A brunette woman smiling with a bike with the background image of Nyhavn harbor houses colorful and blurred in the background on a sunny day on a bike tour in Copenhagen

12 Best Copenhagen Bike Tours for Every Traveler

Taking a bike tour of Copenhagen is one of the most iconic ways to see the city like a true Dane!

With its extensive network of bike lanes, Copenhagen’s city center stands out as a pioneer in Scandinavia for creating a bike culture that’s both safe and exciting.

What makes cycling tours particularly special is just how easy it is to see all of beautiful Copenhagen’s top attractions in a single tour!

From the iconic (albeit slightly disappointing) Little Mermaid statue to the historic Nyhavn Harbor (never a disappointment!), every landmark is just a short bike ride away, usually on a well-maintained cycle path.

Two bicycles face to face against an orange house backdrop, a scenic view in copenhagen
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But it’s not just about the destinations; the journey itself allows tourists to absorb the very essence of Danish culture.

As you pedal past unique neighborhoods neck-and-neck with fellow cyclists, you’re truly experiencing Copenhagen’s rhythm.

Since Copenhagen is a relatively flat city with a cool climate, bike tours are relatively easy.

You can make it even easier, though, since on these tour options, you get to choose between regular old city bike and fancy new e-bikes!

sign in the christiania area pointing to lots of different cities while a bike goes off in the distance

Since bike tours of Copenhagen are so popular, there are lots of variations on the classic.

From small group tours to private tours to food-focused city tours to nature-centered tours that go a bit off the beaten path, there’s lots of options.

Let’s get going and see which Copenhagen bike tour is right for you — but if you don’t have time to read the full post, here are my top 3 picks.

My Top 3 Copenhagen Bike Tours


Orange bicycle in front of colorful houses in the Nyhavn Harbor area

Copenhagen Highlights Bike Tour
✔️ Over 800 positive reviews
✔️ Most comprehensive 3-hour tour


Smorrebrod danish sandwiches and various spread salads and open-faced sandwiches on a Copenhagen bike tour with a food focus

Copenhagen Culinary Bike Tour
✔️ Sample from 6 different eateries
✔️ Try local food and sightsee simultaneously


Group of a few cyclists in somewhat blurred motion in front of a church in the late afternoon light in Copenhagen

Private 3 Hour Bike Tour
✔️ Private tour for up to 4 people
✔️ 1:1 attention and customizable stops

The Best Copenhagen Bike Tours for Every Traveler

Top Guided Bike Tour Pick: 3-Hour City Highlights Bike Tour

Orange bicycle in front of colorful houses in the Nyhavn Harbor area

This top-rated Copenhagen bike tour is our first choice for a reason!

The price is affordable for how much you see, and boy, do you see a lot in a short time.

Here is an example of this an itinerary of this 3-hour bike tour of Copenhagen.

First, you’ll greet your English-speaking local guide at the meeting point and explore the historic Rådhuspladsen, where history and modernity meet.

Glide past the iconic Tivoli Gardens, the most famous amusement park in Denmark, and continue to the imposing Christiansborg Palace, a symbol of Denmark’s political heritage.

Explore the Royal Library of Denmark before marveling at the contemporary design of the Black Diamond.

Cycle onwards to Børsen, the city’s historic stock exchange, before immersing yourself in the vibrant colors of Nyhavn, where you’ll have the chance to get off your bike and take a photo break.

Next, witness the regal splendor of Amalienborg Palace and the majestic Frederiks Kirke not far away, two icons that summarize the beauty of Copenhagen.

This 3-hour bicycle tour concludes with a visit to the Little Mermaid statue and a serene ride around The Lakes, one of the most beloved areas of Copenhagen according to locals.

Remember, during winter months, this particular bike tour is available only on Saturdays.

Top Foodie Bike Tour Pick: 3-Hour Culinary Bike Tour

Smorrebrod danish sandwiches and various spread salads and open-faced sandwiches on a Copenhagen bike tour with a food focus

Can’t choose between a food tour and a bike tour? To quote Modern Family, “why don’t we have both?”

This tantalizing and exciting 3-hour culinary bike tour of Copenhagen takes you through the heart of the Danish capital, feeding you well along the way!

