33 Ridiculous Arizona Puns, Jokes & Instagram Captions

Want some funny (if slightly cringy) Arizona puns and jokes to add some humor to your Arizona road trip?

Or maybe you’ve already been to Arizona and you’re looking for some puns about Arizona to use as your Instagram captions for Arizona photos.

Whatever brought you here, I’m happy to oblige with some of the most cringe-worthy Arizona puns and jokes, Instagram caption-ready or whatever way you choose to wield it!

The Best Arizona Puns & Jokes

General Arizona Puns

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Arizona? More like Arid-zona

In Arizona, you’ll find everything from A to Z.

Arizona City Puns

Is it Tucson to make a joke about Arizona?

It’s Friday night and I’m Phoenix fine

What do vegans in Arizona eat? Tempe.

At least here, the weather is Tempe-rate

This view is too beautiful — you may want to Sedona

Stop Mesa‘n around!

Arizona, Yuma favorite state.

Arizona, we’re always on the same Page.

Arizona Landmark Puns & Arizona Instagram Captions

I hope you Havasu-per time at Havasu Falls

I can’t stand to see you go, so I’ll just do The Wave

Let’s Ant-elope Canyon away

There’s a lot I could say about the Grand Canyon, but it all seems too deep

Don’t get Bend out of shape!

I canyon-ly imagine.

I can’t wait to meteor you, Arizona

Dam it, Arizona, you’re too pretty!

You’re one in Ver-milion

Nice to Mead you, Arizona

I didn’t sleep well last night — you were Sonora‘n

Saguaro is another day.

I like big Buttes and I cannot lie

Arizona Desert Puns & Jokes

Arizona: serving you just deserts.

Ever since I got back from Arizona, all I’m serving is dry humor

Please don’t desert me for my awful puns

Arizona, I’ll never desert you

Arizona deserts, you prickle my fancy

Arizona, I’m glad I pricked you

Cacti be back soon?

Say aloe to my little friends!

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