magic, why not take a Greek cooking class too while you’re at it?

My Top 3 Picks: Best Santorini Wine Tasting

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read all about Santorini winemaking and all the 10 tours I’ve curated, don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Here are my 3 top picks that offer great value-for-money when it comes to wine tasting in Santorini.


hand holding a glass of wine in the santorini landscape

4.5 Hour Santorini Wine Tasting Trip
✔️ Personally approved!
✔️Try 12 different wines across 3 wineries
✔️ Sunset winery visit with caldera views


vineyards of santorini with a white church like building in the background

Tour of 3 Wineries with a Sommelier
✔️ Certified sommelier expert guide
✔️ Wine pairing with Cycladic cheeses & local snacks


glass of white wine at sunset in santorini with small islets in the distance

3 Winery Santorini Wine Adventure
✔️ Try 12-15 different wines with snacks
✔️ Upgrade to a sunset tour to add on Santo Winery & a plate of tapas

My Wine Tasting Experience in Santorini

Allison Green standing in front of a Santorini sunset at the Venetsanos winery

When I visited Santorini in 2019, I did a wine tour that covered 3 wineries, as well as another guided day tour that included a winery stop, so I visited 4 Santorini wineries in all!

I’ll quickly explain the wine tour I did, so you have an idea of what a Santorini wine tasting tour looks like.

Then afterwards, I’ll explain a bit of what I learned about Santorini wine on my tour, before getting into 9 other options for tours so you can find the one that’s right for you.

First, I got picked up at the meeting point for my tour (most tours have meeting points as opposed to offering hotel pick-up, because they can’t access most Santorini streets).

sign for roussos winery in santorini with welcome in many different languages

Then, we were off to our first winery, which was Roussos.

We got to explore their cellar area as they explained how the wines were made, in particular, their Nykteri wine which they are well known for.

Of course, then it came time to taste!

Tasting wines at Roussos winery

We got to taste 3 different kinds of white wine and one red wine here, and they were all delicious.

For me, the Nykteri was the most memorable, as was their pure Assyrtiko.

After that, it was time for the Wine Museum, which is inside a natural underground cave once used for storing wine!

Entering the stairs down to the cave for the wine museum

The museum displayed all sorts of photos or artifacts about Santorini’s wine history, and we got to see the specific tools used for winemaking.

Our guide gave us some context for the museum, but also let us wander a bit to be able to explore independently.

After the wine museum, it was time for — you guessed it — more wine tasting!

The Santorini Wine Museum is part of the Koutsogiannopoulos Winery, so we tried some of their wines afterwards.

santorini wine tour at the wine museum Koutsogiannopoulos estate, glass of red wine in hand

We tasted all sorts of wines here — including a light, delicate fruity red wine that had a beautiful see-through color and a lovely structured and acidic profile.

We also tried their famed white wines and even a sweet wine here as well.

Then, it was off to our third and final Santorini winery of the tour: Venetsanos Winery!

the view at sunset at venetsanos winery with beautiful sunset colors and view

We didn’t do a full winery tour here, as it was more about the wine tasting and the exquisite caldera views — which were even better as the tour was perfectly timed to conclude around sunset!

Besides, we already had most of the background information on how Santorini wines were made by this point.

We tried a handful of wines here, and by now, my head was a little fuzzy so I don’t recall what all we tried, but they were some of my favorite wines of the tour.

Venetsanos winery with Allison Green's hand holding a glass of white wine

Though I may have also been a little intoxicated by the views!

After that winery visit, they drove us home and dropped us off at the drop-off point, after a 4.5 hour tour.

I absolutely loved the tour and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!

Again, this is the exact tour I took, though note that they do change up the wineries from time to time, because there are only so many wineries in Santorini trying to meet the demand from wine tours.

views from santo winery with stunning caldera view in front of you

Another winery I visited, though not on the same tour, was Santo Winery.

This is another winery you go to for the views, but their wines were also really good — probably my favorite wines of the trip, to be honest!

The array of wines we got to try there was baffling — probably close to 5 or 6 different varieties, including Vinsanto — and all were absolutely spectacular.

Allison Green holding a wine glass at Santo Winery

We did the wine tour inside in one of their special tasting rooms with some snacks, which was great as it was a little chilly outside (I visited in October).

Finally, we got to explore the premises for a bit and check out all the epic sunset views.

This is definitely one of my top winery recommendations in Santorini, so if you don’t want to take the tour I took, you might want to take a tour like this one where you can specifically add on a visit to Santo Winery at sunset.

Why Are Santorini’s Wines so Special?

two glasses of white wine against a sunny backdrop of santorini caldera with cliffside views

You see, Santorini is an active (but dormant!) underwater volcano.

The caldera that makes the island so beautiful is the result of a cataclysmic eruption in 1610 BCE.

This eruption was so massive, it took out an entire civilization in 1610 BCE and left behind a city, Akrotiri, completely coated in ash just like Pompeii was.

But what does this volcanic history have to do with its wines? Honestly — everything.

Santorini’s volcanic soil — primarily composed of ash, pumice, and basalt — plays a crucial role in shaping the unique terroir of the island.

The soil that the grapes grow in then go on to influence the taste of its wines.

In the case of wines with volcanic terroirs, that typically means taking on strong mineral notes and higher levels of complexity, with more secondary flavors and a more interesting structure.

winery at roussos with lots of different kinds of wines available

Volcanic soil also helps with Santorini’s otherwise intense climate — the volcanic soil almost acts like a cactus, reserving as much of the scant rainfall as possible, allowing the grapes to survive even during Santorini’s hot, dry summers.

In addition to the volcanic terroir, another unique aspect of Santorini’s winemaking tradition is is the “kouloura” method used by local farmers to grow their grapes.

Since Santorini are exposed to the strong Cycladic winds that hit all the Aegean Islands, and also has limited rainfall, it’s adapted its winemaking traditions.

