13 Fun Things to Do in Florence at Night for Travelers

Planning your next (or first!) trip to Florence, but don’t know how to spend your evenings in the city?

Luckily, Florence at night is just as vibrant as it is during the day!

Planning your trip to Florence at the last minute?

Here are my quick picks on what to do & where to stay!

 Top Florence Night Activities:
1. Guided Food Walking Tour (taste all the best of Florence!)
2. Sunset Sightseeing and Wine Tasting Tour (try local wines with a sunset view!)
3. Arno River Cruise (epic sunset views of Florence!)

🏨 Best Florence Hotels:
1. Cicerone (charming central Florence guesthouse)
2. Piccolo Borgo Antico (quiet studios near Boboli Gardens)
3. Hotel Unicorno (beautifully revamped 17th century building)

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Florence may be known for its arts, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye: it’s not just the Duomo, the Statue of David, and its museums!

While you’ll likely spend your days wandering around Florence’s landmarks like its museums, churches, and lively squares, the city shows its most romantic side at night.

sunset from the dome of the florence duomo with the belltower in view

But don’t worry, there’s plenty to do in Florence at night if you’re traveling solo or with friends as well!

During my 15 years living in Italy, I traveled to Florence several times. I’ve seen the city from every angle, day and night, so in this guide, I’ll share the best ways I’ve found to spend a night in Florence! 

From the best sunset views and the coolest activities to the liveliest bars and nightclubs, this guide has you covered for several nights out in Florence.

Best Things to Do in Florence at Night

Watch the city lights turn on from Piazzale Michelangelo.

view from piazzale michelangelo of the gorgeous city of florence at night with the city all lit up and the sky in a lightish dark blue

Piazzale Michelangelo is hands down one of the best spots to watch the sunset in Florence!

The square features a bronze replica of Michelangelo’s David and sits on a hilltop on the southern bank of the Arno River overlooking the center of Florence on the opposite riverbank.

Be sure to get there at least 15 minutes before sunset to grab a prime spot!

Then, just wait for the sun to set over the city’s skyline, with the cathedral complex towering over the rest of the buildings. 

There will probably be someone playing live music, and a whole crowd of  people sharing in the magic of the moment.

After the sunset, stick around to watch the city lights start turning on as night falls.

Piazzale Michelangelo is just a 20-minute walk from Florence’s city center. If you don’t want to walk, there’s several buses serving the square as well.

Explore the city center without the crowds.

the uffizi gallery in florence at night time which is normally crowded during the day time

The biggest luxury of exploring Florence by night is that it’s crowd-free!

If you want to enjoy a peaceful stroll around the empty streets so you can admire the city’s architecture and landmarks without the constant flow of tour groups and tourists, go out after dark.

Aside from being nearly empty, the city has a romantic vibe at night!

The spectacular Florence Duomo stands in all its magnificence in a nearly deserted square, and the charming streets and squares of the historical center are positively enchanting in the dim lights.

Heads up: depending on the season, you may need to go out later to enjoy some peace and solitude. 

In summer, you can expect the city to be still buzzing with life until the late hours of the night.

But in winter in Florence, you can enjoy a peaceful stroll just after dinner, which ends around 10:30 PM in Italy.

Go on a food walking tour.

hand holding a gelato in a gelateria

Another great way to enjoy Florence at night is to join a food walking tour.

While these are available during the day too, joining an evening tour can often be a more relaxed experience, especially with the evening bringing a bit of relief from the hot Italian summers.

This Guided Food Walking Tour lasts three hours, during which you’ll explore the streets of Florence and taste traditional Florentine dishes paired with local wines.

You’ll stop by eateries and food shops, hear cool stories about local food and history from your guide, and sample some delicious gelato.

A great alternative, though a bit more expensive, is this 2-hour Sunset Sightseeing and Wine Tasting Tour.

The tour takes place in the Oltrarno district and includes both a guided walking tour and a wine tasting paired with local products like cheese, bruschetta, and cold cuts. 

Be sure to check the availability and book in advance for both options!

