8 Awesome Things to Do in Agrigento, Sicily [2024]

The gateway to the spectacular Valley of the Temples, Agrigento is one of the most popular places to visit in Sicily.

Whether you only have a few days or you’re planning a longer road trip around Sicily, you should absolutely spend at least a day in Agrigento and appreciate its small town charms.

I visited Agrigento on one of my road trips through Sicily, and it was among my favorite places on the island.

Downtown cityscape of the old town of Agrigento Sicily
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Wandering through the Valley of the Temples is an experience unlike any other, but the historical center of Agrigento is also worth exploring in its own right!

In this short guide, you’ll find the best landmarks and activities in Agrigento, along with a few tips to make the most of your trip (no matter how short!)

Tips for Visiting Agrigento

The Valley of the temples in Agrigento with stairs leading to the temple ruins

Before diving into the attractions, I want to give you a few quick tips to help you plan your trip. Firstly, you’ll have to plan your trip according to the season you visit Agrigento.

You won’t be surprised to hear that summer is the most popular time to travel to Sicily, but if that’s the only time you can visit, you can make life easier by preparing for crowds and increased prices. 

Booking your accommodation in advance, buying attraction tickets online, and choosing weekdays over weekends can all help you have a more pleasant experience. If you can, choose the shoulder seasons to make the most of your time in Sicily! 

Early spring and late fall are the perfect mix of good weather and smaller crowds. However, winter is also a good time, since the temperatures rarely go below 14°C (57°F).

downtown cityscape of agrigento with balconies and lanterns in the facades

While you can visit Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples in one day if you move quickly and plan carefully, I really recommend spending at least a night in the city.

This will give you the chance to get to know it better without rushing through your visit to the archaeological park. 

One last tip: Agrigento is the perfect stop on a Sicily road trip itinerary, so if you’re traveling with a rental car, you’ll be in luck!

Best Things to Do in Agrigento

One of the giant heads in the valley of the temples in agrigento sicily

Agrigento is among the most popular cities in Sicily, but to be honest, most people just visit for the Valley of the Temples. While this is a must-see, Agrigento has so much more to offer than just this! 

Here are the best things to do in this charming hilltop Sicilian city, one of the best places in Sicily for history and culture!

Explore the Valley of the Temples

a bronze figure sculpture in front of one of the temple ruins of an ancient greek city in the sicilian town of agrigento

Of course, we still have to mention the Valley of the Temples Archaeological Park (in Italian, Valle dei Templi), since is by far the most popular tourist attraction in Agrigento and among the most visited in Sicily.

Being so popular, be prepared for crowds at these ancient ruins. However, it’s absolutely worth the visit, so go ahead and schedule the time to explore this wonderful archaeological site.

Just south of Agrigento’s historic center, the Valley of the Temples is an archaeological area featuring incredibly well-preserved ancient Greek temples and other ruins.

In 1997, the site was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its status as one of the most outstanding examples of Greek architecture in what used to be the Magna Grecia region.  

Prepare to spend several hours exploring this area and wandering through the magnificent temples and other ancient remains. Fun fact: this is Europe’s largest archaeological park!

one of the old ruined buildings of agrigento's valley of the temples with several doric temples from the ancient times

Visiting the park takes at least 2 hours, and that’s assuming you move at a fast pace and don’t stop much. I recommend setting aside 3-4 hours for an independent visit to really take in all the sights.

The most impressive structure is the Temple of Concordia, a Doric temple dating to the 4th century BCE. Other notable buildings are the Temple of Hera, the Temple of Juno, the Temple of Castor, the Temple of Heracles, and the Temple of the Dioscuri.

You can explore the park by yourself, following the marked route to see all of its Greek ruins and Doric temples. The park is open daily from early in the morning until pretty late in the evening, so you can easily fit this into your schedule. 

An adult entry ticket is 13€, and can be purchased online directly from the archaeological site here. Note that if you happen to visit on the first Sunday of the month between 8:30 AM and 7:00 PM, entrance is free!

sunset over the ruined greek city landscape of valley of the temples in agrigento sicily

Another option is to join a guided tour of the Valley of the Temples, such as on this 2-hour guided tour: the perfect choice if you don’t have much time and want to make the most of your time in the park. 

Plus, this way, you can learn more about the magnificent ancient Greek architecture from your guide. The activity even includes the chance to save time by skipping the line — definitely worth special consideration in summer!

One last option worth exploring is the Valley of the Temples sunset tour. You’ll start exploring the park with your guide just as the sun goes down so you can enjoy a magical view of the temples in the soft sunset light.

