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10 Best Jackson Hole Airbnbs Near Grand Teton National Park

There are so many great places to stay in Jackson Hole at any time of year, for easy access to Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and so much more of wild Wyoming.

Jackson Hole is not a town so much as a region, which includes Jackson, WY as well as Teton Village, Wilson, Moran Junction, Moose, and other smaller villages and towns.

Jackson, WY is the largest city in Jackson Hole and the majority of these Jackson Hole Airbnbs are located here.

The lovely Jackson Hole mountain resort area is truly an all-season wonder, and whether you’re visiting Jackson Hole in winter for skiing and touring Grand Teton in winter, or you’re visiting Jackson Hole in the summer to tour Yellowstone and hike in Grand Teton, you’re sure to find the perfect activities to keep you busy during every day of your trip.

But what about where to stay? Luckily, the Jackson Hole Airbnb scene is full of incredible places to pick from, including cozy cabins, cute cottages, cool condos, and premium penthouses: there’s no shortage of places to stay near Grand Teton National Park in the Jackson Hole area.

While Jackson Hole is a bit of a pricy destination, you can save a bit of money by skipping the pricy ski resort in Teton Village and instead opting for one of these beautiful Jackson Hole Airbnbs that won’t break the bank.

As a bonus, having your own kitchen area means that you can do a combination of dining in and dining out, saving money on food costs as well as compared to a traditional hotel or resort stay.

Here is my curated list of the best Airbnbs in Jackson Hole: note that all these Airbnbs are near Grand Teton too, less than a 30 minute drive away!

10 Best Jackson Hole Airbnbs (Near Grand Teton NP)

Town Square Hideout 4B

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Image courtesy of Airbnb

If you want a sunny, homely apartment in the Jackson area, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with anything better than this beautiful Jackson Airbnb.

Featuring luminous rooms complemented by bright, eye-catching furniture, the apartment evokes feelings of peace and serenity in a vibrant location.

This is amplified by the soothing balcony view, with nothing but green (or white, depending on the season!) whichever way you look. Just by stepping out on the beautiful street, you can get a taste of what Jackson is all about.

If you want a good hub for exploring all things Wyoming, there are few options that can top this apartment – you’ll be within walking distance of various dining and shopping venues, not to mention the variety of arches, filled to the brim with wildlife.

If you’re up for something a more challenging hike or some awesome ski slopes, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is 30 minutes away by car, and Grand Teton National Park, which is even closer, is just about the most scenic natural landmark in the Jackson area!

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Meadows Family House

Image courtesy of Airbnb

If you want to strip things back to basics, the Meadows Family House is the perfect fit for you, in all its rustic glory.

The interior features an unpretentious, decidedly cabin-like feel, courtesy of the wooden construction and earth-toned walls and furniture.

The house also features a large living room with a fireplace, as well as the always-welcome second bathroom.

The cherry (or cherries!) on top are the other amenities, namely the swimming pool, fitness area, jacuzzis, and free breakfast in the shared areas, as this Jackson Airbnb is part of the 49er Inn & Suites complex.

The house’s location in downtown Jackson makes it the perfect hub of operations if you plan on exploring the area thoroughly.

Alternatively, if you’re just here to warm your bones in a cozy house at night and hit the slopes by day, a ski shuttle is included under your already-long list of amenities at this amazing rental.

It’s worth noting that said the pool and hot tubs are shared with other 49er Inn guests, but with so many things to do, you should easily be able to find a window of time where you can enjoy them all to yourself!

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Baitshop Cabin

Image courtesy of Airbnb

You may have come to associate mountain vacations with either standard-issue mountain lodges or over-the-top luxury resorts, but the Baitshop Cabin is the perfect Goldilocks Airbnb in Jackson: not too basic, not too luxe.

The house strikes the perfect balance between rustic and modern with its vintage-feeling furniture and homogenous color palette.

On top of being spacious, the living room area features a fireplace, and the extra bathrooms are a much-needed bonus considering the house’s six-guest capacity. The price is a bit high, but split between a large party, it can be more than reasonable.

Boasting large windows and sliding doors that connect to the deck, the Baitshop Cabin is sure to be bright and lively throughout the day.

Speaking of the deck, this is a great place to sit back and enjoy the view of Snow King and the surrounding neighborhood.

Skiers will especially appreciate this resort, thanks to how close it is to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort.

If that’s not your scene, worry not – you’ll be within walking distance of Jackson’s Town Square, giving you plenty of places to shop, dine, and wine, as well as an easy drive from Grand Teton National Park or even Yellowstone National Park just a bit further away.

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King Condo

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Jackson has quite a few great Airbnbs, and the King Condo is among the top choices in the city.

Boasting a modest, yet well-furnished interior (complete with a fireplace), the condo guarantees maximum comfort year-round and a homey ambiance.

The decor is definitely more traditional than modern, but it’s an extremely comfortable space for a family who doesn’t mind pulling out the sofa bed for the kids.

Touches like the second bathroom are much appreciated, but the real highlight is the outdoor area – you can enjoy the comfortable seating around the fire pit on the deck area, as well as the large hot tub and swimming pool, the former being available no matter the season!

As part of the greater Jackson Hole Lounge complex, this rental gives you the option to mingle with your fellow guests and explore the beautiful Jackson area.

