17 Best Things to Do in Verbier, Switzerland in All Seasons [2024]

Picture yourself walking through beautiful green footpaths in summer, or peering up at snowy mountaintops in the winter: welcome to Verbier, Switzerland!

Verbier is a quaint village in Southwestern Switzerland in the Valais region. It is located among the stunning Alps of Val de Bagnes, which border France and Italy.

Verbier is world famous for its fantastic winter season, where locals and visitors seek some of Switzerland (and all of Europe!)’s best skiing and snow sports.

However, a winter wonderland is not the only thing you can expect from Verbier!

View of Verbier in the summer with beautiful wildflowers
Summer wildflowers in the Verbier region
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Its summers also bring great joy, with many fun activities and undeniable beauty, since being in the Swiss Alps in the summer is like no other!

Here are some of the many things to do in Verbier: in winter, summer, and every season in between!

Best Things to Do in Verbier Year-Round

Rent a stunning Swiss chalet.

Swiss chalets in the snow in the ski town of Verbier
Swiss chalets are beautiful no matter the season, but especially in the snow!

There is nothing better than waking up in a Swiss chalet!

These beautiful wooden cottages, often found in the Alps, have long been a famous staple of Switzerland vacations!

Verbier is home to some of the most luxurious chalets you’ll find in the country.

In fact, the entire village is full of them: big and small, far from the town center or right in the middle of it all.

Other towns in the region like Nendaz also offer great chalet rentals, like this one pictured below, which I stayed in one summer.

Beautiful nendaz chalet with a huge couch and alps views
The chalet I stayed at in Nendaz, near Verbier

They are the perfect getaway to relax and enjoy the slow life of nature and the quiet breath of the Alps.

Renting a chalet in Verbier is a fantastic experience no matter the time of year!

Whether you want to wake up to the freshly fallen snow while sipping a warm hot chocolate or rise to the sun peaking through the window, there is a unique charm to each season.

Try some local raclette.

Someone cutting a melted slab of raclette over a dish of boiled potatoes and other deliciousness
Switzerland: where cheese and potatoes is a valid, complete meal

Have you ever heard of raclette? If not, you are missing out!

Raclette is a traditional Swiss dish consisting of alpine cheese that is melted, scraped, and eaten with potatoes and meat.

It is very common to eat raclette before or after skiing, which is why it is a key meal in Verbier… but you can eat it any time of year!

A cheese plate outside at a festival in Switzerland
Eating some raclette at a summer festival!

Verbier is known to have some of the best raclette around!

There are many fantastic restaurants in Verbier known for their renowned raclette, such as Le Caveau, Restaurant Les Chamois, Le Petit Combin, and Restaurant La Marmotte, to name a few!

So whether you have never tried this Swiss wonder before or it is your favorite dish, Verbier’s selection of raclette will not disappoint!

Go paragliding through the Alps.

Several paragliders in the air, including tandem paragliders
Paragliding in the Swiss Alps, a dream no matter the season!

With Verbier’s spectacular views, it’s no surprise that it is a top-rated paragliding destination!

So many people come on a ski holiday but don’t anticipate paragliding, which should change… paragliding is not just a summer activity!

Paragliding through Verbier in the summer will bring you through endless green meadows and flower-filled mountain tops, as you sail by the green footpaths and bikers while enjoying the mountain air.

During the winter, you can watch people flying down the slopes from up above, and due to the great weather conditions, you can paraglide nearly all winter long!

There are many paragliding companies all over Verbier and its surrounding towns.

The most well-known company is Verbier-Summits, a paragliding school perfect for first-time adventurers, as their team takes pride in making sure all new paragliders feel confident, safe, and well-informed before taking on their first flight.

Taste some Swiss chocolate at La Glacerie du Chocolat.

Chocolate balls with coconut and other assorted toppings
Bites of deliciousness at a Swiss chocolate shop

We all know that Switzerland produces some of the best chocolate in the world!

People love Swiss chocolate because of its smooth texture and rich milk chocolate flavor. So naturally, if you are in Verbier, you must try some of its local favorites.

