7 Days in Puerto Rico: Itinerary for a Magical Trip

Swaying palm trees, turquoise sparkling waters, vibrant fish darting between shelters in a coral reef: these are just three of the things you can expect to see on your Puerto Rico itinerary.

Appropriately nicknamed La Isla del Encanto, the Island of Enchantment, for its stunning beauty, Puerto Rico’s gorgeous beaches, cities, and forests will certainly enchant you.

Planning your trip to Puerto Rico at the last minute?

Here are my quick picks on what to do & where to stay!

🤿 Top Puerto Rico Experiences:
1. Full Day El Yunque Rainforest Tour
2. Fajardo Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tour
3. Fajardo Catamaran & Snorkeling Tour to Icacos Island
4. San Juan Craft Cocktail Walking Tour

🏨 Best Puerto Rico Hotels
San Juan: Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton for a luxurious experience, O: Live Boutique Hotel for a mid-range stay
Fajardo: Rio Mar Beach Resort for a villa stay, St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort for a luxurious resort choice
Vieques: Finca Victoria for a boutique eco farm stay, Tranquility by the Sea for a seaside cottage

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Allison Green wearing a polka dot swimsuit in Puerto Rico

This small Caribbean island is vibrant and truly enchanting with its dazzling beaches and wonderful people. Puerto Ricans are welcoming, lively, and resilient.

You’ll find that spirit everywhere, from incredible street art and the rumble of music on the streets of San Juan.

You will be amazed as you snorkel above magnificent coral reefs with colorful fish darting below.

The food is delicious, especially for fans of mariscos (seafood), plantains, and tropical fruits.

How this Puerto Rico Itinerary Works

a mural of the puerto rican flag surrounded by colorful walls and cobblestones

The following Puerto Rico itinerary only covers a small portion of the east side of the island, since it only details 7 days in Puerto Rico.

We’ve tried to pick the best spots on the island to give you a sense of what the island has to offer, from an urban landscape to a tropical rainforest to beautiful

However, if you have more than a week in Puerto Rico, we strongly suggest you make your way around the entire island if you have the time, exploring its south and west coasts as well.

This itinerary focuses on Puerto Rico’s north and eastern edges.

Puerto Rico Itinerary: 7 Days on the Island of Enchantment

Day 1: Explore Old San Juan

runners in Old San Juan against three colorful houses

Old San Juan is one of the most lively areas of the islands!

The colorful and stunning architecture reflects the early days of San Juan shortly after the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, and some of the earliest buildings dating back to 1508. 

This colorful part of the city is where you’ll find some of the most Instagrammable places in Puerto Rico.

The historic forts and old city walls are especially impressive. Beyond the architecture, San Juan has some of the best eating in Puerto Rico, so bring your appetite!

Start your day off with a cup of coffee.

A cup of coffee with some latte art and a phone while in Puerto Rico

You’re in Puerto Rico, so it’d be a shame to start the day without a proper café con leche.

Puerto Rico is full of coffee farms so be prepared for fresh, delicious coffee that’s local and delicious.

To indulge your coffee craving, head to Cuatro Sombras. This is the coffee house of choice if you are looking to try locally-grown coffee.

Enjoy shade-grown coffee from the mountains of Yauco in El Yunque National Park — it’s some of the best coffee you’ll ever have!

Their food menu includes pastries, breakfast plates, sandwiches, and paninis, but resist the urge to overindulge!

Next up on this Puerto Rico itinerary is enjoying a delicious walking food tour to get a sense of the local flavors.

Taste the flavors of Old San Juan.

a sampler plate of delicious puerto rican food including fried snacks and pulled pork and rice

On my first day in a destination, I love to do a food tour for a variety of reasons.

For one, it’s a great way to learn what you like and what you don’t — as well as what you haven’t sampled yet! — so you can order tastier and more adventurous dishes on your travels.

It’s also a great way to ask a local for their point of view on the best restaurants in San Juan, so you can plan future meals and make sure you don’t miss out on any can’t-miss foodie experiences.

This highly-rated food & walking tour starting at 10 AM will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy Puerto Rican cuisine and do some more coffee tasting.

This tour will take you through the streets of San Juan while you admire the architecture and learn about the history of this colonial city and how San Juan came to be.

It is a well-rounded (and delicious) Puerto Rican cultural experience and a great way to start off a weeklong Puerto Rico itinerary.

Book your food tour online here!

