5 Jaw-Dropping Bucket List Hikes in Oahu (2023 Update)

Oahu is within the Hawaiian Island chain. It was formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Oahu is known for mesmerizing natural beauty — complete with white sands, humpback whale watching, tropical flora, dense jungle and waterfalls. Oahu is also a culturally rich and historically significant place. It’s known for important landmarks that should … Read more

12 Crystal-Clear Beaches Near Catania, Sicily

View of Agnone Bagni Beach

Ah, Catania! This gorgeous region of Sicily’s coast is one of the great delights of the Italian island, and that’s saying something. Looking back at my time in Italy, some of the best memories I have are from days spent wandering Catania’s scenic coastline, taking in the gorgeous colors of the Mediterranean, or even just … Read more

Best Amazon Lodges in Peru: 10 Jungle Lodges For Every Type of Traveler!

Floating structure with boats on the Amazon River in the Iquitos area of the Peruvian amazon rainforest

Have you been dreaming of a unique getaway into the lush Amazon rainforest?  Well, if you’re a wildlife fanatic and you haven’t, you probably should be — this level of connection with nature can’t be found in many other places!  A trip to the Amazon is truly a bucket list experience, one you’ll remember for … Read more