Book your food walking tour here or your sunset food and wine tasting here!

Join a tipsy walking tour.

hand holding a glass of wine in florence

If you want to spend a fun night out and meet other travelers, why not join a tour of the best bars in town?

This 3-hour Guided Walking Tour with Drinks is the perfect chance to learn about Florence’s most scandalous and intriguing stories, all while exploring some of the city’s famous nightlife neighborhoods.

The guided tour will take you through some of the liveliest bars in Florence to sample drinks like the popular Spritz, wines, and traditional liqueurs.

While sipping your drinks, your guide will tell you about their history and fun facts.

The tour kicks off in the Oltrarno district and passes through the charming Piazza della Passera, the lively Piazza Santo Spirito, and the popular Via Maggio before leading you to Via Benci, a famous nightlife street in the historical center of Florence. 

Fair warning: since the tour is all about sampling alcoholic drinks, you’ll want to be sure to eat something before you go!

Book your wine and walking tour here!

Have a traditional Florentine dinner.

florence steak cut showing rare slices

What better way to spend an evening in Florence than enjoying a delicious dinner in a traditional Florentine restaurant?

The sheer number of great restaurants in Florence can be overwhelming, but Osteria Vecchio Cancello is one of the best for traditional dishes. 

There’s a good reason why this traditional, cozy restaurant close to Florence’s train station is one of the best-rated in the city.

Featuring an old-style, charming interior and a lovely terrace, this restaurant serves exquisite Florentine food and great wines.

If you want to sample real Florentine cuisine, then you absolutely have to try their Florentine T-Bone steak. The massive steak is a two person dish, so don’t order it if you’re on your own. 

You’ll find several other meat-based dishes, as well as fish and vegetarian options, like the tasty ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese.

Don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of Tuscan wine, of course!

Have a tasty gelato while strolling along the Arno.

ponte vecchio at sunset with beautiful river view

After enjoying a delightful dinner, it’s time for dessert, so remember to leave some room! And what better dessert than a delicious gelato? 

Florence offers a wide choice of gelato shops, from renowned gelato chains like Amorino or Venchi to small local ones like Cantina del Gelato and La Strega Nocciola in the Oltrarno district.

A good rule of thumb for choosing a good gelato place is to go for the ones where the gelato is covered. This simple detail ensures its freshness. 

I recommend Cantina del Gelato and la Strega Nocciola for this very reason.

Not only do they have delicious gelato and unusual flavors, but they are in a perfect location in Oltrarno.

Grab your cone or cup with your favorite gelato flavors and enjoy a pleasant stroll along the Arno River.

Cross the Ponte alle Grazie to enjoy a lovely view of the Ponte Vecchio!

Join an evening river cruise.

arno river cruise at night in the sunset changing colors

Another perfect way to spend the evening in Florence is to hop on a boat and enjoy a cruise along the Arno River.

In my opinion, this is the ideal evening activity in summer, since the days can be extremely hot and sitting on a boat under the burning sun isn’t exactly my idea of a good time.

This Arno City River Cruise has several departures throughout the day and evening, with the last one departing at 9:30 PM.

You’ll get on an electric boat at Via Lungarno Diaz and travel along the Arno and under Ponte delle Grazie, Ponte Vecchio, Ponte Santa Trinità, and Ponte alla Carraia before making your way back.

The cruise lasts around an hour and includes a running commentary about the city and the main landmarks you pass by.

Book your river cruise here!

Have a cocktail in an artsy bar.

hand serving a cocktail

Since you’re in the Italian city of arts, there’s  no better place to enjoy a cocktail than a mix between a cocktail bar and an art gallery!

The Arts Inn is a clever concept that combines beautiful art with signature cocktails inspired by the greatest artists of all time.

The cocktail bar was created by a local artist inside what used to be his atelier, housing his permanent art exhibitions and art shows by other artists.

Enjoy this unique atmosphere while sipping on a cocktail inspired by Frida Kahlo, Gaugin, or Andy Warhol.

The bar is in a beautiful 15th-century building in Via del Porcellana near the Santa Maria Novella train station.