Relax on the beach in Condado or Isla Verde.

A beach in Condado Puerto Rico near San Juan with high rises near the beach on a sunny day

From there, you may want to rest your legs for a bit and relax on the beach and digest all that delicious Puerto Rican food!

Head to Condado Beach to experience the beach, enjoy the view, and relax…. plus there is a lot of shopping in Condado for those wanting to explore more and find some Puerto Rican souvenirs to take home.

However, Condado Beach is in one of the most built-up areas of San Juan.

If you would like a more laidback Puerto Rican beach experience, head to Isla Verde Beach, otherwise known as Playa Isla Verde, in the Carolina part of town.

There are multiple bars and restaurants along the beach here which is how it is done at many popular beaches in PR!

Enjoy San Juan at night one of two ways.

Man's hand serving an orange drink with crushed ice and mint

No matter what you choose, you’ll want to eat a big dinner before you explore more of San Juan. What and where is up to you!

Both Condado and Isla Verde provide plenty of opportunities to eat well, or perhaps your food tour guide gave you a can’t-miss recommendation for where to eat. If they did… heed it!

There are a few different things you can do to cap off your first night in Puerto Rico.

One suggestion is to take a craft rum cocktail tour, to learn why Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the world!

You will taste many delicious rum-centric beverages while exploring the colorful nightlife of Old San Juan.

You will get to experience a variety of bars in the city and learn about the drinking culture of Puerto Rico. Get to know the city and its history while getting your buzz on!

Book your rum cocktail tour here!

lit up fort of el morro at night with a dark blue sky

It also must be said that viewing the forts at night is especially impressive!

Walk from Castillo San Cristobal to Castillo Felipe del Morro. Enjoy the sound of the ocean while taking in the impressive view.

There are multiple historic citadels, old city walls, and forts in this area, representing the previous Spanish military presence in the former Spanish colony.

Some of these looming structures date back to the 16th century and are in remarkably good shape for their age.

Add Paseo Del Morro to your night exploration to continue along on a boardwalk flanked with the city walls on one side and the bay on the other.

It runs into Paseo de la Princesa which will allow for you to be able to do almost a full loop around the old city walls.

Day 2: Do it all in San Juan

Hopefully, you will wake up well-rested for another stellar day in San Juan! This is the last full day in San Juan on this PR itinerary, so let’s make the most of it.

I highly suggest you start the day with an early morning dive if you’re certified, or do some snorkeling.

Then we’ll explore a bit more of San Juan to close out the day.

Start the day with a fantastic breakfast.

This means fueling up with something light like fruit or a pastry with some more local coffee before you hit the water.

Check out Cafe Cola’o. This is a woman-owned coffee shop that features coffee from Utuado, Adjuntas, and Ponce.

Cafe Regina is another spectacular spot representing Puerto Rican agriculture. Sample starfruit jam, locally made ice cream, and excellent coffee.

Head to Escambrón Beach.

snorkeling at escambron beach with a bunch of different fusilier fish

Head to Escambrón Beach by car or taxi.

Playa El Escambrón is a great spot to enjoy the beach for anyone not wanting to snorkel or dive.

However, the shining star of Escambrón is the snorkeling and diving adventures that await you under the sea!

Be prepared for sea turtles, coral reefs, and calm waters. When you explore Escambrón Marine Park, you will find incredible sunken structures throughout.

Picture the columns of Atlantis, statues, and a sunken “fish protection wall”. This is a great spot to try scuba diving for the first time with its easy beach access and shallow waters.

Please remember to use reef-safe sunscreen any time you get in the water. The future health of the marine ecosystems of Puerto Rico is dependent upon it!

I use and love Sea 2 Stream sunscreen with SPF 30 — it’s great for your skin and for the marine environment.

Have a delicious brunch.

After you have had your fill of the water, it’s time for one of the best brunches of your life!

You will be very pleased to refuel at Waffle-Era Tea Room. This place is the ultimate breakfast spot. They feature an extensive list of savory and sweet waffles, plus salads and bowls.

Of course, you can also enjoy an extensive tea menu! Think fragrant earl grey, peony, or lemongrass chai.

There are all kinds of varieties of tea, plus there are mimosas, bloody marys, and cocktails…. it’s even encouraged to spike your coffee (hey, vacation, right?).

It’s a grand reward after you have spent time in the water and sun!

Check out the beautiful shops of Old San Juan.