This small group bike tour lets you have the chance to savor the finest Nordic and Danish cuisine from six unique venues, all as you pedal through the city’s eclectic and scenic neighborhoods.

Your gastronomic journey begins with an award-winning hot dog, enjoyed in true Danish style. This isn’t your average hot dog — don’t worry!

Pedal onwards to one of the city’s premier food markets, where you can indulge in a traditional Danish fish meatball, best enjoyed with a sample of a locally-brewed beer to get a sense of the lively Copenhagen beer scene.

And of course, no food tour is complete without some sweets, in this case, a delicious chocolate dessert known as flødebolle.

But this tour is not just about food, it’s also about city sights and history, so you’ll learn plenty about the sights you saw in between stops.

Your final stop on this bike tour is a visit to a local eatery specializing in Danish smørrebrød, open-faced sandwiches on rye bread, crafted with seasonal, local ingredients.

And to cap it all off, some Danish pastries before you pedal back to your starting point!

Top Private Bike Tour Pick: Private 3-Hour Bike Tour for Up to 4

Group of a few cyclists in somewhat blurred motion in front of a church in the late afternoon light in Copenhagen

Uncover Copenhagen’s charm not as a mere tourist, but as a local on this exclusive private bike tour for up to four cyclists.

This bike tour gives you the chance to explore Copenhagen’s landmarks and hidden gems on an itinerary tailored to your group’s preferences, led by an adept local guide.

Glide from the picturesque Nyhavn Harbor with its colorful facades to the royal palace of Amalienborg to serenity of the Copenhagen Lakes.

Since you’re on a private tour, this is a more personalized experience.

Feel free to pause to capture photos or simply soak in the view, without worrying about inconveniencing fellow travelers.

Because your group sets the pace on the bike ride, there’s nothing to feel guilty about!

Top Private Bike Tour Pick for Larger Groups: Private Bike Tour for Up to 10

Group of multiple people enjoying the winter weather while still going on a cycling tour of Copenhagen

This 3-hour private bike tour is great for larger groups who all want to bike together, tailored for an intimate group of up to 10 travelers.

Kickstart your journey at the iconic Inderhavnsbroen bridge, where the well-planned route ensures ensures that you don’t miss out on any of Copenhagen’s landmarks.

Marvel at the small but stoic beauty of The Little Mermaid, explore the unique enclave of Christiania, and bask in the regal splendor of Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Castle.

Let the serene architecture of the Marble Church (Frederik’s Church) captivate you, along with many other hidden gems that this wonderful city has to offer.

Halfway through, if the allure of Danish pastries or a steaming cup of coffee beckons, the tour can be paused for a delightful lunch or coffee break, ensuring you’re refreshed for the remainder of the journey!

Note that any food you consume is not included in the price of the tour.

Best Two-Hour Tour: Wonderful Copenhagen Express Bike Tour

Sunny day in Copenhagen with a view of the gorgeous scenery of the city and a few people on their bikes on a sunny day with a few clouds in summer on a Copenhagen bike tour

Awarded the prestigious Badge of Excellence from Viator, this top-rated bike tour has you see so much in just two hours!

Explore the charms of Copenhagen in an express 2-hour bike tour, perfectly tailored for those eager to experience the city’s best sights at a quick pace on comfortable Jopo bikes.

The tour promises to cover 90% of Copenhagen’s top sights in mere hours, and they do deliver!

Touring around is effortless with a well-informed guide at the helm, and you’ll be equipped with a radio receiver in your helmet, ensuring you hear every narrative detail.

For the shutterbugs, the tour incorporates strategic stops for photo opportunities, including iconic locales like Strøget, Frederiks Kirke, the Amalienborg Museum, the car-free zone of Kastellet, and the contemporary Copenhagen Opera House, to name a few.

Prioritizing your comfort, the tour offers an option to borrow warm clothes, perfect if you’re visiting in winter.

This is also a great tour for those who are leaving Copenhagen later in the day, as you can enjoy complimentary storage services available from 9 AM to 3:30 PM.

End your tour with a warm cup of complimentary coffee or tea back at the office.

And if the city’s allure still beckons, you can continue your exploration by renting the bike for the rest of the day at a discounted rate!

