Renting a Car in Portugal: 13 Tips From Someone Who Lived There! [2024]

road with two little tuktuks on it while driving in portugal

Exploring Portugal on a road trip is one of the best ways to discover the country and reach remote places you wouldn’t otherwise visit. Despite its small size, Portugal overdelivers everywhere: stunning coastal and mountainous landscapes, cities out of a storybook, and picturesque villages tucked away and seemingly untouched by time. Since I lived in … Read more

7 Things to Do in Peso da Régua, Portugal: A Lovely Alto Douro Town [2024]

Two bridges spanning the Douro River in the town of Peso da Regua, a charming winemaking town in the region of Douro valley

While all of the Douro Valley is picturesque and stunning, special recognition goes to the lovely town of Peso da Régua in the Alto Douro (‘high Douro’). This lovely winemaking town is a key stop on any Douro Valley visit, whether you’re taking an extended road trip around the region or just popping over for … Read more

17 Cozy & Cool Things to Do in Porto in Winter

ravelo traditional boat in porto

When you think of winter vacation destinations in Europe, Porto may not be the first place that comes to mind, but the second-largest Portuguese city has plenty to offer that will surprise you.  While Porto may not be the place to go for typical winter activities or the most impressive Christmas markets, it offers quite … Read more

18 Lovely Things to Do in Lisbon in Winter

photo from lisbon's main square

Lisbon has been a hot destination in Europe for a few years now, and the hype continues to draw more visitors.  However, while most people visit the city during the summer or shoulder months, visiting Lisbon in winter has several advantages. Most notably, you can avoid the crowds! If you travel to Lisbon from November … Read more

7 Best Douro Valley Winery Hotels & Quintas to Stay In

view of a quinta in the douro valley region with vineyards in the background

Immersing yourself in the beauty of the Douro Valley is best experienced through a stay at one of the quintas, the famed Douro Valley winery hotels. These traditional Portuguese wine estates offer more than just accommodation; you get to live and breathe the wine culture of the Douro Valley as these properties are also working … Read more

13 Perfect Things to Do in Porto at Night [2023 Nightlife & Activity Guide]

Porto, Portugal old town skyline on the Douro River with rabelo boats.

Porto is Portugal’s second-most popular city, right after Lisbon, and as such, it offers plenty of tourist attractions, museums, and exciting nightlife options.  The charming Portuguese city sits on the bank of the Douro River and is best known for its colorful historical center, Port wine cellars which bring in delicious wine from the Douro … Read more

The Ultimate Lisbon to Algarve Road Trip: 13 Best Stops Along the Way!

The beach of Praia de Rocha with sandy white beach and cliffs and stunning ocean views

Picture this: warm sandy beaches, striking natural beauty, and gorgeous coastlines as far as the eye can see. If this sounds like a dream come true, then read on, and learn about one of Europe’s most perfect summer vacation destinations, the Algarve. The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal and the country’s most popular … Read more

13 Lively Things to Do in Lisbon at Night [2023 Night Out Guide]

a miradouro in lisbon after the sun has set

With its charming historical neighborhood, iconic canary-yellow trams, and gorgeous miradouros, the lovely city of Lisbon now attracts travelers from all over the world.  I was lucky enough to live in Lisbon for over two years, and during my time there, I experienced practically everything this vibrant city can offer! One of the things the … Read more

The 7 Best Madeira Hiking Tours: Rabaçal, Pico Ruivo & More [2023]

view of a stunning viewpoint in madeira

From rugged mountain peaks that jut out from the island’s topography into the clouds to the emerald-green valleys teeming with waterfalls and springs, Madeira’s landscapes are perfect to explore by foot. But hiking in another country can occasionally be a little intimidating. Whether it’s navigating the signage system, figuring out public transportation or driving, or … Read more