The kouloura method works to counter those challenges by training the vines to form a circle, almost like a basket, not far from the ground.

This protects the vines from the strong winds and harsh weather conditions, while also helping to trap some of the air’s moisture, giving the grapes some much needed hydration.

It also protects the grapes from the sun — too much sun creates rich, fruity wines that may have a lot of flavor, but not a lot of nuance or structure, and the kouloura method prevents that.

As a result, Santorini’s white wines in particular are some of the most complex and delicate white wines you’ll find, with high acidity to round out the fruitness, a surprising amount of structure, and excellent mineral notes to add complexity.

What Types of Wine are Made in Santorini?

a view of the santorini landscape with two glasses of wine

In general, wine lovers drool over Santorini’s incredible and complex white wines.

Santorini also primarily uses its own indigenous grape varieties: Assyrtiko, Athiri, and Aidani for its white wines, which are either a varietal wine or a blend.

The most beloved wine in Santorini is perhaps Nykteri, which alludes to the tradition of the grapes being picked at night.

Made from a blend of primarily Assyrtiko, the grapes are pressed and aged in stainless steel or oak, and then given a second aging in oak for months or even years, which adds even more complexity and aging potential.

Allison Green holding a bottle of Santorini wine from the wine museum

Another beloved and unique Santorini wine is Vinsanto, a dessert wine made from sun-dried Assyrtiko, Aidani, and Athiri grapes, which are aged in oak barrels, typically for several years.

Similar to white Port (without the fortification process), Vinsanto wines are rich and velvety, with hints of dried fruit, honey, nuttiness, and caramel.

There are also a few red wines made in Santorini — primarily using the varietals of Mavrotragano and Voudomato, or a blend of the two — but overall, Santorini is far more known for its white wines.

The 10 Top Santorini Wine Tours

1. Santorini Wine Tasting Tour with Pickup

A selection of red, white, and rose wines on a table on the cliffside terrace of Venetsanos Winery on a Santorini wine tour

⌛ Tour Length: 4.5 hours | 🌟 Rating: 4.8/5 stars (350+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
Sample 12 glasses of wine between 3 local wineries
-Stunning wines and photos if Venetsanos Winery is included
-Tour of the Argyros Winery

Read more about this Santorini wine tasting tour here!

This wine tour from Santorini is a favorite among tourists for a good reason, with more than 300 rave reviews!

Santorini has a mind-boggling 3,000 years of wine tradition – yup, really! – and you’ll learn all about it during this guided Santorini wine tour.

On this tour, you’ll be visiting three different Santorini wineries for the taste-test of a lifetime. 

Wineries vary depending on availability, but Venetsanos, Gavals Estate, and Art Space Winery are a few of the wonderful possibilities!

If your tour includes Venetsanos Winery, you’re in luck, as this particular winery has one of the most spectacular views of Santorini’s caldera.

There will be plenty of photo ops alongside the excellent wine-tasting!

“Amazing way to spend an afternoon in Santorini! The wineries were beautiful and the wine was delicious, but it was our guide Mary and the staff at each of the wineries who really made the tour special. Mary had so much knowledge of Greece’s wine history to share with us and we learned so much during our tour. Highly recommend booking this tour if you’re interested in trying local wines while in Santorini.”

Read more reviews here!

One winery you’re guaranteed to visit is Argyros, the second biggest winery in all of Santorini – and one of its best!

Between those wineries, you get to try all kinds of trademark local wine brands, like Vinsanto (a sweet wine) and Nykteri (a stunning dry white made of primarily Assyrtiko grapes).

In total, you get to try a whopping 12 tastings of wine by the end of the tour – a very generous amount. 

Luckily, local cheese and olives will also be served along with the wine to help you soak up all the tastings!

2. Three Santorini Wineries and One Brewery Tour with Tastings

A vineyard at Exo Gonia of Santorini with terraced vineyards cut into the volcanic landscape of the island and trees, showing a mediterranean island climate

⌛ Tour Length: 4.5 hours | 🌟 Rating: 4.8/5 stars (40+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
Sample 12 wine glasses over a number of wineries
-Visit to the 2 most renowned wineries in Santorini and a surprise final winery
-Additional trip to Santorini Brewing Company for beer tasting

Read more about this Santorini wine tour here!

Santorini owes its distinct wine to its unique terroir, particular growing style, and particular varietals. 

So what exactly does this mean? 

This wine tour from Santorini will teach you all about the unique conditions Santorini winemakers have to contend with – and how that informs the wine they produce.

Throughout the tour, you get to try 12 different wines across a number of legendary Santorini wineries.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though, since you’ll also be visiting the Santorini Brewing Company and trying three locally-made Greek beers!

“Nick was a wonderful, friendly guide and extremely knowledgeable. The communication was top class and he went above and beyond to ensure a great trip. the brewery visit gave amazing insight into the process and the company itself with some tasty sample on offer. The three wineries that we visited were very informative and offered a variety of local wines and snacks to sample. Definitely worth doing during a visit to Santorini!”

Read more reviews here!

Naturally, all of that comes with plenty of Greek snacks and dishes – this is Greece, they’re not going to leave you hanging when it comes to food – so you’ll want to show up with an appetite!

The charming village of Exo Gonia is home to one of Santorini’s favorite wineries, and you get to enjoy an educational tour through its cellars.

The next stop is Argyros Estate, another amazing wine producer with a unique production method, named one of the best vineyards in the world.

The last winery can vary depending on date and availability, but either way, you’re in for something awesome – Hadzidakis, Venetsanos, and Anhydrous Winery are all in the cards, and luckily they’re all excellent options!

3. Santorini Wine Tour with Sunset in Oia

Sunset over the village of Oia with Cycladic island views as the sun sinks into the sea, two glasses of a transparent red wine in champagne-style flutes

⌛ Tour Length: 5 hours | 🌟 Rating: 4.5/5 stars (50+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
Tour of the Santorini Wine Museum
-Detailed lesson on wine production in Santorini
-Ends with a sunset visit to Oia’s scenic Sun Spirit Bar

Read more about this Santorini wine tour here!

