6 Stunning Places to Visit in Bali

Spectacular beaches, world-class massages, mesmerizing landscapes, outrageously delicious food… Bali is absolutely stunning. I’m writing this from a beautiful villa in Canggu, feeling safe as can be. But because of the rumblings of an angsty volcano, the tourism-driven island economy is suffering. People working in hospitality are losing their jobs left and right, and businesses … Read more

27 Actually Useful Travel Gifts for Female Travelers (& Everyone, Really)

For someone who loves making lists far in advance of when it’s appropriate to, it’s kind of weird that I haven’t already made a mega-post of travel gift ideas yet. That’s probably because I’m a bit of a self-admitted Grinch. The stress of Christmas gets me every year – I hate the obligation of buying … Read more

Bandos Island Resort: A Surprisingly Eco & Affordable Maldives Paradise

I used to think that the Maldives were as expensively inaccessible as they were undeniably beautiful. In my mind, it was reserved for a honeymoon: something that made this marriage-skeptical commitment-phobe itch to think of. After becoming a travel blogger, my eyes were opened to the expansive world of budget travel in the Maldives: local … Read more

Exploring the Wines of Turkey in Bodrum

Let me set the stage for you. You’re in a beautiful port town, overlooking a harbor of hundreds of boats and yachts bobbing in the Mediterranean. Reaching out into the sea is a castle from the early 1400s. In the distance, next to the setting sun, you can see the Greek island of Kos. There’s … Read more