Old San Juan street corner in the heart of town with pastel colors

The afternoon will be your chance to check out some of the unique shopping experiences Old San Juan has to offer and support the local businesses.

One such location is at the enchanted library, called Quimera, Café Literario. You will mostly find books about spiritual development, fairy tales, and magic, though, this magical bookstore-meets-café is much more than that!

The Poet’s Passage is just down the way from Quimera. It is self-described to be a “living museum of poetry and local art”. This is certainly true!

They also host spoken-word and music events, and because it’s Puerto Rico, land of delicious coffee, there is a café here too. 

Looking for a souvenir? Check out Seafoam for locally made rare jewelry. El Gapon hat shop is a great spot to check out, too.

Take a sunset sail.

Silhouette of a sailing boat at sunset in the Caribbean in San Juan, Puerto Rico

As the day begins nearing a close, head on out for your sunset cruise.

Enjoy easy pick-up from your hotel and get swept away to San Juan Harbor, where you’ll start your cruise.

Sip on cocktails and nibble appetizers as you cruise San Juan Bay, admiring historic buildings like La Fortaleza, the forts, and more.

Book your sunset cruise here

Have a delicious dinner.

a plate of mofongo (mashed plantains) with a side of a dipping sauce

After your sunset cruise, it is time for dinner in San Juan.

There are some world-class restaurants in San Juan ranging from upscale to casual fare of all kinds.

If you are looking for a casual experience, you should check out Lote23 in Santurce.

This gastro park will provide you top-notch fare from some of the best chefs in Puerto Rico!

Each stand has something unique and bound to be mouth-watering. Enjoy mofongo (mashed green plantains) at El Cuchifrito or Puerto Rican pork shoulder sandwiches at Pernilería Los Proceres.

Plus you will find poke bowls, fried chicken, cocktails, and more!

Head home early or continue the night out.

Beautiful Condado beach neighborhood in San Juan Puerto Rico seen at night with bay, buildings and lights on the water

If you are looking for more to do after dinner you may want to experience the Condado nightlife.

Condado has the best nightlife scene on the island. There are many cool bars, lounges, and clubs.

We love Oceano for its rooftop views and excellent outdoor seating, La Terraza for cheap margaritas and reggaeton, and Red Coral Lounge for the artwork and ambiance, especially the giant coral sculpture.

This is the spot if you want to go out dancing and stay out late… but be sure to get some rest. You have another jam-packed day ahead of you!

Day 3: Journey to the rainforest

a waterfall plunging into a pool in the rainforest of puerto rico called el yunque, a must on your 7 day puerto rico itinerary

Today is all about El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical rainforest in the United States!

It’s an absolute must-visit on any Puerto Rico itinerary.

Getting to El Yunque by car is absolutely doable! It’s about a 45-minute or 1-hour drive, depending on traffic.

However, Puerto Rico driving is not for everyone, so we’ve also vetted and suggested a tour that will show you around El Yunque stress-free.

Grab a tasty breakfast with a side of history.

Start the day off with a healthy breakfast steeped in history at St Germain, which is a great spot for vegetarians especially!

You will dine in a historic building that was once home to Don Pedro Albizu Campos, widely considered a hero in Puerto Rico.

He was the leader of the Puerto Rico Nationalist Party from 1933 to 1965, leading uprisings to overthrow the United States government. He was imprisoned for many years of his life.

Dine at this restaurant and pay homage to the struggle that Puerto Rico has lived through due to colonization.

Head out to the rainforest.

the trees in the rainforest of el yunque national forest

Once you are satiated, it is time for your rainforest and waterslide tour in El Yunque National Forest!

Yes, this tour takes you on natural waterslides — nothing manmade about them!

We suggest going by tour, but we’ll also include how to get there on your own below as well.

It is an insanely awesome, one-of-a-kind adventure. It is not every day you get to experience this!

Plus you can cliff jump, rope swing, and bask beneath waterfalls. There is also a stop at a restaurant on this tour where you can try Puerto Rican cuisine.

Book your El Yunque Rainforest & Waterslide Tour!

the natural waterslides going through the rocks near luquillo puerto rico

If you prefer to DIY it and you have your own rental car, read this guide to the waterslides.

Visit there first and then head to El Yunque independently afterwards to enjoy the rainforest scenery.

Walk around San Juan a bit before dinner.

Before dinner, you may have some time for resting, or you can tour more of San Juan.

One fun way to see the city is to do a DIY mural tour, as there are plenty of thought-provoking, electric murals in this city.