Be warned that the place is quite small, so you may need to reserve a table if you don’t want to risk waiting around.

Dance the night away in a nightclub.

night club vibe

If you want to spend the night out dancing, Florence has no shortage of options to offer. 

Tenax is by far one of the most famous nightclubs in Florence, known for hosting renowned national and international artists and DJs. Check the upcoming events to see what’s happening when you’re in town. 

However, note that the club is quite far from the center, so you’ll have to catch a taxi.

If you’re looking for more easy-going spots a bit closer to the historical center, try Flo Lounge Bar or Rex Cafè

Flo Lounge Bar is in the Oltrarno district, close to Piazzale Michelangelo. The club features a terrace overlooking the city and hosts many events, especially in summer.

Rex Cafè is the closest spot to the historical center. You’ll always find something going on at Rex, from acoustic live sessions to jazz concerts or DJ sets. 

And of course, if you’re looking for good drinks, Rex is known for making great cocktails.

Join a cooking class.

two hands holding fresh made egg pasta that is cut into tagliatelle on a work surface with flour

Instead of simply eating out, why not learn how to cook a proper Italian meal and then enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Join this Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class to learn how to make Italian pizza and gelato from a professional chef.

The workshop lasts around three hours, during which you can learn about the history of these tasty Italian treats while preparing them yourself.

You’ll then enjoy your pizza creation with a glass of Chianti wine and indulge in the tasty gelato.

If you want to learn how to make your own pasta instead, join this private Pasta and Tiramisu Class

Your local host will teach you how to prepare fresh pasta dough and shape it into traditional pasta shapes, all while sipping an Italian aperitivo.

You’ll then prepare a tasty tiramisu and enjoy dinner with a selection of local wines.

Learn to make pizza and gelato or pasta and tiramisu at these cooking classes!

Sample Tuscan wines.

sampling different florence tuscan wines

If you like wine, you won’t be disappointed by the vast choice of great wine bars where you can sample some of the best Tuscan wines!

From a glass of classic Chianti to the refined Barolo or Brunello di Montalcino and countless others, you could literally spend weeks sampling wines in Florence and still just scratch the surface.

Head to Antica Bottega Wine Tasting and try their wine-tasting experience to learn about different wine varieties and sample a tasty charcuterie board.

You can also pick your favorite wine and have it with a delicious sandwich or some Italian cheese.

Enoteca Alessi is another delightful place for wine tasting.

The family-owned wine shop has been around since 1952 and has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best places in town for wine tasting. 

Visit the underground wine cellar and join the tasting experience to learn about local wines and enjoy delicious cheese and cured meats.

You’ll probably want to buy a few bottles to take home too!

Attend an opera concert.

an opera singer with a microphone
Shadow of singer in light

If you’re passionate about opera, a great way to spend the night in Florence is to attend a show in a unique location in the Oltrarno district.

Santa Monaca Church is a lovely historic 15th-century church housing daily opera concerts.

Grab a ticket for this Italian Opera Concert and prepare to listen to some of the most renowned works of Italian opera, from Verdi and Rossini to Puccini, Bellini, and Mascagni.

The concerts are performed by professional singers accompanied by a grand piano in a stunning setting.

To make a night of it, you can also book this Pizza Dinner and Opera experience that includes dinner and a classic opera concert, also taking place in the Santa Monaca Church.

Book an Italian opera concert or a concert with a dinner experience!

Watch a movie under the stars.

If you visit Florence in summer, between July and August, you may get the chance to watch a movie under the stars!

Every summer, the gorgeous Villa Bardini houses the Cinema in Villa event on the panoramic terrace overlooking Florence.

Many movies are in their original language with Italian subtitles, unlike those you would see in theaters which are dubbed in Italian.

If you need any more reasons to try this experience, you can take advantage of free access every Thursday. 

However, on other nights, the ticket is only €5, which is worth the magical experience.

The exact dates of the film program vary each year, so check the calendar before your trip.

The calendar usually begins in early July and lasts until the end of August.

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