4 Days in Naples: Itinerary for a Long Weekend in Naples (+ Pompeii & Amalfi Coast!)

views of the city of Naples from above on a hill with Vesuvius in the distance and water

Naples is one of the most fascinating cities in Italy: a place where it is easy to experience the country at its most authentic and discover centuries of history as well as incredibly tasty gastronomy.  Chaotic, noisy, and at times a bit overwhelming, Naples (Napoli in Italian) is a fascinating destination with very unique sights … Read more

Renting a Car in Italy in 6 Steps (+7 Key Driving Tips!)

Person driving through gorgeous mountain scenery while traveling in Italy

Imagine driving through the medieval hilltop town and vineyard-studded foothills of Tuscany or along the winging coastal path of the Amalfi Coast, seeing pastel-colored houses punctuating the drive between patches of blue Tyrrhenian Sea. Renting a car in Italy can be an unforgettable experience and highlight of your Italian vacation (how else will you experience … Read more

How to Visit Herculaneum from Naples: Literally Everything You Need to Know!

Often overshadowed by Pompeii, its more famous ruined cousin, not everybody is aware that Herculaneum is a fascinating archaeological site in its own right, with findings dating back to the same period of the Mount Vesuvius explosion.  Since it is smaller, easier to visit, and often less crowded than Pompeii — some of the most … Read more

3 Days in Venice: Itinerary for a Wonderful Weekend Break in Venice

the Rialto bridge in Venice with turquoise canal and gondolas and colorful buildings on a sunny and beautiful blue sky day

One of the most magical destinations in Italy, Venice is a unique city surrounded by turquoise canals leading out to the Adriatic Sea, located in the northwestern area of the country.  The city, romantic and full of history, offers incredible things to do either for a short stay or a multi-day holiday! If you’re visiting … Read more