33 Epic Things to Do in Moorea, Tahiti’s Sister Island

the beautiful view of the mt rotui mountain in moorea from the point of view of the belvedere lookout

From snorkeling to the sound of whale songs to diving in electric-colored coral gardens to relaxing on white sand beaches, Moorea is a true delight. A laid-back island just a 30-minute ferry ride from Tahiti, staying in Moorea offers you a chance to slow down and truly experience island time. Whether it’s dining alongside locals … Read more

55 Dorky Scuba Diving Puns & Jokes To Make Your Dive Buddy Groan

animal in the coral reefs of cozumel,a hawksbill turtle

Scuba diving is a magical experience: the rules of gravity and physics seem to fade away as you enter a kaleidoscopic wonderland of vibrant colors and fast-moving life. While it’s impossible to really express what it feels like to go scuba diving in words, some dorky dive puns and jokes can add some fun levity … Read more

33 Epic Things to Do in Tahiti, the Heart of French Polynesia (2023)

Aerial Photo of Tropical Islands of French Polynesia. Capital City Papeete on Tahiti

Obsidian black sand beaches, hundred-foot tall waterfalls, canopy-covered mountain peaks: there’s no shortage of beauty on the island of Tahiti. … And that’s not counting Tahiti’s pristine coral reefs and the amazing variety of marine life they shelter. While many people skip over Tahiti in favor of more popular islands of Tahiti such as Bora … Read more

Diving in Tahiti: What to Know & 7 Best Tahiti Dive Sites!

The domino damselfish protecting the anemone

Oh, diving in Tahiti…where do I even begin?  Picture yourself submerging underneath bath-warm waters, quickly discovering a reef life in a kaleidoscope of colors, from deep purple to yellow to green. As you gliding through a labyrinth of coral reefs, you’ll spot the neon-bright fish dart between the rocks like flecks of confetti.  Larger movement … Read more

The 15 Best Islands in French Polynesia (for Diving, Resorts, & Offbeat Exploration!)

The colorful turquoise waters of Moorea with the background of Moorea in the distance, as seen from a snorkeling boat in the lagoon

From the enchanting islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora to the dive paradises of Rangiroa and Fakarava to the lesser-known gems like Tikehau and Rurutu, there is no shortage of natural beauty on the islands of French Polynesia You can explore the ancient temples and cultural treasures of Raiatea, hike through the lush landscape of … Read more