You will get a modern idea of what is happening in PR by observing the artwork of real Puerto Ricans.

Dine at one of San Juan’s best restaurants.

a place of mofongo, rice, and meat, with a salad as well

The dinner options in San Juan are endless! If you want to dine near the water, La Casita de Rones is the place.

They have great food and craft rum cocktails. The restaurant is close to where the cruise ships dock, though, so it can get very busy: be warned!

El Jibarito is a great place to go if you want to try one of Puerto Rico’s national dishes, mofongo. Mofongo is a dish consisting of mashed green plantain and broth.

The plantain is mashed to the inside of the bowl where they pour in various types of broth.

It can be made with beef, chicken, seafood, or creamy broth, and then it’s typically served with meat or seafood inside.

Whatever you choose, as they say in Puerto Rico, “buen provecho!”.

Day 4: Head to Fajardo and the Bioluminescent Bay

kayaks at sunset awaiting guests to go on a bio bay tour of the lagoon in fajardo puerto rico

Spend the morning in San Juan your way before heading to Fajardo.

Did you want to try a new cafe? Did you see a museum you want to check out while in San Juan? Do you just need some time to relax at your hotel?

This would be a great time for any of that!

If you’re heading to Fajardo, there are a few options, all of which involve driving.

It’s about an hour’s drive away if you’ve rented a car.

Not driving? You can hire a taxi or a car service — speak to your hotel to see what they can arrange. Be prepared to spend about $150 USD.

You can also book a shuttle like this one.

If you’re comfortable driving, we recommend renting a car for the entire week in Puerto Rico, or at least from Days 3-7 of this Puerto Rico itinerary.

This will save you money and hassle in the long run — it’s worth it!

Grab lunch at La Casita Blanca.

On your way to Fajardo, stop for lunch.

For a quiet and wonderfully authentic dining experience head to Santurce for La Casita Blanca, aka “the little white house”.

The restaurant is full of tropical plants, eclectic artwork, and tchotchkes. But really, you’re here for the food: it is incredible!

The skirt steak and accompanying rice are mouth-wateringly flavorful. You have to try the tres leches cake, too!

You will be served plantain soup upon arrival and given chichaito, a digestif, at the end of your meal, a really nice touch.

It’s a bona fide Puerto Rican experience!

They are open daily for lunch and serve dinner on Fridays and Saturdays only.

They also have valet parking, which is convenient for parking in this small residential neighborhood.

Arrive in Fajardo and relax on the beach.

one of the beautiful beaches in the fajardo puerto rico area

Whenever you are ready to get adventuring, head over to Fajardo to check into your new hotel.

From there, you can go out and appreciate some of what this area has to offer!

Fajardo offers a great mix of historical sites and some beautiful beaches. Get your snorkel on or call in your inner beach bum for some relaxing time.

Playa Escondida is a great beach to hit if you want to avoid the crowds.

It takes about 30 minutes to walk to Playa Escondida from the trailhead, which is near the Governor’s Beach House.

However, this beach is one of the most dangerous swimming spots in Puerto Rico, so it is strictly for exploring or relaxing while taking in the view.

If you are looking to swim, Seven Seas Beach is a great place to snorkel, plus, it does not require a long trek to get to the beach.

The waters are calm and the sea life is thriving. Palm trees abound and there are plenty of shady spots to enjoy.

There is a restaurant here that may or may not be open. There are also showers and restrooms.

Sometimes you can rent kayaks, SUP paddleboards, and snorkeling gear on the beach here.

To guarantee your gear, head 5 minutes south of Seven Seas Beach by car. You will hit Pirate Snorkeling Shack. There are snorkels, kayaks, and SUP for rent on the beach here.

Either of these beaches will be a nice place to spend the golden hour before you prep for your adventure on the Bioluminescent Bay!

scenic blue waters of seven seas beach, a calm oasis in puerto rico

Have a BBQ dinner, island style.

Firstly, you’ll want to get dinner. A trip to PR is not complete without a visit to a BBQ.

A lot of the beef consumed in Puerto Rico comes right from the island, so there are many BBQ spots around.

La Estación is the place to go for locally sourced, buttery, delicious steaks in Fajardo. They take American barbecue classics and merge them with Caribbean flavors.

Enjoy locally sourced fish, meats, and produce. Their brisket is award-winning, the ceviche is made daily, and vegetarian options are available.

