9 Best Macaron Classes in Paris to Bring Home the Magic!

The City of Love has so much to see and so many delicious foods to try. If you have a sweet tooth, you have to take a macaron class in Paris.

When it comes to French cuisine, duck confit, and cassoulet are must-try dishes. Still, no Parisian meal is complete without a macaron (or five) for dessert!

Crunchy on the outside, airy on the inside, and stuffed with creamy filling, macarons are the kind of sweet you can’t help but binge.

… Unfortunately, they’re one of the pricier cookies to binge on, but that’s why it makes all the more sense to learn to make macarons in Paris!

Chocolate, lemon, raspberry, pistachio, etc. macarons at a French bakery in Paris
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Macarons come in more colors and flavors than you can imagine. When you go to a Parisian pastry shop, you’ll want to try every single one!

Best of all, they’re not too difficult to make, as long as you’re taught by an experienced chef. 

One quick macaron class in Paris and you’ll be whipping these things up all the time and impressing literally everyone!

Besides, France is home to some of the best chefs and bakers in the entire world. Why not learn some of their secrets while you’re there?

You’ll never look at store-bought sweets the same way after taking a macaron making class in Paris, so it’s time to get cooking… er, baking!

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If you’re just looking for my top picks and don’t want to read the full article, here are the top 3 macaron classes in Paris.

My Top 3 Picks for Macaron Classes in Paris


hand making pink macarons in a class in paris using meringue and a piping bag

2.5 Hour Unique Macaron Class
✔️ Learn from the classically trained pâtissier, Chef Noémie
✔️ Focus on unique flavor combinations


colorful macarons in a pile

1.5 Hour Macaron Class at Galeries Lafayette
✔️ Short class easy to fit into tighter schedules
✔️ Affordable price tag


colorful box of macarons to bring home

Small Group Macaron Class
✔️ Group size capped at 6 for 1:1 attention
✔️ Bring home a box of your creations

The Top 9 Paris Macaron Making Classes

1. Macaron Class at Galeries Lafayette

A selection of pink, green, brown, and white macarons lined up beautifully in a box.

Tour Length: 1.5 hours |🌟 Rating: 4.5/5 stars (130+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique Features:
– Children 12+ are welcome to join (with a parent)
– Large class allows space for a large group
– Short class is easy to fit into a busy schedule

Read more about this macaron baking class here!

The art of making macaron shells (and of course, their ganache filling) is a delicate one – literally! 

Luckily, this macaron making class in Paris will teach you everything you need to know.

Whether you like chocolate, pistachio, or any funky flavor in between, this class will teach you how to make all sorts of flavors of macaron… All that in only 90 minutes!

This is also a great class to try if you’re a beginner cook. It’s short and sweet (in more ways than one!), and you get to take the recipe home and get some practice.  

“Quick hit on the magic of making macarons with all the tips and tricks shared. Small group, great instructor and yummy samples of your work! Totally the best macrons I ever had. Location was perfect – private area in Galleries Lafayette. Couldn’t ask for more of a Parisan experience! Totally recommend.”

Read more reviews here!

Your cooking group can feature up to 18 people, so things can get pretty lively at Galeries Lafayette. Bringing lots of family and friends is highly encouraged!

On top of that, the class is super affordable for how fun and informative it is, so you can easily fit it into your vacation budget.

However, if you want a small group with lots of 1:1 attention, this may not be the right fit for you.

After the class, the Opera district will be waiting right outside the door. Talk about an exciting day out in Paris – now it’s time to take it on with a sugar high!

2. French Macarons Baking Class with a Parisian Chef

⌛Tour Length: 3 hours | 🌟 Rating: 4.8/5 stars (30+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique Features:
– Relatively small groups
– Take home 20 macarons per class
– Unusual flavors you won’t find in other classes

Learn more about this macaron baking class here!

The best Paris macaron making classes will immerse you in France’s culture, as well as your palate. 

Well, what could be more immersive than going to a French home and cooking in a chef’s very own kitchen?

The class covers a lot of ground in three hours, so you can expect to keep busy.

Not that you’d mind, with the awesome company, intimate setting, and of course – delicious treats!

You’ll be learning how to make macarons and a number of amazing fillings.

Besides the classic chocolate and cocoa, you’ll learn more creative types like lemon and raspberry with tonka bean, among others!

This isn’t your average macaron class, that’s for sure!

“I did the course with my 12 year old daughter. We learned a lot, it was fun and the macarons were delicious. Now we also understand the price of these works of art in the patisseries. I thought it was great that Frederic paid attention to details, including how to hold the wooden spoon, and explained to us exactly what to look out for. And all in a very friendly way.”

