Visiting the Louvre: Tips & 11 Mistakes to Avoid [2023]

Symmetrical views of the two pyramids in front of the Louvre, with the Louvre behind it

As the French call it, Le Louvre (short for Palais-Royal Musée du Louvre, quite a mouthful!) is perhaps the world’s most inspiring museum. For many travelers, a visit to the Louvre is something they simply cannot miss when in Paris! Housing countless pieces of art and objects from ancient civilizations, visiting the Louvre can be … Read more

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting the Colosseum: Tips from a Local to Plan Your Visit!

lots of tourists outside the colosseum in rome

While Rome is filled with wonderful squares, fountains, and awe-inspiring ancient ruins, nothing will capture your interest like the Colosseum! The 1900-year-old amphitheater is the symbol of the Eternal City and a must-see on any Rome itinerary — whether you have one day in Rome, 3 days in Rome, or a full week! But visiting … Read more

15 Magical Things to Do in Madeira, Portugal’s Island Paradise

landscape of madeira island

Madeira is an island of breathtaking beauty and captivating charm. Nicknamed the “Island of Flowers”, it boasts a stunning landscape that can be enjoyed in many different ways. From sun-soaked beaches to verdant forests, there’s something for everyone here. Choose from adventurous outdoor activities like hiking or relaxing on one of its many gorgeous beaches … Read more

11 Madeira Wine Tours: Funchal Wine Tasting & Vineyard Tours [2023]

madeira wine tasting samples at a local tour

Madeira wine tasting is a must do while you’re visiting the island! Don’t think of just your standard wine tasting tour here — Madeira has a variety of small group and private, as well as half-day and full-day experiences, with a tour to suit every taste and preference. For those who enjoy a leisurely pace … Read more