Lapland Packing List: What to Pack for a Cozy Winter Trip to Lapland

reindeer sled and forest and cabin in rovaniemi finnish lapland

If you’re planning a trip to the Nordics in winter, you may be a little overwhelmed when it comes to what to pack for Lapland. Between the freezing cold weather and outdoor activities you’ll be doing, you’ll need to pack smartly in order to have a good time. You’ll need the right combination of clothing … Read more

Sweden Packing List: What to Wear in Sweden in Winter (From Stockholm to Lapland)


If the idea of visiting Northern countries like Sweden in the winter seems overwhelming and you have no idea what to pack for Sweden in winter… don’t worry, it’s actually a lot less daunting than you think. I found that I actually didn’t need much that I didn’t already have when I did my research … Read more