17 Cozy & Cool Things to Do in Porto in Winter [2023 Guide]

ravelo traditional boat in porto

When you think of winter vacation destinations in Europe, Porto may not be the first place that comes to mind, but the second-largest Portuguese city has plenty to offer that will surprise you.  While Porto may not be the place to go for typical winter activities or the most impressive Christmas markets, it offers quite … Read more

13 Perfect Things to Do in Porto at Night [2023 Nightlife & Activity Guide]

Porto, Portugal old town skyline on the Douro River with rabelo boats.

Porto is Portugal’s second-most popular city, right after Lisbon, and as such, it offers plenty of tourist attractions, museums, and exciting nightlife options.  The charming Portuguese city sits on the bank of the Douro River and is best known for its colorful historical center, Port wine cellars which bring in delicious wine from the Douro … Read more

The 13 Best Minho & Douro Valley Wine Tours From Porto [2023 Picks]

a selection of wines in douro valley portugal on a ledge wtih the river behind it

Portugal is known for many things: from its dramatic coastline to its decadent castles and its dreamy azulejos, it’s become a fan favorite in Europe for many reasons. But there’s another big draw to Portugal for those in-the-know… its wines! Just how good Portugal’s wine scene really is is a well-kept secret amongst wine geeks… … Read more