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55 Dorky Scuba Diving Puns & Jokes To Make Your Dive Buddy Groan

Scuba diving is a magical experience: the rules of gravity and physics seem to fade away as you enter a kaleidoscopic wonderland of vibrant colors and fast-moving life.

While it’s impossible to really express what it feels like to go scuba diving in words, some dorky dive puns and jokes can add some fun levity to the experience!

The ineffable beauty of the underwater world that lends itself to whimsy and wordplay.

It can be a delight trying to come up with clever puns about the creatures and sights we see beneath the wave, especially during your surface intervals when you have time to krill (see what I did there?)!

Here are a few of the best diving puns and jokes about diving — hopefully, some are bad enough to make the whole boat groan!

Cheesy Diving Puns

Allison Green diving with a sea turtle in Tahiti
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Scuba divers: we’re always in deep water!

Don’t make me crabby, let’s go diving!

I’m feeling fin-tastic!

I’m fin-ished with work, time to go diving!

I’ve got the right PADI-tude for diving.

Water you waiting for? Let’s go diving!

Dive like nobody’s watching.

Sea the world from a different perspective.

That dive was a real coral coaster!

Let’s get kraken and go diving!

I’m all about that bass, no treble.

Scuba diving is th-air-apy.

I can’t help it, I’m a diving a-fish-ionado.

I’m reef-reshed and ready to dive again!

Underwater is where I feel fin-tastic!

I’ve loved diving since I was a young whipper-snapper

I can’t wait to coral all my friends and tell them about this dive!

I love diving; it’s a good way to get out my frustration after doing so much grunt work.

Diving is simply manta-tory.

Squids are ink-credible!

Octopus are so cool, they’re pretty much ink-vincible!

Diving is always something to shell-abrate.

I squid you not, there’s nothing I’d rather do than dive.

Funny Diving Puns for Your Dive Buddy

shalllow water diving in Tahiti with purple coral and orange color and reef life

Want to go diving? Dolphin-ately.

Don’t be jelly, we’ll dive again soon.

We make a great grouper dive buddies.

I love your shark sense of humor.

Quit ha-wrasse-ing me, we’ll dive again soon.

I’m reefly excited for our next dive!

We always have a whale of a time diving together.

Our dive friendship will never flounder.

You’re the dive buddy I can always rely on to carp-di-em!

Don’t get trout of your wetsuit, let’s dive again!

Do you be-reef me when I say you’re the best dive buddy on earth?

I’m urchin you — let’s dive again soon!

You’re a re-eel-y good dive buddy.

Don’t clam up while I’m giving you all these compliments!

Don’t worry, you’re krilling it!

I’ll help you into your wetsuit if you help me into mine… squid pro quo.

Corny Diving Puns for a Loved One

diving underwater with beautiful coral colors

It’s no fluke that you’re my favorite dive buddy!

You octopi my thoughts.

I’m totally dive-oted to you.

I can’t keep my flippers off of you.

We’re mermaid for each other.

You’re really some-fin special.

You’re the sole reason I love diving.

You’re the octo to my reg.

I can’t kelp but smile when I see you.

I was looking for the love of my life; I think I flound-her.

Silly Diving Pick Up Lines

The domino damselfish protecting the anemone

Don’t be koi, let’s go diving!

Let’s cuttle.

You’re otterly adorable.

You’re a sight for shore eyes.

You’re the angelfish of my eye.

You’re eel-ectrifying!

I get butterflyfish in my stomach when I think of you.

Don’t be a shrimp, come dive with me!

Can we goby alone somewhere together?

Don’t be shellfish, share your love of diving with me.

Don’t be a damselfish in distress — I’ll save you!

Silly Scuba Diving Jokes

A hawksbill turtle rising towards the water surface

“Why did the scuba diver cross the ocean? To get to the other tide.”

“Why did the lobster refuse to go scuba diving? He didn’t want to get claw-strophobic.”

“Why don’t lobsters share? Because they’re shellfish!”

“Why did the octopus beat the shark in a fight? Because it was well-armed.”

“What do you call a scuba diving detective? Sherlock Foams.”

“What did the fish say when it hit a concrete wall? Dam!”

“What do you call a fish that wears a bowtie? Sofishticated.”

“Why don’t fish play basketball? Because they’re afraid of the net.”

“Why did the fish blush? Because it saw the ocean’s bottom.”

“Why didn’t the crab share his recipes? He was afraid to tell all his sea-crets.”

“Why don’t sharks like to eat scuba divers? They taste too much like neoprene.”

clownfish protecting anemone

“Why don’t scuba divers quit? Because they’re good at fin-ishing things!”

Why don’t dolphins ever get lost? Because they have porpoise.”

“What do you call a fish that needs help with his or her vocals? Autotuna.”

“Why don’t sharks like fast food? They can’t catch it!”

“Why did the dolphin go diving? To get in touch with its inner porpoise.”

“What do you call a fish that tells jokes? A clownfish.”

“What’s a scuba diver’s favorite type of car? A sub-aru.”

“Why don’t scuba divers like to tell jokes underwater? Because they might get water in their regulator.”

“I used to be a scuba diving instructor, but I got tired of the same old tankless job.”

“Why did the octopus go scuba diving? To test his new Octo-lung!”

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