A good wine tour from Santorini won’t just ply you with wine sample after wine sample, but it’ll also teach you about the unique local viniculture!

And ending the night in Santorini’s most iconic sunset spot, wine-flushed and happy, isn’t a bad addition.

That’s exactly what you’re getting with this one, and it starts with a visit to the iconic Venetsanos Winery.

The Santorini Wine Museum in Mesa Gonia is next – this is a unique relic of the past located in an all-natural cave labyrinth that was historically used for wine storage.

“We visited two wine farms where every one was knowledgeable and friendly. The wines were varied and there is something for everyone. We were fortunate to be in a group with other friendly couples so we all got on well as a group. The Oia sunset was beautiful. I would highly recommend this experience.”

Read more reviews here!

This is where you learn the ins and outs of winemaking, from plowing the fields to harvesting and crushing.

If anyone’s qualified to teach these things, it’s the hard-working Koutsogiannopoulos family!

After trying out some of their wines, it’s time to see Sun Spirit Bar in Oia.

On an island as photogenic as Santorini, it’s hard to play favorites, but Oia village is definitely up there at the top.

Sunset in Oia is classic for a reason — especially when you add a glass of wine to the mix!

4. Santorini Wine Roads: Tour of 3 Wineries with a Sommelier

A vineyard in Santorini with low-lying grapes and a white church in the background and some more volcanic hilly landscape behind the grape fields on a sunny day

⌛ Tour Length: 4-5 hours | 🌟 Rating: 4.9/5 stars (65+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
Led by a sommelier and one of the most authoritative experts on Santorini wine
-Detailed explanation on grape cultivation and wine production
-Sample wine from 3 wineries, paired with Cycladic cheese

Read more about this Santorini wine here!

Vaios Panagiotopoulos, your guide through this wine tour from Santorini, is one of the biggest wine authorities on the island!

He’ll teach you all about the unique soil conditions in Santorini – and how its volcanic origins contribute the unique terroir – all while you enjoy some delicious white wine.

You’ll learn about the strategic growth methods and cultivation techniques utilized on Santorini, demystified by an expert so you’ll leave feeling knowledgeable.

“This was an amazing wine tour. Our Sommelier, Stavros was very knowledgeable and interactive and made it a fun experience for us. You get a tour of 3 different wineries in 3 different areas of Santorini along with food pairings. The group was small – 10 people so ample opportunity to interact. We got picked up in a Benz van – very comfortable.”

Read more reviews here!

Guided by your personal sommelier, you’ll visit three prestigious wine estates and sample some of their very finest – along with some delicious, local Cycladic cheese, because really, is there a better way to enjoy wine?

In between wine tastings, you’ll explore Santorini vineyards to learn about the kouloura technique of vine growing, which you won’t find elsewhere!

This unique method involves training grapes to grow into basket-shaped spirals to protect them from strong winds and scorching sun in the summer.

You can book a small group tour (capped at 10 guests), but you can also book a private tour for you and your travel buddies if you want a more personalized experience.

5. Private Group Visit to Akrotiri & 3 Wineries with Tastings

inside the archaeological site of the prehistoric Town of Akrotiri at Santorini island, with remnants of an ancient city and well-preserved ceramics

⌛ Tour Length: 5 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (10+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
-Detailed, private tour of the ancient Akrotiri
-The chance to try 12 different kinds of wine, including Vinsanto
-Visit 3 wineries and get a rundown on how their wine is made

Read more about this private group visit to Akrotiri here!

Besides the amazing tastings, this wine tour from Santorini with your very own guide offers an intriguing history and archaeology lesson too!

You’ll start with a visit to Akriotiri, a historic Bronze Age city comparable to Pompeii in that it was destroyed by being covered in volcanic ash – which is exactly what preserved it so perfectly. 

The settlement is essentially frozen in time, so there’s plenty of once-in-a-lifetime views to take in. Bet you’ve never done a wine tour quite like this!

I cannot recommend this tour or our tour guide, Mary, enough. The tour was the perfect balance of local history and culture, and delicious wine. Mary was so knowledgeable and passionate about Santorini; it made our day with her informative, engaging and incredibly fun. We had a fabulous day and would absolutely recommend you spend a day with Mary on your next trip to Santorini!

Read more reviews here!

But what’s the connection between Akrotiri and wine?

Well, wine was supposedly being made here five millennia ago, so it’s actually a rather natural starting point for a Santorini wine tour!

Beyond your Akrotiri visit, you’ll visit three wineries and taste a total of 12 different wines over this five-hour Santorini wine tour.

It’s hard to pick but a highlight is probably the Vinsanto wine, a sweet wine made from sun-dried grapes that’s distinct to this region!

6. Half-Day Tour of 3 Wineries with Tasting

Assyrtiko - indigenous wine grape in wineyard on Santorini Island, Greece, grown in the unique method where the grapevine is taught to grow close to the ground

⌛ Tour Length: 4-4.5 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (410+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
-Choice between morning and evening wine tours to easily fit in your schedule
-Chance to try up to 12 different wines, including Nykteri and Vinsanto
-Evening tours include sunset views at Venetsanos Winery

Read more about this tour of 3 wineries here!

This wine tour from Santorini is a wonderful chance to go sightseeing in the island’s more bucolic countryside areas.

Santorini isn’t all glitz and glamor, after all; it’s also an agricultural powerhouse with a strong rural backbone.

You’ll taste several wines that Santorini is famed for, like Nykteri, Assyrtiko, and Vinsanto – three amazing wines that taste even better when expertly paired with the right Greek cheese!

You’ll get to try those wines – and so much more! – during your Santorini multi-winery tour.