Have an enchanting kayak ride through the bioluminescent waters.

streaks of electric blue in the dark water at night with lots of stars out

Once you have had your fill, grab your gear for kayaking. You will want to bring a towel and possibly a change of clothes for when you exit the water.

The tour provides bottled water, snacks, life vests, and bug spray. Use only eco-friendly bug spray if you bring your own.

This is a protected area, and some of the chemicals in traditional bug spray are extremely harmful to this rare ecosystem, particularly DEET.

Once you’ve geared up, an enchanted evening is upon you as you embark on a bioluminescent bay kayaking tour.

Puerto Rico is one of very few places in the world where you can experience the magic of bioluminescence — other places include New Zealand, Mexico, and Vietnam!

There are 3 bio bays in PR. You can find them in Vieques, La Parguera, and at Laguna Grande in Fajardo; the latter of which is the most famous and where we’ll be tonight!

You will paddle through mangroves into the bay for 2 hours. You will see the bioluminescence light up the shapes of the fish, and possibly sharks, swimming beneath you.

The water sparkles as you splash your paddle. It is otherworldly and awe-inspiring, an experience you will never forget.

Book your kayaking tour online here!

Make sure you get a lot of rest for day 5.

You will have to have an early morning the following day in order to make your catamaran ride, which meets at 8:15 AM.

Day 5: Set sail in Fajardo

Grab a quick breakfast at a panaderia.

Puerto Rican bakeries or panaderias are flourishing on the island! This would be a great way to start an early day.

One of the best spots in Fajardo is Panaderia Monte Brisas.

Like most Puerto Rican bakeries, you can get sandwiches here, too. There is something for all tastes, savory or sweet.

All orders are to-go, so grab your sandwiches or pastries and make your way south to Puerto del Rey Marina.

Have a gorgeous catamaran ride.

a blonde tan woman in a black dress standing on the net area of a catamaran looking at islands in the distance with blue water around

As you have seen on your journey so far, Fajardo is an ocean-centered town.

It brings opportunities for water sports of all kinds, plus beach lounging and seaside dining.

It is not surprising that a catamaran ride is one of the most popular activities to do in Fajardo!

Your final day in Fajardo will be as dreamy as it gets. Head to Puerto del Rey Marina to hop on a catamaran tour!

You will sail for 45 minutes to a deserted small islet called Icacos Island.

You will have a couple of hours to explore the beach and swim before lunch is served. Enjoy sandwiches, fresh juices, rum punch, and more!

You will then cruise the Caribbean Sea a little more to anchor near the reef. This is a great time to utilize the slide that is aboard the catamaran!

Swim, snorkel, or chill out before your leisurely sail back to the marina. You should arrive back by 3:30 PM.

Book your catamaran ride in Fajardo here!

Dine on fresh seafood.

fried fish served on a bed of tostones and salad

Head to the coastline for delicious, Puerto Rican-style seafood! Pescaderia Don Candi will show you how the Puerto Ricans do seafood. In short? They do it well!

You should order the fried red snapper. You will be presented with a whole fish, fins and all.

The fins are crunchy and yummy so don’t leave them out! They will come with a Puerto Rican staple, fried plantain, otherwise known as tostones.

They also serve oysters and delicious coconut shrimp dumplings. Don’t forget your rum cocktail or another PR staple, Medalla beer.

As a side note… you may notice on your travels that there are many folks selling rotisserie chicken and pinchos on the side of the road.

Pinchos are essentially BBQ meat on a stick. They are cheap, delicious, and a great snack.

Both pinchos and rotisserie barbeques are often wonderfully flavorful and make a great choice if you’re trying to save a bit of money!

Perhaps when you complete your dinner, you will want to check out the Cape San Juan Lighthouse of Fajardo for golden hour.

the white and green lighthouse in fajardo

Since we are on the east side of the island, watching the sunset over the ocean is not possible; however, the hues of this extraordinary time of day will still impress and delight you!

Head to Reserva Natural Cabezas de San Juan. This nature park will be a great place to walk around while you breathe in the salt air and connect with some history.

The lighthouse was first lit in 1882 and had a large influence in the Spanish-American War. It now sits on a nature reserve that includes Laguna Grande, the bio bay you explored last night!

Plus you can explore mangroves, coral reefs, beaches, and lagoons. There is no better way to end the day.