Read more reviews here!

The groups tend to be smaller here than in most other cooking classes in Paris, so it’s great if you want more hands-on attention. 

If it’s overbooked, the hosts will find you another slot to make sure you learn as much as possible!

Speaking of the hosts, they really make the class worth your time and money.

You’ll be going home with about 20 delicious macarons and a recipe so you can recreate the magic at home!

3. Paris 2.5-Hour Unique Macaron Cooking Class

Person using a pastry bag to pipe macarons onto a baking sheet with circles on it to indicate the size that the macaron batter should be

⌛ Tour Length: 2.5 hours | 🌟Rating: 4.9/5 stars (80+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique Features:
– Learn from an academically trained chef
– Work from a chef’s atelier for a proper Parisian experience
– Wide variety of flavors and fillings

Learn more about this macaron baking class here!

If anyone’s qualified to teach a macaron making class in Paris, it’s Chef Noémie

After all, she learned her craft at the Lenôtre Culinary Institute – now that takes some cooking chops!

Like any true professional, Noémie makes sure nobody gets left behind. Even small children can join, and they’ll be learning a lot!

She’ll teach you how to make two different kinds of macarons and a number of tasty fillings to add variety to your macarons and impress your loved ones with. 

Quick hit on the magic of making macarons with all the tips and tricks shared. Small group, great instructor and yummy samples of your work! Totally the best macrons I ever had. Location was perfect – private area in Galleries Lafayette. Couldn’t ask for more of a Parisan experience! Totally recommend.

Read more reviews here!

After the class, Noémie will treat you to some coffee or tea and answer any questions you might have. 

That includes questions about Paris too – and you have an expert right at hand, so take advantage!

The cherry on top, you’ll be learning at Noémie’s very own studio/atelier

Does it get any more Parisian than that? Je pense que non.

4. Macarons Class, Teatime and To-Go Box

Blue, green, brown, orange, purple and pink macarons, two rows of six macarons in a box.

⌛Tour Length: 2-3 hours | Rating: 🌟 4.9/5 stars (90+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique Features:
-Relatively small groups up to 6 people
-Have tea time with the host
-Learn to make Italian-style macarons

Learn more about this macaron baking class here!

This may be a Paris macaron class, but it teaches you the Italian meringue method.

What this means is, you’ll be using hot sugar syrup as the base for the filling. 

This method of cooking macarons is a bit harder than the French one, so mastering it will make you feel like an expert baker!

“Excellent activity learning to make macarons. Great venue and location with super friendly and knowledgable staff/owner. All steps explained, good equipment, recipes provided and enjoyed sharing in the small group to make different flavours. Lovely end to afternoon with chatting, sharing tea/coffee and eating our bakes with enough to take home. Exceeded expectations and thank you!”

Read more reviews here!

Besides, since the groups have six members at most, everyone gets the attention they need and deserve.

You’ll be making a lot of macarons, so you’re definitely going home with a big box of them… 

… Unless you eat them all before going back home, that is!

Once everything is said and done, you’ll sit down and enjoy a cup of tea

Before sending you off, your host will give you a crash course on the history of macarons. 

5. Macarons Small Group French Cooking Class with a Parisian Chef

A chef preparing macaron cookie shells, some in a pink color (strawberry) and some in a brown color (chocolate) with wax paper

⌛Tour Length: 3 hours | 🌟Rating: 5/5 stars (100+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique Features:
-Recipes based on the style of the world-renowned Pierre Hermé 
-Teamwork-intensive class
-Intimate, private apartment setting

Learn more about this Paris macaron class here!

This is another macaron making class in Paris that takes place in the chef’s private apartment. There’s no better setting, if you ask me!

The groups here are relatively small, but teamwork is essential

You’ll need to agree on two flavors and work together to make the best macarons you can.

“Caroline was great with my kids and we all had a fun time. Caroline, was very personable and great with all ages- and we had a sweet treat to take home :)”

Read more reviews here!

You’ll be making macarons in the style of the legendary Pierre Hermé.

He’s been called the best pastry chef in the world, and he’s one of the most beloved public figures in France!

You’ll be given the recipe at the end of the class, so you can share the magic of Hermé with your family and friends.

6. Learn Macarons with a Professional Chef

A pile of colorful macarons on a dish towel, including pink, yellow, pastel colored macarons, etc.

⌛Tour Length: 2 hours | 🌟Rating: 4.5/5 stars (30+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique Features:
-Accessible location
-Working with a flavor of your own choosing
-Takes place in one of the most beautiful districts in Paris

Learn more about this macaron class in Paris here!