Check out the Kolymbethra Garden

Agrigento's Kolymbethra Garden with hay bales, small wall, and desert-like arid landscape of sicily in summer

While you’re exploring the Valley of the Temples, you ought to also stop by the Kolymbethra Garden.

This peaceful garden within the archaeological park captures Sicily’s flavors, scents, and colors in a delightful green corner.

These gardens date back over two millennia when the Greek city of Akragas (now known as Agrigento) designed a series of irrigation channels leading to a nearby reservoir called Colimbetra (hence the name).

In the garden, you can walk through olive groves, almond trees, and citrus trees and enjoy their delightful fragrances. 

Just a heads up as you’re planning, access to the garden requires an extra fee on top of the access to the Valley of the Temples. However, the fee is just a reasonable 3€, so it’s a small price to pay.

Visit the Archaeological Museum Pietro Griffo

Photo Credit: Von Holger Uwe Schmitt, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

 If you want to learn more about the Valley of the Temples, supplement your itinerary with a visit to the archaeological museum of Agrigento, Pietro Griffo

The museum complements your visit to the archaeological park for a small extra fee if you buy the combined ticket. It costs more when bought separately, so if you’re interested, it’s better to get the combined ticket.

Pietro Griffo is home to a vast collection of archaeological artifacts that were unearthed from the Valley of the Temples, including vases, sculptures, coins, inscriptions, and decorative elements from ancient sanctuaries.

Explore the old town of Agrigento

Town center of Agrigento with a tannish brown and white hued church with steps leading up to it and also a belltower in the church

While you might want to dedicate most of your time to exploring the Valley of the Temples, save some time for the old town of Agrigento.

Agrigento’s medieval center dates to the 11th century and features charming alleys, squares, and stairways, all of which are not to be missed!

Stroll along the main street, explore hidden alleyways, and check out the beautiful Baroque churches. Cattedrale di San Gerlando, Chiesa di Santo Spirito, and Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Greci are three absolute must-see churches in Agrigento. 

Santa Maria dei Greci church in Agrigento, Sicily with bricks and belltower and blue sky

One spot you can’t miss is Scalinata degli Artisti or the Artists’ Stairway. Check out the painted steps on this picturesque stairway and admire the beautiful street art in the area! 

And of course, be sure to head to Belvedere Domenico Modugno for a stunning panoramic view of the valley surrounding Agrigento.

Enjoy tasty local food

sicily sardines with orange and stuffed with delicious filling

To complete your stay in Agrigento, try some delicious local food. The historical center offers countless options for every taste. 

If you’re craving tasty, heartwarming food, head to Naif and try local dishes like caponata, cavatelli alla norma, and linguine with almond pesto.

If you’re looking for a quick bite and you’re a fan of seafood, you have to try the sandwiches or fried fish at Cusà Fish

Lastly, for a special night out, enjoy the fine dining at Sal8. The specialties are fish-based, but they also serve meat and vegetarian options so you’re sure to find something to enjoy! 

Have a beach day in Porto Empedocle

yellow and blue striped umbrellas on a sicily beach

Agrigento isn’t itself a coastal town, but it’s just a short distance inland, making it easy to pop over to the beach town of Porto Empodocle (halfway to the Scala dei Turchi, the next spot on this list).

Grab a patch of beach in the free section of Spiaggia di Marinella, or for more amenities, you can also rent a chair and umbrellas at the Lido Marinella.

Take a day trip to Scala dei Turchi

white cliffs and yellow sand on the beach with beautiful blue waters on the coast of sicily's southern coast

If you’re going to spend a more than one day in Agrigento, you ought to take at least half a day to explore the impressive Scala dei Turchi (Turks’ Stairs)

These white cliffs sinking in the turquoise waters is one of the most scenic spots on the southern coast of Sicily.

You can reach the parking area in under 20 minutes by car from Agrigento or by bus during the summer months. 

Note that access to the cliffs themselves is forbidden, but you can admire the stunning landscape from a nearby beach or from above at Belvedere Scala dei Turchi.

Take a boat tour of the Scala dei Turchi

people sitting on the white cliff edges of the scala dei turchi in sicily

Another way to explore this scenic spot is by joining this Stair of the Turks Boat Tour and admire the white cliff from another vantage point — down below it!

During this 4-hour tour, you can admire the beautiful cliffs from the boat, swim in the clear waters just off the coast, and enjoy other spectacular views along the gorgeous Sicilian seascape.

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