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Alpine Cottage Three

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Anyone looking to for a genuine cottage feel to their Jackson stay should quickly book up this popular Jackson Airbnb.

The homey interior has been put together with such care that you’ll genuinely feel at home here, and these sentiments will only be amplified by the breathtaking garden area (equally lovely when covered in snow!).

On top of the forest surroundings and luxurious hot tub, the house is located on the very bank of Flat Creek, a dream come true for any paddler or just someone looking to see some incredible views in any magical season.

If all of this sounds appealing and you wind up falling in love with this place, the hosts are ready and willing to negotiate a long-term stay.

Not far from the Alpine Cottages is the Town Square of Jackson, so the house offers great connectivity on top of everything else.

A short drive of just under 30 minutes is all that separates you from the iconic Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and you can drive to Grand Teton National Park in a reasonably short amount of time too.

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Downtown Jackson Resort

Image courtesy of Airbnb

What makes this lovely Jackson Airbnb stand out is its spacious interior, complete with furniture that’s both vintage and comfortable.

The name of the game here is convenience, as the house comes with both a heated garage and a double bathroom configuration for larger groups of visitors.

It’s great for a group of three couples so long as one couple doesn’t mind taking the sofa bed, or it’s perfect for two couples who want a little more privacy.

Adding to that are the abundant Snow King Resort activities, including a skating rink, night skiing options, a ski shop, and The Town Hill, a popular hangout hub for summertime visitors as it serves as a sports and entertainment venue.

It’s important to consider your location when booking a resort in a touristy area, and this rental offers the very best in that regard.

You can get to downtown Jackson and a number of scenic hiking trails within minutes, and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort ski trails aren’t far off either. Not to mention, Grand Teton and Yellowstone are just a short drive away.

You can see the Bridger Teton National Forest from the cul de sac, just awaiting hiking or snowshoeing adventures!

Alpine Cottage Four

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Part of the same complex as the above Alpine Cottage, the specs and design of this Jackson Airbnb are a little different, which make it perfect for design-loving travelers.

This cottage features extremely cozy furniture (think lots of lush details and plush, thick-knit blankets) and plenty of space for up to 6 guests to get around.

The highlight is arguably the garden area, though – stepping out onto the deck, you’ll have access to a hot tub and ample sun-lit seating, as well as direct access to Flat Creek, just literal seconds from your bedroom.

This is the type of Airbnb you’ll wish could be your home away from home, and a long-term arrangement is negotiable should you grow to love this place!

Adding to the already-impressive list of features is the cottage’s great location – with the Jackson Square only a few blocks away, you can walk to just about any spot of interest in Jackson in minutes flat. Also nearby are Grand Teton National Park, as well as Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, only 30 and 15 minutes away by car, respectively.

Pearl at Jackson

Image courtesy of Airbnb

This incredible house puts the extra in extravagant with its stunning design that’ll keep you coming back to this Airbnb in Jackson year after year!

The main living area features stylish furniture with just a hint of vintage – it comes equipped with a fireplace, designer chairs, a guitar, and plenty of windows that keep the place bright and add to the amazing atmosphere.

While some Airbnbs in Jackson may boast two bathrooms, The Pearl has two full-blown baths, and you can see Jackson and the surrounding mountains in the best light from the third-floor deck.

What’s more, you’ll have access to a fitness area, spa, and an on-site restaurant. Then there’s the outdoor hot tub – completely private and with stunning views of Snow King Ski Resort.

The downtown area is the perfect place for an Airbnb, making The Pearl an ideal pick for anyone looking to see as much of Jackson as possible – what little the White Buffalo Club itself doesn’t offer, you can reach in a matter of minutes on foot.

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White Buffalo Club Suite

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Few resorts can compare to the White Buffalo Club, and this suite is one of the ultimate ways to experience this amazing resort which you can book via Airbnb.

Featuring a spacious, well-put-together sitting and sleeping area, the suite guarantees maximum comfort and peace whenever you’re not out and about exploring.

Guests are highly encouraged to take full advantage of the abundant on-site amenities, such as the restaurant, bar, and fitness area (complete with yoga classes!)

White Buffalo Club is located in downtown Jackson, meaning anything you could want to see in the town will be mere minutes away.

Perhaps most notable is the resort’s proximity to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, two absolute must-sees for nature lovers and casual travelers alike!

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White Buffalo Club Penthouse Suite

Image courtesy of Airbnb

To stand out among all the incredible Jackson Airbnbs is no small feat, but this particular Airbnb is truly one of the best the entirety of Jackson Hole has to offer!

On top of an incredibly spacious kitchen, a piano, a cozy TV room that can sit well over the 6-guest limit, and the inviting dining room, the suite also features your very own deck on the rooftop, complete with a private hot tub.

This is the perfect spot for enjoying the view of the mountains and downtown Jackson. On top of all that, you have White Buffalo Club’s on-site amenities, namely the fitness area, spa services, bar, and steakhouse. If you’re visiting in the winter, there’s also a shuttle to take you to the slopes.

Above all else, the resort is situated in the very best part of Jackson, placing you within minutes of the best the town has to offer – the nightlife in Jackson is great, so take full advantage of your location.

Also nearby are Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, two places you don’t want to miss out on.

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