101 Side-Splitting Nature Puns & Funny Nature Captions

Can you beleaf I’ve come up with 101 nature puns? It took a lot of pine and energy, but I’ve done it.

Shore enough, there are over a hundred puns about nature in this post, reed-y to be used for funny nature captions for Instagram or just to make your friends groan on your next hiking trip.

From puns about forests and to puns about oceans and beaches, here are my favorite silly nature puns!

Nature Puns About Forests

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May the forest be with you!

This view is tree-mendous!

I have plant-y of time.

Don’t take me for plant-ed

Dew you love morning walks in the woods?

Go with the flower

A bloom with a view

Once and floral

Take it or leaf it

Leaf it at that

What a releaf!

This view is blossom!

Me and my best fronds

Tree’s company

Shrub it off

All you seed is love

Ferning with curiosity

Feel the fern

Live and fern

I’m at a moss for words

Flower to the people!

No ifs ands or buds

Don’t stalk it till you’ve tried it!

Try branching out

Let’s meet for branch!

Beyond a rhizome-able doubt

For what it’s earth

We ground love in a hopeless place

I’d do it all clover again

Go against the green

As fir as the eyes can see

Working pine to five

Life’s a birch

Made for beech other

Live today ash if there were no tomorrow

Nature Puns About Mountains

I’ve found the mountain of youth!

I’ve lost my terrain of though

Take a peak around

You’ve really peaked my interest

There’s snow place like the mountains

Slow down – don’t you Everest?

No man is a highland

You’d better change your altitude

Are you done with the bad puns? I can’t bear it!

I lava you a lot!

Ridge the gap

Life is full of rise and lows

Make summit noise

Hiking is all the range

Climb and punishment

My sediments exactly

As far as the eye canyon see

Nature Puns About the Ocean

Watery doing here?

We can do waterever you want

I’m tide of ocean puns!

Tropic like it’s hot

Wave new world

As far as the eye can sea

What’s all the comm-ocean?

Nature Puns About Beaches

Life’s a beach!

To beach their own

Don’t be so shallow!

Any-waves, life is good!

Will you be my buoy-friend?

Be reasona-bubble!

The beach has a palming effect

Stop squidding around

Getting my Vitamin sea

Let’s take the sea-nic route

Seak and you shall find

Knot on my watch!

The beach is my sand-tuary

I can’t sand leaving!

I don’t give into pier pressure

Nature Puns About Lakes

I lake you a lot!

Lake a fish out of water.

Dock to the hand!

Sooner oar later

I’ll be dam‘ed

Stop being a pain in the boat!

There are such boat-iful people out here on the lake!

Ready for a ferry bad pun?

I can’t think of any more boat puns. Canoe?

Nature Puns About Rivers

Currently chilling.

Roe roe roe your boat

Streaming now!

This river is too mainstream

Nature Puns About The Desert

The desert isn’t all it’s cactus up to be.

Cactus makes perfect!

Cactus what you preach

It’s a-drought time!

Desert bother you?

Are you saguaro yourself?

Don’t mesa with me

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