“I enjoyed this wonderful tour when I visited Santorini at the end of October. Before our first winery, we stopped to learn how the grapes grow on the island (round basket versus traditional vines as you may find in the United States). Next we stopped at three wineries. The pours were generous at all three wineries and the the view at the last winery was spectacular! I highly recommend this tour. I traveled alone – and the other six in my group were three honeymooning couples, but I still had a fun time!”

Read more reviews here!

The route is a little different depending on whether you take the morning or evening tour, but either way, you’re getting up to a dozen wine samples as well as a short tasting lesson.

If we can nudge you in one direction, we think you should go for the evening route – that way, you can get a beautiful sunset photo of the gorgeous caldera at Venetsanos Winery.

Amongst the other wineries on the list, you might also visit Boutari, Hadzidikas, and Gavalas Winery, among others. A pretty impressive showing, if you ask me!

That’s why we think its one of the island’s best wine tours.

7. Santorini Wine Tasting Tour to 3 Wineries with Transfer

Single glass of cold white wine sitting on a table near a cliff with a beautiful view of the Santorini Caldera at sunset

⌛ Tour Length: 3 hours | 🌟 Rating: 4.3/5 stars (180+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
-Shorter tour optimized for those with a fast-paced schedule
-Visit three of the most established wineries in Santorini
-See the Koutsoyannopoulos Museum and the views at Venetsanos Winery

Read more about this Santorini wine tasting tour here!

If you think three hours wouldn’t be enough to get a real feel for the island’s wineries, this wine tour from Santorini aims to prove you wrong!

Not only is it super affordable and well-planned, this tour sticks to a good schedule tackling three wineries for 45 minutes apiece

The tour starts with Koutsoyannopoulos, home to some amazing wine and legendary Greek art pieces.

“The tour was very interesting. It is also convenient as they will pick you up nearby your hotel and drop you off there as well. We managed to try Santorini wines and learn about the production. The view at the last winery was the best. Highly recommended.”

Read more reviews here!

Venetsanos Winery is next, and its views of Santorini are out of this world!

Finally, for a more old-school experience, you get to visit the traditional-style Roussos Winery before heading back into town. 

Kids are welcome to tag along too, and it’s free if they’re under 4 years old. You can’t get a better deal for a small family!

8. Santorini Wine Adventure with 12 Wine Tastings, Tapas and Sunset

Santorini white wines with some greek food to eat and nibble on sitting on the edge of a sea-view restaurant on the caldera of Santorini

⌛ Tour Length: 4 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (570+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
-Sample up to 15 different wines – the most of any wine tour
-Detailed tour of the premises at multiple wineries
-Can extend your tour with a visit to Santo Winery at sunset

Read more about this Santorini wine adventure here!

This small group wine tour from Santorini allows eight people per group at most – perfect for those who are hoping to escape the crowds.

This intimate group size ensures that everyone gets the chance to ask questions and receive one-on-one attention during each winery visit.

The price is also great, considering you get to try up to 15 different wines (the most of any Santorini wine tour!) over the course of four hours.

“Angelo was amazing ! Very knowledgeable and made the tour so much fun! We tried many great wines and food pairings!”

Read more reviews here!

Your guide will take you across multiple vineyards and wine cellars, explaining what makes each one unique along the way and what each winery is known for.

There are multiple time slots available, but for the best experience possible, I recommend the evening tour.

This extends your tour with a tour to Santo Winery, where you’ll be greeted with tapas and, of course, more wine – some of Santorini’s best, in my humble opinion.

Not to mention, the views from Santo Winery are just exquisite – especially at sunset!

9. Half-Day Santorini Wine Tasting Tour & Sunset

cold glass of santorini wine on a wine tour, with a sunset view of the sun sinking beneath the horizon, cruise ship and caldera in view

⌛ Tour Length: 4 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (170+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
Visit a surprise selection of wineries over 4 hours
-Enjoy traditional food and snacks as you drink wine
-Scenic sunset wine, cheese, and views at Santo Winery

Read more about this half-day tour here!

Nykteri and Assyrtiko are only some of the amazing wines that this Santorini winery tour has to offer!

After picking you up from your hotel (or a nearby walkable location, if your road is inaccessible to cars), the guides will take you through a series of three iconic wineries on the island.

The selection changes up for the first two wineries: Anhydrous, Hadzidakis, and Gavalas Wineries are some of the possible stops. Talk about a selection!

“Enjoyed every minute of this tour. Our guide was exceptional and very knowledgeable! We had a great time and would love to do it again with the same guide next time we visit Santorini!”

Read more reviews here!

In total, you’ll get to sample 12 beautiful glasses of Greek wine, as well as some local tapas that complement the wines beautifully.

You’ll learn how the unique microclimate conditions at each winery create in a wide variety of Santorini wines – and you get to sample each of the best ones!

While the first two wineries can vary, the tour ends at Santo Winery for an epic sunset view – with wine served alongside Greek cheese and tapas.

The views at sunset here are unforgettable, but make sure you put your camera down long enough to soak in the wine, food, and delightful views.

10. Santorini Wine Secrets

A glass of white Assyrtiko wine on the background of Santorini caldera, Santorini volcano on Santorini island, Greece overlooking the Aegean sea, enjoying a Santorini wine tour with a glass of white wine

⌛ Tour Length: 4 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (20+ reviews) | Book Now

Unique Features:
Detailed tour of the Art Space Winery Museum
-Visits to Argyros Estate and Venetsanos Wineries
-Picturesque sunset visit to the scenic, quiet Megalochori

Read more about this Santorini Wine Secrets here!

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of Santorini’s more touristic areas, this wine tour from Santorini is the perfect escape.

Your guides can pick you up from any hotel on the island, as long as it’s car accessible – otherwise, they’ll plan a convenient pick-up spot for you.

The Art Space Winery Museum is a highlight of the tour.

Beyond their 150 years of making wine, they also have plenty of Greek art and sculptures on display!

“Had so much fun on this tour. The team was very knowledgeable & interesting. We learnt a lot about the history of wine as well as the islands history”

Read more reviews here!