Day 6: Hop the ferry to Vieques

leaving colorful port on the fajardo vieques ferry

Before you head to Vieques for the night, take the morning to pack up, get breakfast, and tie up any loose ends on your “to-see” list in Fajardo.

Then head to Ceiba to catch the ferry to Vieques. Vieques is one of two islands off the east coast of the main island: Culebra, Puerto Rico is the other.

The ferry has specific hours, but it is not always on time. Check the timetables and plan accordingly.

Keep your timeline fluid. Vieques in general will force you to slow down and go with the flow!

It is not allowed to bring your rental car to Vieques, so you’ll have to park it at the lot.

Once you arrive on Vieques, be prepared to rent a Jeep, motorbike, or a golf cart to get around. There are also taxi services.

Make all of these arrangements ahead of time, as you may not get a taxi or vehicle if you arrive without a reservation.

UTV Rental offers golf carts for rent which can be a fun way to explore, or Vieques Car Rental offers Jeeps and SUVs as well as golf carts.

several wild horses and baby horses roaming the street in vieques puerto rico

One great way to get acquainted with Vieques is to take a drive around the island!

If you rent that Jeep, you are in great shape, as you can drive on dirt roads through the jungle that wind into ocean views.

If you are not renting a vehicle, renting bikes is another great option.

Be careful if driving as there are wild horses in many parts of the island!

Head towards Sun Bay.

brilliant turquoise and cerulean waters of the beach at sun bay vieques

Take your vehicle down towards Esperanza to check out the beach at Sun Bay. You may see wild horses here!

As a side note… the proximity of Playa Sun Bay to the bioluminescent bay makes this a cool beach to peep at night.

You may see the dinoflagellates (the creatures that glow) in the surf or on the beach. Can you say sparkling beach, anyone?!

Walk west down the beach at Sun Bay towards Esperanza to enjoy painkillers and a meal at Lazy Jack’s Restaurant and Hostel.

Painkillers are a yummy local favorite, a cream of coconut and rum cocktail topped with fresh nutmeg.

Enjoy the lively atmosphere of this Vieques favorite. It is also a great place to stay for the night!

Day 7: Explore Vieques some more and head back to San Juan

The island has two main areas where there are hotels and restaurants: down south at Esperanza or north at Isabel Segunda, near the ferry terminal.

Up north, the best breakfast place is Rising Roost delicioso! Cafe Del Mar down south is great, too. Enjoy a great breakfast with their house-made bread.

Explore the black sand beach.

Black sand beach next to a cliff in Puerto Rico with beach water and ocean waves

After you hit a breakfast spot of your choice, you should head over to Black Sands Beach (Playa Negra).

You can walk on the beach from Esperanza if you like. Walk west to reach Playa Negra.

It is inspiring to see the volcanic black sand for yourself!

Amp up the magic of your experience and opt for a horseback riding tour on the black sand – contact Esperanza Riding Company for details.

Have a final meal in Vieques.

For a final restaurant recommendation, we have the best for last!

Head to Finca Conciencia for a healthy, ethical, locally sourced meal.

Their grouper stuffed with lobster and grilled over mesquite in banana leaves will change your life!

The menu is subject to change but that is the beauty of eating locally. There is variety and change just as the seasons change.

Call or email to reserve a spot. See their website for precise directions to their farm, as it will not come up on Google.

Take a hike.

beautiful ripples in the water in vieques with sunset colors and palm silhouettes in the distance

Up north, Playa Grande Sugar Mill Ruins is another great spot for a hike.

Hike amongst the ruins and along the coastline. End with a fabulous view of Punta Mulas Lighthouse.

This is also a lovely spot for sunset if you end up with time before heading back to San Juan.

Enjoy your final moments in Vieques.

Spend the afternoon relaxing or preparing to head back to San Juan. Your timeline will depend on if you choose to take the ferry back or fly.

If you have time, check out some more beaches, restaurants, or shops. Vieques is a small island with a population of about 10,000.

Jobs are limited, so your shopping in Vieques will significantly impact the people that live there in a positive way, especially if you buy hand-crafted products from local artisans.

Either way, enjoy the rest of the day your way. It is your last day in Puerto Rico, after all!

If you drove a rental car to Fajardo, you’ll want to return to Fajardo by ferry and then drive back to San Juan Airport.

If you took a taxi to Fajardo, you can save time by flying from Vieques to San Juan.

So ends your week in Puerto Rico. Perhaps you will be going home, perhaps it is on to another adventure!

