Beqa Shark Dive in Fiji: Everything You Need to Know About This Epic Dive!

bull shark on the shark dive in fiji in beqa lagoon

One of the most adventurous dives of my life is hands down the Beqa shark dive in Fiji, where you scuba dive with several species of sharks — all without a cage. A veritable sharknado of activity is right in front of your eyes: bull sharks and tawny nurse sharks swirling around in a chaotic-yet-somehow-organized … Read more

Diving in Taveuni: Ultimate Guide to the Rainbow Reef in Fiji [Dive Sites, Tips + More!]

the great white wall dive site in fiji with coral growing like snow off the side of the sea wall

I recently returned from diving in Taveuni, the stretch of the Somosomo Strait that is the epicenter of diving in Fiji. In general, Fiji has been bestowed the title of “the soft coral capital of the world” by none other than Jacques Cousteau — a high honor from diving’s most respected man. But perhaps nowhere … Read more