Argyros Estate is another stop, and you can try three different types of wine here – picking your favorite might be hard!

End at Venetsanos for a spectacular view. Once again, three different kinds of wines await!

At the end of the tour, you’ll go to Megalochori for one of Santorini’s most breathtaking sunsets – without the crowds at Oia!

The 9 Best Cooking Classes in Athens

Hands preparing a bruschetta-like cheese, tomato salad on bread

Athens’ extraordinary ruins, vibrant street culture, and friendly locals make it one of the best city breaks in Europe, and an essential jumping-off point to any Greek islands trip. 

The cherry on top of a trip to Greece is, of course, the spectacular food – so why not take a cooking class in Athens?

Let’s not mince words: Greek people have a magic touch when it comes to cooking, and you will too (hopefully!) after taking a cooking class in Athens!

With ample naturally vegan and vegetarian options, as well as meat and seafood dishes, Greek cuisine has a little something for everybody.

Several womans' hands cutting vegetables like tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, etc. for Greek salad at a cooking class in Athens

Not to mention, each meal is just so epic. It’s never just about the main course in Greece – a good chef will walk you through all the desserts and appetizers too!

Greek dishes are often imitated but rarely duplicated. So, do your stomach a favor and let a local show you how it’s really done!

Besides, who doesn’t like Mediterranean food? Take a cooking class in Athens, and the people back home will be begging for moussaka all the time!

My Top 3 Picks: Cooking Classes in Athens

No time to read the full article about these cooking tours and just want my top 3 picks and the highlights of each?

I’ve got you.


Greek rooftop view with wine, cocktail, greek food and a blurry view of the acropolis on the hill in the background

Greek Cooking Class with Acropolis View
✔️ Learn traditional dishes from a local
✔️ Enjoy rooftop dinner with Acropolis view!

↳ Book it


Vegetables like cucumber, squash, tomatoes, lemons, eggplant, red onions at a market in Athens before a cooking class

Athens Market Visit + Cooking Class
✔️ Learn up to 5 delicious Greek dishes
✔️ Explore a local market & try local liquor

↳ Book it


Ingredients to make dolma, stuffed wrapped grape leaves, with leaves and filling shown and a cutting board

Greek Meze Cooking Class
✔️ Focus on meze: Greek appetizers and salads
✔️ Can do a small group or private lesson

↳ Book it

The 9 Top Cooking Classes in Athens

1. Food Market Visit and Cooking Class with Wine

Vegetables like cucumber, squash, tomatoes, lemons, eggplant, red onions at a market in Athens before a cooking class

⌛ Tour Length: 4 hours | 🌟 Rating: 4.8/5 stars (190+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique features:
-Includes a 30-minute market trip and a rundown of the local attractions
-Beginner-friendly class with a patient host
-You can learn to make up to 5 dishes

➜ Read more about this cooking class in Athens!

This cooking class in Athens is one of the best since it’s also a mini walking tour of Greece’s capital. Even grocery shopping feels exciting here!

The market trip before the class will give you a taste of what Athens has to offer. After buying the ingredients, the host will tell you all about the best places to see in town!

In the cooking studio, you’ll be making tzatziki, spanakopita (spinach pie), and a bunch of other traditional Greek dishes.

“The Greek Kitchen was a fun place to have a cooking class. right by the Central Market which allowed us to have a little tour of it and Varis was an excellent teacher. we made stuffed vine leaves, spinach pie, tzatziki and an eggplant dish with orange pie as dessert. all the dishes were fairly easy and we had good conversation while cooking and eating. probably my favorite type of tour to do during travels.”

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The class ends with wine and an enormous feast featuring everything your group has prepared.

For the full Greek experience, you’ll also get to try a shot of local liquor to get your blood flowing!

Another great thing is that you can pick the time slot that works best for you. 

You can start your day with a morning class and hit some Athenian beaches or check out the Acropolis after lunch!

2. Greek Cooking Lesson & 3-Course Dinner

Ingredients to make dolma, stuffed wrapped grape leaves, with leaves and filling shown and a cutting board

⌛ Tour Length: 4 hours | 🌟 Rating: 4.9/5 stars (120+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique features:
-Dishes and ingredients vary depending on the season
-Emphasis on salads and starters (about 3 to 4 per lesson)
-Potential to set up a private group class

➜ Read more about this Greek cooking lesson here!

The best Athens cooking classes let you experience the Mediterranean way of life in the most iconic way possible: its food.

It’s hard to pick a definitive winner when it comes to Athens cooking classes, but this one’s definitely up there!

You’ll learn all about all of the herbs, spices, and vegetables that make Greek food so amazing. Greek food is really about simplicity and high-quality ingredients, after all.

And of course, Greeks love their appetizers (aka meze), and you’ll learn to make three or four starters or salads before moving on to the main dish.

Not bad for a 4-hour cooking class, huh?

“Rena was amazing! The class was beyond what I was expecting. She kept everyone engaged with each other and it really felt like a group of friends coming together preparing dinner. She even stayed and enjoyed the food with us. I loved it and the option to purchase beverages (wine, coffee, soda, etc) throughout.”

Read More Reviews Here!

The group work tends to get pretty lively, but if you have a large enough group, you can arrange a private cooking class in Athens with your family and friends.

There’s a lot to remember during these four hours, but don’t worry if your memory has seen better days: you’ll go home with a copy of the recipe for every dish you make!  

Don’t overeat before the class either, as you’ll have to eat this several-course meal at the end with some quality wine. The first glass is on the house!

3. Greek Cooking Class in Athens Including Rooftop Dinner with Acropolis View

Greek rooftop view with wine, cocktail, greek food and a blurry view of the acropolis on the hill in the background

⌛Tour Length: 3.5 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (190+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique features:
-Incredible view of Athens (including Acropolis, Nymph’s Hill, etc.)
-Dessert and several appetizers are covered
-Beginner-friendly instructions and smaller group

➜ Read more about this cooking class in Greece here!

