12 Australia Road Trips to Add to Your Bucket List

The mistake is often made — myself included — in thinking that Australia is a small island. Really, it only looks that way because our Northern hemisphere-centric maps artificially squeeze Australia’s size. In fact, it’s about 80% of the size of the continental U.S., making it perfect for long extended Australia road trips. While many … Read more

The Perfect Long Weekend in Nashville: 3 Days of Food & Fun

Nashville’s rightfully claimed its place as one of America’s favorite destinations. It’s got all the makings of the perfect 3-day weekend trip: delicious Southern food, funky bars, plenty of sights, and a great fun-loving atmosphere! With only a long weekend in Nashville before heading to Huntsville, Alabama for TBEX, we made the best of a … Read more

Aboard the Yangon Circular Train, A Quirky Cultural Experience

yangon myanmar

When you think train travel, you probably think of looking out the window at greenery rolls by. Relaxation, quiet, each person in their own meditation.

Not so in Myanmar. As the Yangon circular train chugged along at a jogger’s pace through the lush countryside surrounding the chaotic capital city, first I found myself staring out the window.

I frantically snapped photos of modest homes, people playing sports outside, grassy fields. But as we drifted further away from the center, picking up more people, a rollicking show began to play before my eyes, stealing my attention.

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17 Reasons Why Utah Is Pretty Much Another Planet

Allison hiking in utah

I’ll admit it: prior to going to Utah, my knowledge of the state was entirely gained from South Park parodies of Mormons. But this state, with its five national parks — the third most national parks in a single state after California and Alaska — and countless under the radar state parks and hidden hikes, … Read more