What to Wear in London in Winter: Your Easy London Packing List

London in winter is lovely, especially in the period right before Christmas. The Atlantic jet stream keeps the winter weather rather mild compared to the rest of Europe which regularly drops below freezing, yet it’s still cold and crisp enough that you want to bundle up in all of your coziest clothing. If you’re planning … Read more

Taiwan Packing List: What to Wear in Taiwan (In Winter and Summer)

Taiwan is a beautiful lush country with so much to do and see. With world-class cities like Taipei, beautiful hikes all throughout the country, and gorgeous beaches down south near Kenting, what you do in Taiwan will largely depend on the season. Taiwan has four distinct seasons, so if you are coming to Taiwan in … Read more

New York Packing List (Winter Edition): What to Wear in New York in Winter

My first trip ever to New York City was in the winter. I had just finished my college applications and was going to New York with my dad to check out New York University (which I’d later end up attending) and Columbia University (which, LOL that I ever thought I could get in). There are … Read more

Sweden Packing List: What to Wear in Sweden in Winter (From Stockholm to Lapland)


If the idea of visiting Northern countries like Sweden in the winter seems overwhelming and you have no idea what to pack for Sweden in winter… don’t worry, it’s actually a lot less daunting than you think. I found that I actually didn’t need much that I didn’t already have when I did my research … Read more

Backpacking Europe Packing List: The Women’s Survival Guide

If the prospect of packing for Europe long-term has you overwhelmed, don’t worry: you need far less than you think. I’ve spent a cumulative 10 months of my life backpacking through Europe with nothing more than a 45L carry-on size bag that escapes even the eagle eyes of budget airlines. You don’t need to pack … Read more

Nicaragua Packing List: The Ultimate Guide on What to Pack

Packing for a trip to Nicaragua isn’t too difficult. Being a subtropical climate, Nicaragua only has two seasons: rainy and dry, and both have around the same average temperatures (read: hot AF). The rainy season — which is low season — lasts from May to November, peaking in October. That said, despite the rain, the … Read more