Thorough, affordable, and featuring the most incredible panoramic view of the Acropolis, the crown jewel of the city. What else needs to be said about this cooking class in Athens?

To start with, you’ll learn to make traditional spinach pie (spanakopita), tzatziki, and traditional Aegean salads, some of Greece’s staple appetizers or meze.

The main course is a mouth-watering moussaka, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

You’ll even learn how to make galatopita, a simple yet irresistible Greek dessert.

Nobody gets left behind during this class – the groups can feature 10 people at most, so there’s plenty of time for everybody!

“The food we made was so tasty, our host made everything super easy and fun and helped us all get to know one another and to feel like we could make this delicious meal ourselves!”

Read More Reviews Here!

Stam is an amazing host, and he’ll be happy to go over the history of the amazing dishes you’ll be cooking.

Also, considering how many recipes you’ll be covering, the class is incredibly budget-friendly!

The highlight here is the rooftop dinner, featuring an unforgettable view of the city, including Nymph’s Hill and the breathtaking Acropolis. Be sure to bring a good camera with you! 

4. Traditional Greek Cooking Class with Market Walk

Learning to make tzatziki with yogurt, cucumber, lemon, dill, salt, oil, garlic at an Athens cooking class

⌛ Tour Length: 4 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (15+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique features:
-A market tour in central Athens, plus morning/afternoon options
-Features dishes rarely covered in other classes
-Get to taste one of Greece’s signature liquors

➜ Read more about this traditional Greek cooking class here!

This cooking class in Athens is the full package – you’ll be shopping, cooking, and enjoying a small afterparty (the true Greek way!) once it’s done.

You’ll be starting with a market tour, and you’ll get to see your guide picking out the best ingredients Greece has to offer. Feel free to speak up if you’re a vegetarian!

The class covers quite a few dishes, from tzatziki and dolmades to imam baidli and portokalopita. All the major food groups are represented! 

“I had a fantastic time cooking during out lesson. I learned many new things. Our teacher was patient and funny. We learned à few essential tips to Greek cooking but must come back for more!”

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No great meal is complete without a drink, so Vasia will send you off with a shot of mastiha, made using sap from the island of Chios. Sounds strange, but it’s rather tasty!

The class is held in central Athens, so you’ll be tempted to jump right into exploring as soon as the class is done!

Best of all, it’s easy to fit this Athens cooking class into your schedule. You can do it in the morning or in the afternoon, so there’s no excuse not to try it out!

5. Greek Small-Group Athens Cooking Class & Dinner

Delicious tender roasted lamb flavored with thyme and rosemary, served with potatoes at a Greek cooking class in Athens

⌛ Tour Length: 4 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (350+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique features:
-Distinct, lamb-based main dish not covered in many other classes
-Potential for a large, dynamic group class where you make new friends
-You’ll get a taste of traditional raki

➜ Read more about this small-group cooking class here!

One of the highest rated cooking classes in Athens is also one of the cheapest. How can you say no to that?

The class is held at a taverna, and a beautiful one at that. The view you’ll have of the Acropolis isn’t too shabby, either!

The one catch is that the group can feature up to 16 people. Hence why it’s a budget pick!

If you want more hands-on help, consider some of our other picks if you’d prefer something more intimate.

If you do decide to take this cooking class, though, the instructor does an amazing job at getting everybody involved, despite the larger size. 

“It was our last night in Athens. The cooking class was amazing. Our chef Niki was a local loved Greek food and health conscious. We learnt a lot and the food was delicious. I will definitely make most of the dishes. Thank you Niki for ending our holiday on a high..”

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And who knows, you could even meet some new friends and make some travel buddies!

As for the class itself, the main attraction is the roasted lamb with a side of potatoes. Greeks really know how to cook lamb like no one else!

Of course, there’s all the classic starters too. You’ll learn to make horiatiki, cheese-and-spinach pie, and dolmades!

6. Traditional Greek Cooking Class: Lunch or Dinner with an Acropolis View

Youvarlakia is a Greek Meatball Soup, a flavorful dish of seasoned meatballs with creamy dill sauce, shown close-up in a plate on the table

⌛Tour Length: 3 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (50+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique features:
-Covers a diverse array of dishes, including youvarlakia and pastitsio
-Vegetarian-friendly options for all kinds of eaters
-Amazing Acropolis views and a convenient location

➜ Read more about this cooking class in Athens

Greece has about a million traditional dishes, which can get overwhelming.

When looking for a Greek cooking class in Athens, consider a class like this one that covers all the best dishes.

Your instructor covers five incredible dishes in around three hours. That tells you everything you need to know about her cooking chops: efficient without sacrificing delicious quality!

Dolmades, tzatziki and greek salad are just the beginning. You’ll (obviously) go over a moussaka recipe, but there’s also pastitsio, which is basically a Greek-style lasagna that is often overlooked.

If you visit in the winter, there’s also youvarlakia and pork braised with leeks. Of course, we can’t forget about giouvetsi, a mixture of meat, tomato sauce and pasta.

“My daughter and I love Greek food so what better way to spend rainy day than learning how to make our favorite Greek dishes. Marilena was amazing teacher and we had the best time! We made six different dishes from apps to entree and dessert. Food was incredible. I would highly recommend this.”

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If you get lucky, the dessert portion of the lesson might include baklava, among other treats.

When everything is said and done, you can enjoy your meals with a once-in-a-lifetime view of the Acropolis!

7. Greek Meze Cooking Class and Dinner with an Acropolis view

Kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters) and fried halloumi cheese covered in honey and sesame seeds and salad, at an Athens cooking class

⌛Tour Length: 3 hours | 🌟 Rating: 55 stars (15+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique features:
-Greater variety of dishes than almost any other class in Greece
-Vegetarian and vegan-friendly
-Various alcoholic beverages are included with the meal

➜ Read more about this cooking class in Athens

We all know the journey can be more important than the destination… and likewise, sometimes, the meze is more important than the main dish

That might be the biggest lesson from this amazing Greek meze class in Athens!

