25 Magical Things to Do in Rome in Winter (Local’s Guide)

christmas tree in front of the monti church at the top of the spanish steps in rome

Rome in winter is full of surprises. There’s no telling if you’ll be freezing at unusually low temperatures at the end of February or sweating under your winter jacket with spring-like weather in early December. Whether you’re lucky to visit the Italian capital in gorgeous sunny weather or end up spending an entire week with … Read more

Visiting the Borghese Gallery: Best Rooms & Art (+ Tips to Visit!)

Let’s be honest: the whole city of Rome is basically one big open-air museum. You’ve got the Colosseum right next to the crumbling-yet-magnificent ruins of the Roman Forum, the Spanish steps adjacent to Trevi Fountain… and even a literal pyramid from Egypt in the middle of a traffic circle. Plus, all these incredible Rome landmarks … Read more