Hopefully, you feel revitalized from your time on this magnificent island. You will certainly have eaten extremely well if you followed our tips!

Where to Stay in Puerto Rico

This Puerto Rico itinerary has you staying overnight in three separate destinations: San Juan, Fajardo, and Vieques.

I’ll give you some suggestions for each!

These are my suggestions as a typically-solo traveler who occasionally travels with groups or a significant other — check out these suggestions for family-friendly Puerto Rico resorts.

San Juan

the colorful buildings of old san juan in a rainbow of colors

BOUTIQUE | I love the Small Luxury Hotels of the World brand and I’ve stayed at many a property of theirs over the years!

They have a gorgeous offering called O:Live Boutique Hotel located in vibey Condado that I’m looking forward to staying at on my next trip to the island!

Gorgeously designed rooms with Mediterranean-inspired details, rain showers with hydromassage jets, a roof terrace with an infinity pool with views of the Condado Lagoon? Swoon. Sold.

>> Check availability and rates on Booking.com

LUXURY | Nothing says luxury quite like the Ritz-Carlton brand! At Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton, we’re talking on-site golf course, multiple swimming pools, 4 on-site restaurants, and spa and fitness centers.

Plus, some rooms even have their own private plunge pools for the ultimate luxury vacation!

It’s not cheap, that’s for sure, but it’s by far the best choice if you’re looking for a blowout accommodation choice for a special occasion (or just a really baller vacation).

>> Check availability and rates on Booking.com

BUDGET | Looking for a hostel option? Nomada Urban Beach Hostel is a fantastic choice for travelers on a budget, located near Isla Verde Beach.

Options include dorm-style rooms and private rooms.

The dorms are modern with amenities like curtains and hangers allotted for each bunk bed: little touches that frequent hostel-goers are sure to heave a sigh of relief over.

There’s also a roof terrace for travelers to relax on and chitchat.

>> Check availability and rates on Booking.com


The beautiful blue waters and fine sands of the beaches in Fajardo Puerto Rico

VILLA | If you want to stay in a villa, there are some great choices in this area!

This charming private villa at the Rio Mar Beach Resort in nearby Rio Grande is a great choice for people who want to spread out and enjoy a larger space without paying a huge price.

It can sleep up to six guests in its one bedroom, two sofa bed configuration.

The villa also has two bathrooms, a full-size kitchen and dining area. It’s not fancy, but it’s spacious and charming.

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LUXURY | If you want resort-style luxury, the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort is a phenomenal option about 12 miles north of Fajardo.

Amenities include a golf course, ocean-view pool, spa center, yoga and pilates classes, and best of all?

Every room includes butler service for that special ultra-luxury touch, plus either gorgeous garden or ocean views.

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BUDGET | For a cute hostel experience, go outside of Fajardo 5 miles to Luquillo, a charming beachy area with lots of great food.

The Surfing Turtle Inn offers dorms and private rooms at affordable prices for the area. Dorms and rooms are fairly basic, but offer all the standard budget amenities at a reasonable price, with a clean reputation.

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the sun rising in vieques puerto rico

BOUTIQUE | Eco-friendly and chic, Finca Victoria is the place to go for a stunning, Instagrammable retreat-style hotel at an affordable cost.

It has beautiful treehouse-inspired rooms with soaringly high ceilings and exposed beams, loads of natural light, and vintage farmhouse details in the furnishings.

Daily free yoga classes are included, as well as a delicious Caribbean breakfast made with Ayurvedic principles in mind.

There are loads of thoughtful touches like hammocks on the balcony, outdoor showers, and small kitchenettes.

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COTTAGE | The lovely Tranquility by the Sea offers a 3-bedroom oceanside cottage perfect for families and groups at a good value.

It’s not fancy, but it is well-appointed and spacious with plenty of room to enjoy a vacation home style rental.

A full kitchen, washer & dryer, and a wraparound veranda are some of the best perks of this rental.

Best of all? You can often see wild horses grazing right from your window.

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BUDGET | While the decor is definitely nothing to write home about, if you want a cheap and clean place to lay your head at night, Lazy Hostel is a good choice.

It has a social vibe and it offers a variety of room types including dorms and private rooms.

It’s good for solo travelers and anyone on a budget in Puerto Rico.

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A Few Final Tips About Visiting Puerto Rico

the ocean at el morro in old san juan

A few quick tips before you arrive on the island!

Cell service can be spotty. So make sure you download maps of the areas you are in to be sure you can find your way. That means you should also keep your phone charged.

