Annecy Itinerary: 2 Days to Discover the Venice of the French Alps

the palais dile area of annecy on a cloudy day

With its vibrant, colorful alleyways, pristine crystalline lake, and a picturesque backdrop of majestic mountains, Annecy, the capital of Haute-Savoie, is a testament to the modern art of living.  If you’re looking for a scenic vacation destination, Annecy truly has it all: a picture-perfect setting surrounded by a stunning chain of mountains, historic neighborhoods crisscrossed … Read more

Your Ultimate Winter Lapland Itinerary for 2 to 5 Days

The exterior of the unique Rovaniemi snow hotel with the sun low on the horizon in the winter during limited daylight hours on a Lapland afternoon

Looking for the perfect winter destination, a true celebration of the season? I’m here to help you plan the ultimate Lapland itinerary that includes all of the best winter experiences Finnish Lapland has to offer. With awe-inspiring natural phenomena, adrenaline-pumping activities, and an introduction to Finnish culture, this Lapland winter itinerary is a customizable guide … Read more

7 Days in Puerto Rico: Itinerary for a Magical Trip (2023 Guide)

Swaying palm trees, turquoise sparkling waters, vibrant fish darting between shelters in a coral reef: these are just three of the things you can expect to see on your Puerto Rico itinerary. Appropriately nicknamed La Isla del Encanto, the Island of Enchantment, for its stunning beauty, Puerto Rico’s gorgeous beaches, cities, and forests will certainly … Read more

2 Days in Budapest: Itinerary for a Magical Weekend in Budapest

view of budapest at night from a lovely vantage point in buda

Budapest is one of my favorite cities in Europe, and that’s saying something – I’ve visited over a hundred cities on the continent and of them all, Budapest still stands out as one of the best. It’s one of the most beautifully photogenic cities I’ve ever seen. And despite having had its big break tourism-wise, … Read more

Belize Itinerary: One Fun-Filled Week in Belize (2023 Update)

Belize is one of my favorite countries in Central America.  It’s small enough that you can easily see the best of Belize in one week, perfect for a short getaway! In other Central American countries like Guatemala and Mexico, you’ll need at least two weeks at a bare minimum — and still just barely scratch the … Read more

2 Days in Positano: Itinerary for a Perfect Amalfi Coast Getaway

Positano is quite possibly the most famous town on the iconic Amalfi Coast, located just to the south of Naples. The dramatic coastline the region is celebrated for is dotted with picturesque little villages made of colorful houses stacked on top of each other on tall cliffs. No other Amalfi Coast town is more emblematic … Read more

How to Plan a Winter Tromso Itinerary for 1 to 5 Days (2023 Update)

The lit-up Triangular architecture of the Tromso Arctic Cathedral against a mountain backdrop in the snow in winter.

If you’re planning your Arctic Norway itinerary, congratulations: you’re in for a bucket list worthy experience of a lifetime! A trip to Tromso, nicknamed “The Paris of the North” for its important role in Northern Europe’s culture, is a must on any visit to Northern Norway.  This beautiful city serves as the gateway to all sorts … Read more

Great Smoky Mountains Itinerary: 2 Days in This Epic National Park! [2023]

A beautiful colorful sunrise over Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is absolutely a must-see destination for any lover of the great outdoors, and the numbers are there to prove it. This is the most visited national park in the country, winning by a landslide, pun only slightly intended. Knowing all this, when I was planning my road trip through the … Read more