La Glacerie du Chocolat is a fantastic little chocolate shop in the heart of Verbier village.

The shop is a cozy, authentic chalet-style building with beautiful wooden architecture. They also serve delicious coffee, pastries, and other desserts!

Coming to La Glacerie du Chocolat is fantastic any time of year; however, they display charming decorations and sell unique chocolates around Christmas!

Relax and unwind at the spa.

Sauna in a Swiss chalet
A lovely spa day in Switzerland is a must!

You can take your holiday to the next level when you experience the spas of Verbier!

After a long day of skiing, hiking, or biking, relaxing at a spa is the perfect way to unwind.

Luckily, Verbier and its nearby villages have some incredible spa options, open in both the winter and summer months!

Allison in front of a pool in Nendaz
Beautiful Alps and pool views

After spending the day in the thick of the winter, the best feeling is a nice long hot sauna or a steam room to warm up.

In summer, you may wake up with sore muscles from all the trekking you’ve been doing, which is why going to the spa for a restful hot stone message is the perfect trick, or taking a fresh dip in the swimming pool.

Stroll around La Tzoumaz village.

View of the ski town of La Tzoumaz as seen from above in the winter with lots of snow on the chalets and buildings
The village of La Tzoumaz from above

La Tzoumaz, one of the six villages of 4 Vallées, is a fantastic place to stroll around on a day trip or for an afternoon cafe visit.

The quaint village is only 30 minutes from Verbier by cable car, so it’s quite easy to visit.

There is much to discover in La Tzoumaz, such as bike parks, scenic hikes, ski lifts, incredible cafes, restaurants, and spas!

If you are not interested in hitting the more challenging slopes on the Verbier side, La Tzoumaz offers many easier routes and beginner runs.

Things to Do in Verbier in Summer

Bike (or e-bike!) through the Alps.

Allison Green with an e-bike in the Nendaz-4 Valles region in the summer
Allison on an e-bike ride in 4 Vallées

Feel the wind rush past you and take in all the natural beauty while riding through the Alps on two wheels.

Verbier’s spectacular biking routes through the Alps attract people from all over the world, eager to explore some of the best bike routes in Switzerland!

Both seasoned mountain bikers and beginners can find the right path to fit their needs, and every bike trail in Switzerland is extremely well-marked, making it clear where you are heading.

Looking at the trails for bikes in Switzerland
Well-marked paths for cycling!

The bike trails run through luscious green hills and guide you through breathtaking natural wonders, making it hard to stop your cycling.

And since Verbier has over 140 bike routes, finding the right one for you will not be too hard!

Verbier offers a wide range of bike opportunities such as road biking, mountain biking, cross country biking, electric biking, and more!

allison in front of a church in the nendaz region
One of the stops on an e-bike tour of 4 Vallées

If you are a beginner, don’t worry — electric bikes allow beginners to reach some of Verbier’s highest peaks, and there are many e-bike rental shops all around… Switzerland loves their e-bikes!

You can also try cycling at Verbier Bikepark which has a variety of maintained routes to tackle, including longer routes like the Tour du Mont Fort.

A day pass to the Verbier Bikepark costs 49 CHF in the summer, but will give you access to all its trails!

Cycle around Mauvoisin Dam.

Waterfall of gushing water and a lake with turquoise pale blue water
Lovely Lac de Mauvouisin and its waterfalls

Cycling around the great Lac de Mauvouisin is tough to beat! This unique bike route wraps around Switzerland’s second biggest reservoir, on a giant dam built straight through it.

Riding over this dam feels like you are part of the Alps, as every which way you look, you are surrounded by tremendous mountains and waterfalls across the way.

Cycling is not the only option to discover this tremendous natural reserve! Take a nice long walk around the lake, or explore some nearby hiking trails that veer off into the mountains.

Explore the beautiful Lac de Louvie.

Swiss lake in the mountains with gorgeous snow-capped peaks in the background
Summer views of Lac de Louvie

Verbier has many spectacular lakes nearby, and Lac de Louvie is a beautiful crystal clear lake is one of them!

