17 Marvelous Day Trips from Milan: Epic Excursions from Lombardy’s Capital City

If you’re visiting Milan and have extra time to explore the surroundings, you won’t be short on options! All around Milan, you can find beautiful cities filled with historical landmarks and museums, charming small towns, and stunning natural landscapes. There is much to discover within less than two hours from the center of Milan. Whether … Read more

25 Essential Landmarks in Florence to Visit (+ Florence Attraction Map!)

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How to Visit Herculaneum from Naples: Literally Everything You Need to Know!

Often overshadowed by Pompeii, its more famous ruined cousin, not everybody is aware that Herculaneum is a fascinating archaeological site in its own right, with findings dating back to the same period of the Mount Vesuvius explosion.  Since it is smaller, easier to visit, and often less crowded than Pompeii — some of the most … Read more

25 Essential Milan Landmarks (+ Map to Find Them All!)

The most modern city in Italy, Milan is considered one of the world’s leading cities for fashion and design, full of boutiques and designer flagship stores like Prada and Gucci. This northern city is also Italy’s financial center, the capital of Lombardy, and one of Italy’s great cultural hubs, home to a wide variety of … Read more