This is a great Paris macaron making class if your vacation schedule is full, since it teaches you the basics in only a couple of hours.

Note that you need to book well in advance to secure a place here. 

That should tell you just how great the class is!

Featuring no more than 7 people per group, this is the perfect class if you want one-on-one time with the cook.

Right from the location in the Marais to the comfortable space for the class, this was one of my favourites. Delphine was our teacher and she was great in explaining, showing and her patience. Very happy to take home a box to share with family too. All around this class was so worth the price!

Read more reviews here!

Bonus for picky eaters: you won’t be making anything you don’t want to. 

The chef lets you pick your favorite flavor and will guide you every step of the way!

You’ll be sipping amazing French tea or coffee as you work, and you can expect the kitchen to be spotless and gorgeous too!

The setting might be the best part of the experience: the class is in a beautiful part of Paris perfect for a post-macaron stroll.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés is a lovely part of Paris, so you’ll have plenty to see and explore after the class!

7. Family Experience – French Macaron Bakery Class at Galeries Lafayette Paris

Child reaching for a plate of macarons, in focus, pink yellow green and brown cookies, and a pink mug visible too.

⌛Tour Length: 1.5 hours | 🌟Rating: 4.5/5 stars (5+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique Features:
-Extremely child-focused; kids aged 6 and up can participate
-Short class that doesn’t take up much of your time
-Snacks for your kids to enjoy as they cook

Know more about this macaron class here!

If you’re traveling with your children, this might be the best macaron making class in Paris for you. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a little helper around the kitchen, or to inspire them to start thinking of how to cook and bake for themselves?

Kids as young as 6 are welcome to join this class. 

The chef is a true professional, so people of all ages and experiences can follow along!

Caroline was great with my kids and we all had a fun time. Caroline, was very personable and great with all ages- and we had a sweet treat to take home 🙂

Read more reviews here!

The class is only about 90 minutes, so your little ones can get through it without getting tired. 

You’ll be leaving the class with four macarons that you’ll be making yourself. 

Just enough to get your kids into cooking without giving them too many sweets!

On top of all that, this is one of the most affordable classes in Paris

Not a bad deal for an afternoon activity in Paris with your loved ones!

8. Private Macaron Baking Class in a Parisian Apartment

Woman assembling chocolate ganache macarons wearing a maroon shirt with red nails

⌛Tour Length: 3 hours | 🌟 Rating: 5/5 stars (15+ reviews) | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique Features:
-Teaches how to make desserts besides just macarons
-Work with a partner to make these treats
-Takes place near Montmartre, a major shopping district

Learn more about this macaron class here!

This is one of the best macaron making classes in Paris if you’re on a romantic getaway with your partner.

It doesn’t get any more romantic than a private class for two!

You’ll need to book a slot for at least two people to participate during most of the year. 

Note that you’ll need a third person during the holidays, so it can also be a great family activity if you have a kid over 12!

The class goes into a lot of detail – you’ll go over several techniques for making the tastiest meringue and ganache

Besides macarons, the class will teach you how to make another traditional French dessert. Molleux and madeleine, anyone?

“Extremely well organized, friendly and well paced. Would certainly book another class with ?succulent Paris. Still enjoying the plentiful fruits of our labours. Would not hesitate to recommend these ladies to friends. Thank you Auriel and Marion.”

Read more reviews here!

The class starts early in the morning, so it won’t be cutting into your Paris exploration either. 

It takes place near Montmartre, so you can do lots of shopping and wandering afterwards in this dreamy bohemian neighborhood!

Auriéle and Marion are amazing hosts, and they love cooking more than anything. You’ll definitely be in good hands!

9. Macaron Class by Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse

Colorful pastel pink and purple macarons with two floral tea cups, pastry bag, and cooked macaron shells on a baking sheet

⌛Tour Length: 2 hours | 🌟Ratings: New! | 👩‍🍳 Book Now

Unique Features:
-One of the most renowned cooking schools in the world
-Located in a prime location in Paris
-Solo traveler friendly

Learn more about this new macaron class in Paris here!

Alain Ducasse is one of the authorities on French pastries. 

Why not take a macaron making class in Paris endorsed by the man himself?

Depending on the season, you’ll either be making macaron framboise or à l’ancienne

In other words, either a raspberry delight or a biscuit-style treat – all that and much more!

This is a great class if you’re a solo traveler since you can book a one-person slot, unlike many other classes.

The class is short and it ends mid-afternoon, just when things start to get exciting in Paris. 

It’s also quite short, but that’s because these Ducasse-style chefs really know their stuff!

You’ll be right by the river Seine, and around a mile from the Eiffel Tower. 

How could an afternoon in Paris get any sweeter?

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