The 11 Best Mt. Etna Wine Tours from Catania & Taormina

Sicilian vineyards with Etna volcano eruption at background in Sicily, Italy. Rural Sicilian landscape

If you’re planning a trip to Sicily, you’re probably planning to visit its epic coastline, stunning beaches, charming beach towns, and countless historical spots. But there’s one thing you simply can’t miss: visiting the iconic Mt. Etna, the tallest active volcano in all of Europe. The towering, simmering Mt. Etna is located near the city … Read more

3 Days in Palermo: Itinerary for a Perfect Weekend in Palermo!

Picturesque Palermo, one of my favorite destinations in Sicily, is home to spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning beaches, and mouth-watering food. The vibrant capital of Sicily is famous for many reasons, including the dubious honor of being the most conquered city in the world. This patchwork of ruling powers over the centuries left behind … Read more