It’s just a 30-minute drive from the center of Verbier and worth every second of the commute to get there!

The lake’s rich blue water perfectly contrasts with the surrounding rocky ridges and greenery.

It is nestled in wildlife, with gorgeous mountains, flowers, and many nearby hikes to other small lakes and sights.

Allison in the mountains with a lake in the background
Allison in the Swiss mountains

The Sentier des Chamois Trail is a great option to access Lac de Louvie from Verbier.

To start your hike, you can take a cable car to either at La Chaux or Les Ruinettes, and then continue hiking towards Finnay.

If you want more information on the trail and how to get there, read this guide here.

Hiking to Lac de Louvie will grant you the experience of being close to nature, and you will be able to experience the Alps up close and personal — and at a different pace than biking!

The hike is also great exercise, and you can even swim in the lake as a reward for all that hard work… However, it’s more like a cold plunge than a lake you’d properly want to swim in!

Hike Lac des Vaux.

The view of Lac des Vaux and the Col de Chassoure as seen from Les Attelas
The endpoint of your hike!

Hiking to Lac des Vaux is perfect for you if you are looking for a long and picturesque day hike. The hike runs through the edges of the Alps and wraps around multiple bright blue lakes before arriving at Lac des Vaux.

Lac des Vaux’s scenic atmosphere is worth every step to get there. In addition, it’s very remote, making it a perfect spot for a picnic!

Accessing the hike is extremely simple from the Verbier village via gondola.

allison looking out the window as a cable car ascends the mountain
Gondola views!

You can first take a gondola from Verbier to Savoleyres then a second gondola to the beginning of the hike.

Tip: this hiking trail starts at the restaurant Croix de Coeur.

It is a good idea to ask the locals working in Savoleyres or Verbier for a hiking map, just in case you lose cell service along the way!

Fill your bottle with fresh glacial spring water.

Allison in front of glacial waters
Freshest water in the world!

It’s not every day that you can drink water straight from a glacial spring, but the Alps are filled with the freshest water you could imagine!

The many waterfalls and rivers contain so many great natural minerals and are as pure as you can imagine.

As you hike, bike, or stroll, stay hydrated by filling up your bottles straight from the many natural springs and falls throughout the Alps.

Try one of the via ferrata routes.

Climber on a via ferrata route
Climber on a via ferrata route

If you’re not afraid of heights and are looking for an adrenaline rush, another popular thing to do in Verbier in summer is tackling one of the area’s via ferrata routes!

Via ferrata (literally “iron way”) are climbing routes that have bolted ladders, rungs, bridges, and ladders to help you traverse routes that normally would only be possible for rock climbers.

You can rent the needed gear (helmet, harness, and lanyards to clip into the routes) in Verbier and tackle either the Blue (easier) Edelweiss Route or the Red (harder) Androsace Route.

I’ve never tried this as when I went to the 4 Vallées region in the summer, I wasn’t a climber yet, but now it’s on my must-do list for when I return for a Swiss summer!

Things to Do in Verbier in Winter

Hit the slopes in Verbier’s Les 4 Vallées.

Slopes of Verbier in the winter with lots of snow on the peaks
Beautiful ski slopes of Verbier!

Skiing through the Swiss Alps is the most incredible, freeing feeling, as you let the wind rush through your hair as you descend down the mountain peaks, enjoying amazing views the whole way.

Verbier’s skiing and snowboarding is perfect for families, skiers, snowboarders, and really anyone interested in exploring snow sports!

You can also find many restaurants along the mountain as you hit the slopes, such as Chalet Carlsberg, serving tasty hearty dishes like Swiss fondue.

Fondue in the Nendaz -4 Vallees region
Delicious Swiss fondue: even better in winter!

Another favorite mountain restaurant is Les Gentianes, located at the Col des Gentianes ski area.

If you are wondering why so many people flock to Verbier to ski, the fantastic pistes will naturally provide the answer!

Verbier is part of the Les 4 Vallées ski resort area, which includes not only the town of Verbier but the surrounding villages and municipalities of Veysonnaz, La Tzoumaz, Bruson, Thyon, and Nendaz as well.

