Lake Batabat and Its Floating Island, the Gem of Nakhchivan

I had never seen a landscape change this dramatically this quickly before, from dusty red rocks straight out of the American Southwest to lush green rolling foothills and steep mountains tipped with snow within the span of a single hour. I must have had my head hanging out of the taxi window nearly the whole drive, like … Read more

Backpacking Europe Packing List: The Women’s Survival Guide

view of one of the most famous buildings in milan, a church that houses in the last supper, seen through archways of a courtyard on a sunny day

If the prospect of packing for Europe long-term has you overwhelmed, don’t worry: you need far less than you think. I’ve spent a cumulative 10 months of my life backpacking through Europe with nothing more than a 45L carry-on size bag that escapes even the eagle eyes of budget airlines. You don’t need to pack … Read more

5 Best Travel Coffee Makers, Compared by a Former Barista

If you’re a coffee fanatic like I am, it’s probably important to you that you’re never far away from a good cup of coffee while you’re traveling. There are some places around the world with fantastic coffee: I’ve been especially impressed with the coffee in Australia and Scandinavia. However, it’s also true that certain countries … Read more

Nicaragua Packing List: The Ultimate Guide on What to Pack

Packing for a trip to Nicaragua isn’t too difficult. Being a subtropical climate, Nicaragua only has two seasons: rainy and dry, and both have around the same average temperatures (read: hot AF). The rainy season — which is low season — lasts from May to November, peaking in October. That said, despite the rain, the … Read more

Is Nicaragua Safe? My Perspective and Recent Safety Updates

It’s unfortunate but true: women travelers everywhere have different safety considerations than men. And this is doubly true in Latin America, with its strong patriarchal culture. When I told people back home that I was spending 4 months traveling alone through Central America, I had many surprised and nervous reactions. But were they warranted? Well, … Read more

Take Me Back to Kanuhura

Let’s set the stage: You’re flying over a lagoon with countless shades of cerulean and turquoise, dotted only by a few small islands. The islands are so small that from this height, they almost don’t even look like islands– just ribbons of electric blue paint on the dark blue canvas of the Indian ocean. The … Read more