In only three hours, you’ll go through at least seven recipes (yes, seven!), each more delicious than the last!

Standouts include kolokithokeftedes (zucchini balls) and lemony fried halloumi cheese. My mouth is watering already?

“This was our first cooking class on a vacation and it was AMAZING! Our host was very accommodating, patient and kind for us ‘non-cooks’ in the class. The food was delicious and we enjoyed eating dinner with new friends from all over the world. HIGHLY recommend!!”

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Which main courses will you be making? It’d be easier to list the ones you won’t be making!

Meatballs, chicken, and sausage stew are usually covered in this class. Most importantly, you’ll be learning how to make classic, Greek-style gyros!

The class really gets into the meat of it (no pun intended). Every single participant has to make the dough for the gyros pies themselves! 

Obviously, with so many dishes to cover, there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options too. Just let the hosts know when you’re booking the class.

8. Cooking Class & Dinner with Greek Wines

Moussaka with one serving cut out and put on a plate, with a glass of red wine to drink with it.

⌛ Tour Length: 4 hours | 🌟 Rating: 4.5/5 stars (5+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique features:
-Wide selection of wine to go along with your meal
-Go home with a notebook featuring all the recipes
-You can buy wine and souvenirs after dinner

➜ Read more about this Greek cooking class here!

If you want to make sure everyone in your group gets some one-on-one time to learn, this is the perfect cooking class in Athens.

All the ingredients you’ll be using will be local, and the dishes are based on some of Greece’s ancient recipes

You’ll be making a four-course meal, starting with cheese pies and Greek salad to work up an appetite

After that, it’s time for moussaka, followed by fruity yogurt for dessert. And yes, you’ll be eating all that for dinner, so be sure to do your best!

“Absolutely wonderful!! Would do it again . It was a great way to start our vacation in Greece. Very knowledgeable about the wine and made my favorite Greek meals .. Moussaka , cheese pie and Greek salad etc .. felt like we were all family”

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What’s a Greek dinner without some wine? Whether you like white, red, or rose, your host has you covered!

This class will also help you learn what Greek wines pair best with what dishes, so it’s a good Athens cooking class option for wine geeks.

If you like what you taste, you can buy a bottle to take home. There are even some nifty Greek souvenirs to choose from!

9. Learn to Cook with a Local Expert: A Private Greek Cooking Class in Athens

A pinkish colored dip that is made with fish roe, lemon and olive on top, a side of pita, and white wine.

⌛Tour Length: 3 hours | 🌟Rating: 5/5 stars (1 reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique features:
-Features dishes not covered by many classes like saganaki, gigantes plaki
-Comfortable, intimate setting in the chef’s house
-Wine and dessert provided by the host

➜ Read more about this cooking class in Athens

This brand-new cooking class in Athens feels extremely intimate since it’s held at the chef’s own home and kitchen.

This means that you and your group will have Angelina all to yourselves for a few hours!

That said, you can only do it as a group, so the class is a no-go for solo travelers. 

“Had a really nice evening in Athens cooking and dinner with Angelina. Moussaka was delicious and appetizers were so tasty. What a great way to taste the authentic greek foods. Thanks for welcoming us into your home.

Read More Reviews Here!

Besides the staple spinach pie of spanakopita, you’ll also be making saganaki (a kind of grilled cheese in tomato-based sauce), as well as the distinctive taramosalata. 

If “fish roe mayonnaise” sounds intriguing, you should see how it tastes!

The main course is a combination of fish, prawns, lamb, and some unforgettable Greek-style sauces. 

Finally, you get to enjoy a sticky walnut cake as a token of Balkan hospitality!

The Best Cooking Classes in Santorini for 2023

Greek salad and wine in front of a church in Santorini

I will die on this hill: Greek food is one of the world’s greatest cuisines, and I say that as someone who has traveled to more than 60 countries!

As popular as it is amongst tourists, Santorini is one of my favorite Greek islands… and I’ve visited nearly a dozen Greek islands, since it was an easy trip for me to make back when I lived in Greece’s neighbor to the north, Bulgaria.

I actually anticipated being overwhelmed by how touristy Santorini was, but I actually found that it was really easy to find your own charming corner of Santorini (just get out of Thira at cruise ship time, stat, and know that sunsets in Oia are beautiful but chaotic).

But where Santorini shines brightest in my memories is not its white-washed villages, screensaver-worthy sunsets, or dramatic volcanic landscape.

It’s the food.

Whereas many touristy destinations often make good food hard to find — at least in the city center — Santorini is a lovely exception.

Perhaps because it’s absolute anathema to Greek culture to serve mediocre food: both for their hospitality and their (rightful) pride in their delicious cuisine.

Plus, Santorini has its own unique cuisine, borne of its landscape and isolation from the Greek mainland — but we’ll go over Santorini’s specialties in just a minute.

So, if you want to be able to take a taste of Greek summers home with you, be sure to make time to take one of these cooking classes in Santorini — you certainly won’t regret it.

What You’ll Cook on a Santorini Cooking Class

traditional Santorini meze dish of greek yogurt and herbs and cucumber called tzatziki served in a bowl on a towel

When reviewing cooking classes in Santorini, I was surprised to see that they all had relatively similar menus.

I suppose this is because Greeks value hyper-local food, and they want to showcase what is particularly special about Santorini in particular as opposed to Greek food in general.

Generally, Santorini cooking classes consist of multiple courses, starting — of course — with meze.

One of the most popular meze dishes in Santorini is fáva, which (confusingly) is not made from fava beans at all, but rather a special yellow split pea that has grown in Santorini for nearly 4,000 years and has a protected destination of origin status!

Another popular meze dish you might make is tzatziki, which is not specific to Santorini but more representative of Greek cuisine in general.

