21 Whimsical Things to Do in Venice in Winter (+ Christmas Tips!)

Christmas tree in Piazza San Marco with lots of tables at cafes out able to eat and have a drink and enjoy the Christmas views in the square, in soft blue light after sunset but not too dark. Church building and doge's palace windows and pillars visible.

Venice, Italy‚Äôs most unique city, attracts millions of tourists each year, getting busiest during the crammed summer months. Although the weather is undoubtedly much better in the summer, it comes at a cost: Venice suffers greatly from overtourism during these months. Think long lines everywhere you want to go, crowded piazzas you have to strain … Read more

What to Wear in Norway in Winter: Your Norway Winter Packing List

Allison in an ice hotel in Tromso

If you’re planning a trip to Norway in the colder months, especially coming from a warmer climate, you’re probably a little nervous about what to wear in Norway in winter. I’ve just returned from a winter trip to Norway and while I was a bit concerned about the cold, I found that with the right … Read more