The Ultimate Weekend Trip Packing List: What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

duffel bag sitting on a chair

One thing I’ve always excelled at is packing light.  I’ve been to the Arctic twice in the winter — using just a carry-on. A six-week trip spanning Moldova, Ukraine, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Portugal — also in a carry-on. I even went on a five-month backpacking trip through Europe and Morocco, with temperatures … Read more

50 Essentials for Car Camping: Checklist & Packing List For Car Camping

There’s nothing better than classic smell of a warm campfire crackling under a blanket of twinkling stars and waking up to a soft glowing sunrise as dawn breaks the horizon. Camping is all about those moments of peace and serenity. When your pace for the day is slow and peaceful, and you truly embrace what … Read more

What to Pack for New York in Fall: What to Wear & Bring

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in partnership with Moon Travel Guides. All opinions and recommendations expressed are entirely my own. Let’s be honest about New York: no one lives there for its weather. There are few things that New Yorkers can agree upon, but the fact that fall is the best season to … Read more

Morocco Packing List: What to Pack for Morocco for Women

Planning a trip to Morocco can present some challenges, and the most pressing question for many travelers, especially women, is the matter of what to pack for Morocco. The country’s reputation for conservatism is well-deserved, and street harassment in Morocco is an ever-present issue that women must contend with. While men have less at stake … Read more

What to Wear in Switzerland: Packing List For All Seasons

Allison Green in Switzerland in summer in a dress and leggings

If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland, beyond figuring your itinerary and what the best places to visit are, you’re probably wondering what to wear in Switzerland. This Switzerland packing list is designed for all seasons, with sections for men’s and women’s clothing. It’s designed to help you decide what to bring to Switzerland on … Read more

Vietnam Packing List: What to Wear & Pack for Vietnam in All Seasons

Vietnam can be a bit tricky to pack for. As a long, thin country with both mountains and beaches, the weather is quite different in the North and South, and on the beach versus in the highlands. It’s worth remembering that the North of Vietnam borders China, which has downright frigid winters. Add altitude to … Read more