Whale Watching in Tromso: 13 Things to Know & 5 Best Tours (Ranked!)

tale of a whale diving in norway

Flashing aurora in brilliant hues of lime and fuchsia swirling overhead at night, glistening blue ice castles made of snow by day, dog sledding through frozen landscapes with fjords in the background, meeting Sami reindeer herders… I’m ready to re-book another ticket to Tromsø just writing that. Put simply, Tromsø in winter is one of … Read more

Doors Off Helicopter Tour in Kauai: 15 Things to Know Before Your Nāpali Coast Helicopter Tour

Deep green cathedral spires alternately bathing in sunlight and hiding behind misty puffs of cloud. Layers of canyon stacked one on top of another in a stunning array of colors. The impossibly blue and wild Pacific Ocean meeting hidden white sand beaches. Waterfalls only visible by helicopter, so many it is literally impossible to keep … Read more

17 Best Northern Lights Hotels in Iceland

View from a window of an aurora camp in Tromso

Iceland in winter is a stunning land of icy waterfalls, glacier lagoons, ice caves, and colorful auroras dancing overhead. One of the more popular ways to see the Northern lights while in Iceland is to take a Northern lights tour — but personally, I’m of the opinion that staying in a Northern lights hotel is … Read more

Whale Watching in the Azores: The Best Islands & Tours for Whales and Dolphins!

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores Islands are an unbelievable cluster of nine spectacular islands that seemingly arise out of nowhere, more than 1,000 miles away from Portugal. These geographic isolation of these islands mean that they are heavenly for several different species of whales, who often pass by the Azores … Read more

15 Things to Know Before Booking an ATM Cave Tour

Deep in a cave in Belize’s interior jungle is a sacred Mayan burial site, where the remains of 14 human sacrifices have been found. To get there, you’ll have to swim through bracingly cold waters, wedge yourself between glimmering stalactites dripping down from the ceiling, and navigate using only a headlamp to see your way through … Read more

7 Jaw-Dropping Bucket List Hikes in Oahu (2022 Update)

Oahu is within the Hawaiian Island chain. It was formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Oahu is known for mesmerizing natural beauty — complete with white sands, humpback whale watching, tropical flora, dense jungle and waterfalls. Oahu is also a culturally rich and historically significant place. It’s known for important landmarks that should … Read more

Big Island Hikes: 17 Breathtaking Hikes on Hawaiʻi (2022 Update)

the waterfall of rainbow falls in hawaii surrounded by lush green foliage

Hiking on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi is one of the greatest opportunities to enjoy incredible landscapes and inspiring views. The Big Island is otherwise known as the island of Hawaiʻi, and it’s received the nickname of “The Big Island” to distinguish itself from the U.S. state of Hawaii. The Big Island is of the … Read more