55 Dorky Scuba Diving Puns & Jokes To Make Your Dive Buddy Groan

animal in the coral reefs of cozumel,a hawksbill turtle

Scuba diving is a magical experience: the rules of gravity and physics seem to fade away as you enter a kaleidoscopic wonderland of vibrant colors and fast-moving life. While it’s impossible to really express what it feels like to go scuba diving in words, some dorky dive puns and jokes can add some fun levity … Read more

Diving in Tahiti: What to Know & 7 Best Tahiti Dive Sites!

The domino damselfish protecting the anemone

Oh, diving in Tahiti…where do I even begin?  Picture yourself submerging underneath bath-warm waters, quickly discovering a reef life in a kaleidoscope of colors, from deep purple to yellow to green. As you gliding through a labyrinth of coral reefs, you’ll spot the neon-bright fish dart between the rocks like flecks of confetti.  Larger movement … Read more

The Best Dive Computer for Beginners: What I Picked (+ the 5 Runner Ups)

a mans hand with a dive computer on it gesturing towards the water surface

When it comes to picking out the best dive computer, there’s a lot of noise to cut through. Air integration this, trimix that: it can get quite confusing if you don’t know all the proper terminology, especially if you’re a beginner diver looking for your first dive computer. Don’t worry, though: this post aims to … Read more