150 Shell-arious Beach Puns for Summery Instagram Captions

Got lots of beach pictures that you took, and you’re looking for some hilarious beach captions for Instagram to go with them?

I love a good travel themed pun, so it’s no surprise that I’ve gathered 150 beach puns that are shore to make you laugh… or groan, to be honest, I don’t care which!

From beach puns to tropical puns to fish puns and beyond, here are my favorite puns about the beach, perfect for beach jokes and summer Instagram captions.

Funny Beach Puns

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How are you feeling today? I’m fin-tastic!

Girls just wanna have sun

Don’t get salty with me!

It’s not my salt you got burned!

I’m not shore about this…

I’m a crazy son of a beach, but you love me anyway

Beach, please!

Life’s a beach, but don’t let yourself get tide down

Along for the tide.

Feeling fresh to depth.

Race you to the sand? Beach ya to it.

I’m not mad, that’s just my resting beach face

When there’s a will, there’s a wave

I try to avoid pier pressure and just do my own thing.

Things are not always as they ap-pier

Tell you my favorite beach? It’s really to be so Pacific.

Don’t hate the playa, hate the game

Don’t call me while I’m at the beach: I’m sun-screening my calls.

Arrrr you going to join me at the beach, matey?

Hello there, buoys and gulls!

Holla at ya’ buoy

Surf’s up, hang tan

I’m feeling sand-tastic

Don’t worry, beach happy!

I’m feeling em-ocean-al today.

I’m a boss beach.

Beach better have my money!

Beach, don’t krill my vibe

Waterever will I do when summer is over?

Swimmer down now, no point being angry!

There’s some-fin about Mary.

Living my mermaid fin-tasy!

I reel-y love the beach.

I’ve got no fin left to give!

Bay, you’ve got to stop with the beach puns — they’re too much.

Sea Animal Puns for the Beach

Chilling at the beach: my life porpoise.

Did you splash me on porpoise?

Do you have a fish-ue with me?

Are you squidding me?

I find the ocean really crab-tivating!

My favorite wine? Crab-ernet noir.

Hello, guys and gills.

You’re just jelly.

Me and my old chums.

Can you crab me more sunscreen?

Feeling cray-zy.

I cut myself at the beach. I think I need a sturgeon.

My favorite type of music is orca-stra.

Ready to hear a killer whale pun?

I’m having one whale of a good day.

Better bait than never, I always say.

Cod we be friends?

I otter come to the beach more often.

Currently octo-pied sitting on the beach!

He’s shrimp-ing my style.

Beach days are very shrimportant.

Hate the beach? Shrimp-ossible!

We dolphin-ately need more beach time.

I try to keep to mussel.

I turtle-y love the beach!

I don’t give a clam.

Keep your friends close, and your anemones closer.

Urchin kidding me, right?

Let me mullet over…

I’ve been herring rumors about this beautiful beach…

The ocean is like its own tuna-verse.

I’ve got a great oppor-tuna-ty.

I have my trouts.

That beach pun was so bad, I’m going to have to con-fish-cate it.

I forgot to put sunscreen on my face, now minnows is sunburned!

I manta apply more sunscreen, but I forgot!

I’m hooked on an eel-ing, high on believing…

I’m not eeling well today.

When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a-moray!

Roe, roe, roe your boat…

This is sardinely an excellent fish pun, no?

Carp-e diem!

Beach lover? Gill-ty as charged.

Oh my Cod!

Oh, the hu-manatee!

Can I make a quick lobster-vation?

Sea Puns

Sea, myself, and I

Long time, no sea!

Sea la vie!

If I hear one more bad beach pun, I’m going to have a sea-sure.

Carpe diem: it means seas the day.

Tis the sea-son to be jolly

I can sea clearly now, the rain has gone…

Time for a sea-esta!

It’ll be our little sea-cret.

I’ll sea you later.

You sea-m nice.

I have a sense of urgen-sea to get to the beach.

Boat Puns for the Beach

Ferry nice!

It’s a ferry beautiful day.

We should go oar we’ll be late.

Kayak you a question?

Dock it like it’s hot!

I’m a-boat to call it a day.

Hey! Water boat me?

Ship happens, okay?

I don’t give a ship!

Does it come with free shipping?

Fish and ships.

You can’t ship with us!

Schooner or later, I’ll run out of beach puns.

There’s a sail going on!

Cheesy Beach Puns and Beach Pick Up Lines

Psst: It’s not cool to go up to strangers on the beach and use these pick up lines on them — only use them, jokingly, with people you already know and love!

Hey, water you doing later?

Shell we dance?

Can we crab a drink later?

I think I shell in love with you.

Excuse me, are you shingle?

I’ve been wading for someone like you.

This might be crazy, but should we tide the knot?

I think we’re mermaid to be together.

Whale, hello there, you.

I’ve been looking for salmon just like you.

I’ve gotten hooked on you.

Wanna get romantically fin-volved?

I get a rush of en-dolphins just looking at you.

Can we cuttle?

Cod I call you later?

Pleased to meet your aqua-intance.

I fish we had more time together.

Do you like these mussels?

If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple

I have to say: I’m totally coco-nuts for you

My cheesy beach pick up lines are shore to win your heart.

And IIIIIIIiiiiiiii whale always love you.

I wanna be Moray than just a friend.

Kelp! I need somebody! Kelp! Not just anybody!

Are you Cinderella? Because I think I found your glass flipper.

Shell Puns

Shell yeah, it’s summer time!

Shell-ebrate good times, come on!

My beach puns are shell-areas!

You’re very spe-shell to me.

Call me shellfish, but I don’t like sharing.

Shell I call you later?

I shell in love with the ocean

You used to call me on my shell-phone…

I’m so tired — think it’s time for me to conch out for a nap

Tropical Beach Puns

Tropic like it’s hot

Keep palm and carry on

He has a palming influence.

Cool, palm, and collected.

I’m coconuts about you.

I’ll never get Bora Bora’d at the beach.

Tahit is on!

I want some Moorea.

Can you be Pacific?

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