They are all connected using the Mont Fort cable cars, creating a ski area that is filled with 410 kilometers of long runs and over 80 lifts. The layout is perfect for all levels of skiers, from beginners to professionals!

Never skied before? Verbier is a great place to learn, with several great ski schools that offer half-day and full-day lessons so you can get to hitting the slopes!

Enter the hidden speakeasy in Le Crock No Name.

Delicious cured meats and pickles at a small restaurant
Delicious Swiss snacks

Le Crock No Name is an après-ski must! Nestled in the heart of Verbier’s village, you will find a cozy little bar, Le Crock No Name.

The live music and great atmosphere draw everyone in from the mountains. It is a perfect place for a drink and some traditional Swiss bites.

There is a lovely outdoor patio, so you can take in the Alps as you sip your wine (try a local Swiss wine if you can — it’s delicious and rarely exported!).

Swiss wine with a lovely view in the background
Delicious Swiss white wine!

Le Crock No Name is unique and special because of its hidden gem, Le Table 22.

Le Table 22 is a little speakeasy hidden inside the bar. It is the first and only speakeasy in all of Verbier! Behind a little hidden door, you will find a small authentic Swiss restaurant.

Here you will be greeted by the best chefs who offer an array of excellent wine and tasty Swiss cuisine.

Whiz down the exciting Toboggan Run.

person on a toboggan run in switzerland as the sun sets in the winter
Toboggan run – a must in Switzerland!

Verbier is home to an incredible toboggan run that is simply one of the best things to do in Verbier in winter.

Never believe that tobogganing is reserved for kids only; in Verbier, the Tzuomaz toboggan run is an adventure and blast for everyone!

The Toboggan Run’s atmosphere is delightful, taking you through the snow-capped trees and forests. If you have had a long tiring day of skiing, but want to savor every moment in the Alps, take on this activity as an end-of-the-day top-off!

Tobogganing is a great activity with family and friends for a good laugh, and it’s also a great winter sport activity for people who don’t ski or snowboard, but still want to have some fun in the snow!

Go dog sledding with a team of huskies.

Team of dogs running on the snow with people on the sled in the winter, dog sledding in Switzerland
Dog sledding in Switzerland

If it’s always been on your bucket list to go dog sledding, you can do just that in Verbier with TakiTrek.

You don’t need to go all the way to Norway or Finland to do it — it’s available right in Verbier.

You can opt for a panoramic tour which brings you 5 kilometers through the beautiful mountain scenery with a team of 10 dogs.

This panoramic tour costs 160 CHF per person, and note that you will not have the opportunity to drive the sled yourself.

A more exciting endeavor is becoming a musher yourself and doing a self-drive dog sled tour!

This is a half-day tour that allows you to meet and greet the huskies, harness them up for dog sledding, and try steering your own dog sled! This costs 350 CHF per person.

Try snowshoeing in Verbier’s mountains.

A woman in bright colors snowshoeing in the mountains of Switzerland's Alps region
Snowshoeing is a great winter activity for non-skiers

If you are looking for things to do in Verbier in winter besides skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing may be right up your alley!

It allows you to experience the stunning winter wonderland at your own pace, if you’re not comfortable with the adrenaline rush of downhill skiing.

There are many epic snowshoeing routes in Verbier and you can easily rent snowshoes from gear shops in town.

Where to Stay in Verbier, Switzerland

View of the Swiss village of Verbier in the winter

Verbier Medran: This charming apartment is a great choice when looking where to stay in Verbier, as it’s located right in the heart of town and close to the ski elevators and has its own apartment for self-catering (and saving money).

Check rates, availability, and reviews here!

View of ski resorts and chalets in Switzerland's Verbier village

Hotel Bristol Verbier: This central option is set in a traditional-looking Swiss hotel, yet inside, it’s undeniably modern and comfortable. The rooms are spacious and cozy and close to the ski elevators for winter travelers!

Check rates, availability, and reviews here!

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