Renting a Car in Lanzarote: 12 Key Things to Know Before you Hit the Road!

a car on a road in lanzarote driving off into the distance towards a viewpoint in the background

With views quickly shifting from pitch-black lava fields dotted with green grape vines to the cerulean coastline, Lanzarote has so much landscape diversity that it’s hard to fathom. This island of just 326 square miles — just a hair larger than New York City — offers so many different types of landscapes on this little … Read more

5 Best Lanzarote Wine Tours & Wine Tasting Experiences for 2023

A scorching hot, volcanic landscape in the middle of the ocean doesn’t seem like the most hospital landscape for winemaking — and it’s not — yet somehow, Lanzarote winemaking perseveres and endures. The fury of past volcanic eruptions have cooled, creating a unique mineral-rich volcanic landscape that gives all its wines a unique terroir, distinct … Read more

Lanzarote Itinerary: How to Plan a 3 or 4 Day Lanzarote Road Trip

volcanic landscape of lanzarote road with view

Out of all the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is probably the most unique and striking. This is due in part to its arid, volcanic landscape and in other part to the impressive work of artist César Manrique, who designed several magnificent works aimed at creating harmony between nature, architecture, and art. I spent over three months … Read more