And of course, many Santorini cooking classes include the famous Greek salad — and some put a Cycladic spin by teaching you the lesser-known Santorini salad.

A traditional Santorini salad with goat cheese, cucumber, red onion, dressing, and tomatoes

This dish features Santorini cherry tomatoes, local cucumber (katsounia), capers, local chloro goat cheese, and wheat rusks for crunch.

Other starters might include ntomatokeftedes (fried tomato fritters with local Santorini tomatoes) and melitzanokeftedes (fried white eggplant fritters, also local to Santorini).

For main dishes, many chefs choose to feature either the local dish of pork with vinsanto (a locally produced dessert wine) or more classic dishes like shrimp saganaki or Greek moussaka.

Choosing the Right Santorini Cooking Class

Shrimp saganaki - shrimp in tomato sauce with feta and herbs

The cooking classes in Santorini all have extremely similar menus — and those menus are subject to change depending on seasonality and availability.

Therefore, I think the best way to pick a cooking class is by determining your budget, any additional experiences you want to have (such as wine tasting), and how large you want your group to be (or if you prefer a private experience).

You might also want to look at the meeting spot of the cooking class, as Santorini is a surprisingly large island!

The Best Santorini Cooking Classes

1. Petra Kouzina Cooking Experience (Top Pick for Small Groups)

A selection of meze dishes from santorini that you might eat on a cooking tour

Tour Length: 4 hours | Rating: 5/5 stars with 350+ reviews | Book Now

Unique Features:
– Learn Greek dishes in a traditional Santorini cave house
– Wine and appetizers served on arrival, before you cook
– Eat on a gorgeous terrace (complimentary wine, coffee, and dessert!)

Check availability and rates for this cooking class here!

This Santorini cooking class is the highest-rated and most-reviewed of all on this guide, making it a solid pick for a small group class experience.

That does mean it is a little pricier than some options on the list, but it does have some more generous offerings that make it stand a cut above the rest.

For one, you are served wine and appetizers as soon as you arrive, so you can be sure you won’t be hungry while you cook!

For another, you’ll learn to cook in an incredible Santorini-style cave house that was built in the 1950s. This is a unique opportunity to see a cave house that hasn’t been turned into a hotel!

“What a fun experience!! I was a solo traveller and wanted to experience cooking real Greek dishes. I felt right at home with a large class and endless wine whilst cooking! And the dishes were so delicious!! Giorgos was fun and a joy to learn from and it was a pleasure to experience all the love and passion he has for his food and culture. 100% recommend if you’re visiting Santorini.” – Gray

Read more reviews here!

Another thing this cooking experience has going for it is that you get to eat your delicious home-cooked meal on a lovely terrace, with free wine, coffee, and dessert served with your meal.

This cooking class is limited to 15 students, and you’ll have a chance to get hands-on in the creation of five different delicious Greek dishes.

You might not get to partake in making every single component of the meal since there are up to 15 students at a time, but you’ll be given a recipe book at the end so you definitely won’t lose out!

2. Santorini Private Cooking Class and Wine Tour (Top Pick for Private Class + Wine Focus)

two glasses of wine at a winery in santorini with a beautiful view and a small plate of things to nibble on while you drink wine

Tour Length: 6 hours | Rating: 5/5 stars with 80+ reviews | Book Now

Unique Features:
– Private tour experience — just your group & your guide
– Visit two wineries and enjoy eight wine tastings
– Sommelier knowledge on Santorini wines and pairings

Check availability and rates for this private cooking class here!

Want to learn about the wines of Santorini just as much as the gastronomy?

This is the perfect tour for you, combining the two in a masterful lesson with sommelier-guided knowledge, chef-led cooking classes, and so. many. wine. tastings.

At least 8 tastings at two wineries at a minimum, to be precise.

“We have never learned so much on a wine tour while having an amazing time. Aggelos was our tour guide & he was very knowledgeable & made our group bond & have a great time together. We didn’t know anyone else but after a few glasses of wine & plenty of laughs, we felt like we have all known each other for years. This tour is a great way to see the wineries of Santorini & learn about Greek food also. The views are spectacular & the wine is some of the best!” – Claire

Read more reviews here!

Wine tasting is often best experienced as part of a guided tour so you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving in this combined cooking class and winery tour!

This tour is great for time-savvy travelers who want to do it all but don’t want to run themselves ragged: combining a cooking class with a wine tour is smart when it comes to maximizing both time and fun!

Note that while some text on the website and past reviews refer to it as a small group tour, you can only book private tours as of right now.

3. Santorini Cooking Class + Easy Hike with Swim Option

a beautiful black sand beach in santorini with umbrellas unused because it is early in the day and a boat out on the santorini mediterranean water
Unique Features:
– Only tour to combine a cooking class with a hiking excursion
– End the hike with a swim in sparkling Santorini waters!
– Fuel up on a delicious meal after your hike

Book your cooking class and hike experience here!

Tour Length: 4 hours | Rating: 5/5 stars with 8+ reviews | Book Now

Are you one of those people who hike to eat? Or do you just like to make the most of your time on vacation?

This tour combines a hike, a dip in the sea, a cooking class, AND a delicious meal — all in one easy, 4-hour outing. BAM.

A cooking class and tour that efficient gives you plenty of time to explore more of Santorini at your own pace, while also giving you insight that independent travel would not.

“Absolutely wonderful! Pick up was so easy, our guide Seb was a ton of fun to hang out with, the hike was beautiful and Seb was so engaging during it. We loved the swim in the Sea before cooking class. And the cooking class was so authentic and tasty with incredible views! I would 100% recommend!” – Kirsten

Read more reviews here!

People love the pacing of the experience, starting with an easy to moderate hike that you can finish off with a dip in the Mediterranean.

After that, you’ll dry off and start your cooking class refreshed, excited, and definitely a little hungry.

After all, everyone knows that food tastes better after you’ve gotten your heart pumping, so your meal is bound to taste even more amazing than it otherwise would.