15 Things to Know Before Booking an ATM Cave Tour [2023]

Deep in a cave in Belize’s interior jungle is a sacred Mayan burial site, where the remains of 14 human sacrifices have been found. To get there, you’ll have to swim through bracingly cold waters, wedge yourself between glimmering stalactites dripping down from the ceiling, and navigate using only a headlamp to see your way through … Read more

Belize Itinerary: One Fun-Filled Week in Belize (2023 Update)

Belize is one of my favorite countries in Central America.  It’s small enough that you can easily see the best of Belize in one week, perfect for a short getaway! In other Central American countries like Guatemala and Mexico, you’ll need at least two weeks at a bare minimum — and still just barely scratch the … Read more

13 Best Things to Do in San Ignacio, Belize (2023 Update)

Deep in the Belizean jungle close to the border with Guatemala is the beautiful small town of San Ignacio, a town that stole my heart almost right away. A major jumping off point for exploring Belize’s tropical jungle interior, San Ignacio is rather small but still has several interesting things to do in town, including … Read more

21 Unique Things to Do in Belize: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

Paradise views are everywhere in Caye Caulker, like this beach scene with a boat

For a tiny country, Belize punches well above its weight. The Caribbean coastline is home to the second-largest coral reef in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef, naturally), while its lush inland is filled with dense jungle. If you’re adventurous and nature-loving, there are countless exciting things to do in Belize. Belize is a … Read more