Best Budget Tour: 3 Hour Bike Tour with Guide

A bridge in Copenhagen with people on bikes crossing over the water on a sunny day with clouds

This budget-friendly tour allows you to experience the best of Copenhagen on a delightful 3-hour bike tour.

With virtually no hills and scenic pathways, Copenhagen offers an unparalleled biking experience.

As you pedal through Copenhagen led by your expert guide, they’ll unravel the narrative of Copenhagen’s past and present through excellent storytelling.

Greet the iconic Little Mermaid statue, be awed by the majestic Christiansborg Castle, and uncover numerous other treasures during this comprehensive city highlights tour.

Note that helmets are available for rent, though they are not included in the tour package.

Top E-Bike Tour: Palace, Fountain, and Church Guided E-Bike Tour

An e-bike in front of the harbor with a view of the setting sun in the darker months of Copenhagen around winter time and two people wearing jackets sitting on the harbor

Immerse yourself in a whirlwind 2-hour e-bike tour of Copenhagen!

These high-tech e-bikes are basically cars: with the capability to reach speeds of up to 30km/hour, seven different gears, and even cruise control, you’ll be touring Copenhagen in unmatched style and efficiency.

With the e-bike’s capability to traverse faster and conserve energy, you’ll cover what most tours achieve in 3 hours in merely 2!

Your e-bike tour de Copenhagen begins at the grand Marmorkirken before pedaling to the regal surroundings of Amalienborg Palace.

As you zip through the city streets, the impressive edifice of Christiansborg Palace beckons, closely followed by the mesmerizing waters of the Gefion Fountain.

You’ll also stop at King’s New Square, the perfect vantage point for a picturesque view of the iconic Copenhagen Opera House.

Family-friendly, this tour ensures that the little ones aren’t left out, because kids must be 12 years or older to ride the e-bikes.

That said, if you’re accompanied by kids under 12, you have the option to add on a child seat or a cargo trailer for the little ones.

A standout feature of this tour is a stop at Freetown Christiania, an area often overlooked by many other tours.

Although your guide won’t accompany you inside Christiania since outside guides aren’t permitted in, you’re free to wander, stop at one of the cafes, and explore this unique enclave at your leisure.

Another cool thing about this tour? Your helmet comes equipped with a radio system, ensuring you never miss a word from your guide, even at the impressive speeds your e-bike can achieve!

Top Short Bike Tour Pick: Copenhagen Highlights 1.5-Hour Bike Tour

View of the harbor waterside area of Copenhagen on a sunny day with the canal water glittering in pretty colors

A little short on time, like if you only have a day in Copenhagen, but want to cram in as much sightseeing as possible?

This is the perfect brief 1.5-hour bike tour of Copenhagen for a sampling of all that wonderful Copenhagen has to offer in a short time!

Meet your tour guide and set out on a bike adventure though Copenhagen’s most iconic landmarks.

Begin your exploration with the renowned Little Mermaid statue, a testament to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale legacy, a story that resounds all throughout Copenhagen.

Then, let the mesmerizing waters of the Gefion Fountain captivate you, before moving on to the regal atmosphere of Amalienborg Castle from the outside.

Delve deeper into history at Rosenborg Castle, nestled within the beautiful greenery and flowers of the King’s Garden.

Marvel at the architectural elegance of the New Houses, and get enchanted by the vibrant candy-colored ambiance of Nyhavn.

While the tour is focused on being a biking experience, be prepared to occasionally walk your bike, especially in areas like parks where biking is restricted.

Note, while bike rental is included, helmet rentals are separate, costing an additional 20 DKK or roughly $3 USD — which is worth it for your added comfort and safety!

Best Nature-Focused Tour: Private E-Bike History & Nature Tour

Deer in the road in a Copenhagen park on a. nature focused e bike tour of the city's outer limits

For something more off the beaten path, try this nature-focused e-bike journey through Copenhagen!

Cruise through city streets and nature parks alike with equal ease on your sleek Maravelo e-bike.

Your adventure begins at our meeting point, where you’ll be equipped with the latest in cycling tech – a Livall safety helmet and an Osmo Pocket Camera for capturing high-quality video memories of your bike tour!