Google Maps are not always accurate either. I try to cross-reference with Maps.me and always check my accommodations or destinations to see if they have alternate directions.

Anti-theft bags are great for San Juan. While Puerto Rico is overall safe, San Juan is a large city like any other, and you should use caution.

When traveling in cities, I bring my PacSafe CitySafe backpack — it’s chic, sleek, and almost theft-proof, with things like double-locking zippers and mesh slash-proof construction.

The driving in Puerto Rico can be wild. If you’re not used to it… watch out! The right lane is the fast lane, the left lane is the slow lane, and merging onto highways via the right lane is practically a form of cardio.

While renting a car in Puerto Rico will give you freedom, it can also be stressful.

I suggest a handful of guided tours on this Puerto Rico itinerary so that you can reduce your driving and focus on relaxing, while also having your adventure improved by local guide knowledge.

Watch for mosquitos. Puerto Rico has a tropical climate and therefore a handful of tropical diseases you don’t have to worry about in most of the U.S. mainland.

Wear mosquito repellent during day and night, and be especially careful around sunrise and sunset, when mosquito activity is at its peak.

Reapply and wear long-sleeved, loose-fitting clothing at this time for the most coverage.

To Rent or Not to Rent?

a red car at sunset on a beach in puerto rico

We’ve done a lot of the hard work for you in putting together this itinerary for Puerto Rico, but there’s one big decision you need to make: to rent a car or not to rent a car?

As I mentioned above, driving in Puerto Rico can be difficult.

Drivers are a bit on the aggressive side, and the fact that the right lane is the fast lane and the left lane is the slow lane can be a real mind#(*@ for anxious drivers like myself.

I’ve been to Puerto Rico twice, once without a rental car and once with. I was able to adjust to the driving, but there were definitely some heart-pounding moments!

Ultimately, I liked the freedom it gave me, though I didn’t enjoy driving on the tiny streets of Old San Juan.

There are tours and taxis you can take which make having a car unnecessary…

… Plus, you have to leave your rental behind when you go to Vieques, as the car spots on the ferry are limited to locals, and in general, rental companies do not allow it.

However, tour and taxi costs can add up, so you’ll want to do some cost benefit analysis there.

Renting a car likely skews cheaper, but it will mean some headache. Tours and taixs will likely skew a bit more expensive, but be more relaxing.

If you do choose to rent a car, there are ways to get a good deal on your rental. I’ve rented cars dozens of times through various search engines and have settled on Discover Cars as the best car rental search engine – it searches over 500 trusted rental companies to find the cheapest price for your rental! Compare prices for car rental from San Juan Airport here.


  1. I loved reading about your experience in Puerto Rico. Your descriptions really made it come alive for me. Happy travels!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed your time in P.R. Your trip, for us, is way too structured and lacking in really getting into the local feel of the island. Also, you barely scratched the surface. The entire west coast of the island is amazing and provides much more opportunity to understand life in P.R. You never mentioned anything about all of the amazing stands selling pork roasted over open fires. Small roadside stands with local people cooking and selling amazing food. Old San Juan is fun but one day to explore the Fort and Old San Juan is plenty of time to spend in a big city. The rest of San Juan is just a big city with a warm ocean. Get out into the rest of the island, Ponce, Rincon and beyond. The pork highway! Spend more time in Vieques, go there first to unwind and get your vacation started in a great mood. Go when there is no moon so your time on Mosquito Bay paddling in the bioluminescence, is as amazing as possible. Rent the car, drive and enjoy the views. By the way, the horses on Vieques are not wild, they are all owned but allowed to roam the island for grazing. They are fun to see but sometime they are a hassle on the roads! Go, spend money, interact with locals and enjoy yourself.

    1. Hi Dave. Sorry you feel that way, but this is a 7-day itinerary… I think it’d be pretty hard to see San Juan, Ponce, Rincon, “more” time in Vieques, plus the other places I have here like Fajardo & El Yunque which I loved… I did visit the pork highway/Guavate and enjoyed it quite a bit but I think it’s hard to fit into this itinerary so I wouldn’t necessarily steer somewhere there instead of getting to see the rainforest of El Yunque or Fajardo etc. It seems we have different travel styles and expectations of what’s reasonable to accomplish in one week and that’s okay! Your suggestions sound like a great addition for people who have 10-14 days in PR or have been before and want to do something different.

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