You’ll start at Copenhagen’s meat-packing district, now one of Copenhagen’s most lively and trendy zones.

From here, you’ll cycle to Christiansborg, the bastion of Denmark’s democracy and the current seat of the Danish Parliament, a building rich with over 500 years of history.

Continue onwards towards greener pastures, first passing other Copenhagen attractions like Vor Frue Kirke, Amalienborg Palace, and the historical Rosenborg Castle.

Having journeyed through Copenhagen’s historical past, it’s time to transition to its greener side.

Escape the city’s hustle as you head northwest towards Bispebjerg, pausing at the architectural marvel of Grundtvig’s Church.

But the true nature retreat lies in Utterslev Mose, a tranquil oasis teeming with bird life and gently grazing of flocks of sheep — yes, sheep in the middle of the city!

Concluding this harmonious blend of history and nature, return to the starting point, with your Osmo camera full of memories to take home with you.

Most Unique Tour: Forgotten Giants E-Bike Tour of Copenhagen

one of the famous forgotten giants sculptures created by a copenhagen artist,  in the forest outside of copenhagen, which you can visit on an ebike tour

Embark on a unique 4.5-hour e-bike journey that blends art, nature, and technology in the heart of Greater Copenhagen!

This unique e-bike tour offers you a rare opportunity to traverse the trails where you can find the Forgotten Giants sculptures, which are some beautiful masterpieces crafted by the artist Thomas Dambo, entirely from recycled materials!

E-biking lets you make this journey comfortable and practically effortless as you make your way to the picturesque landscapes of the Greater Copenhagen area, visiting four of Dambo’s enchanting giants.

With a group size capped at just five participants, you can be sure you’ll enjoy a truly personalized experience.

While the materials of the sculptures may be recycled, rest assured that your equipment will be ultra-modern and in tip-top shape!

You’ll be riding an excellent Maravelo e-bike, equipped with a Livall high-tech helmet.

As a bonus, the tour provides an Osmo Pocket Camera, which lets you take high-quality video of your adventure.

Book your spot and immerse yourself in Copenhagen’s lesser-known wonders!

Best Winter Tour: Guided Christmas Tour by Bicycle

View of a Christmas market in Copenhagen in the Nyhavn area while on a bike tour celebrating the Christmas season

Visiting Copenhagen in winter?

Immerse yourself in Copenhagen’s festive spirit with this time-limited Christmas bike tour!

Taking place on Saturdays in November and December, this unique Copenhagen bike tour invites you to explore Europe’s most bike-friendly city during its most enchanting season.

Starting at the Rådhuspladsen, the city’s vibrant Christmas tree and bustling market greet you.

The journey then takes you through iconic spots like the festively adorned Tivoli Gardens, the historic Christiansborg and Børsen, scenic Christianshavn, and the funky Christiania Christmas Market — all the most festive parts of the city.

Along the way, pause at Hviids Vinstue, the city’s oldest bar, for a warming cup of Glüwein (not included in the tour price).

The tour also includes visits to Nyhavn, Kings New Square, Højbro Plads Christmas Market, and an awe-inspiring view of the city’s festive lights and decorations.

And what’s a Christmas tour without some sweets? You’ll also get to try some traditional Christmas delights like klejners, Scandinavian holiday cookies.

Best Cargo Bike Tour: Cargo Bikes and the Science of Happiness

A cargo bike for bike touring in Copenhagen, with no one in the bike yet.

Want a unique and cozy spin on the Copenhagen bike tour?

Try this small-group tour aboard electric cargo bikes, where one person can pedal and the other relaxes in the cargo!

Don’t worry, this isn’t too much work — the tour uses electric Christiania Model L and T bikes, which give you the perfect amount of assist to handle the weight of a passenger in front!

Fancy a change? Feel free to swap places and enjoy both perspectives!

This tour is perfect for those with limited time visiting during the cooler fall and winter months, you’ll enjoy stories about Copenhagen’s past and present while led by an expert guide.

With a small group capped at just 10 participants, you’re ensured a personalized and intimate experience.

After the tour, you can also enjoy some coffee or tea, ensuring you stay warm and refreshed as you explore.

This is one of the best bike tours to pedal (or relax) your way through Copenhagen’s enchanting streets!

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