18 Lovely Things to Do in Lisbon in Winter in 2023

photo from lisbon's main square

Lisbon has been a hot destination in Europe for a few years now, and the hype continues to draw more visitors.  However, while most people visit the city during the summer or shoulder months, visiting Lisbon in winter has several advantages. Most notably, you can avoid the crowds! If you travel to Lisbon from November … Read more

13 Lively Things to Do in Lisbon at Night [2023 Night Out Guide]

a miradouro in lisbon after the sun has set

With its charming historical neighborhood, iconic canary-yellow trams, and gorgeous miradouros, the lovely city of Lisbon now attracts travelers from all over the world.  I was lucky enough to live in Lisbon for over two years, and during my time there, I experienced practically everything this vibrant city can offer! One of the things the … Read more

2 Days in Lisbon: Itinerary for a Perfect Weekend in Lisbon (2023)

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With so many incredible museums, miradouros, markets, and meals, it’s nearly impossible to get your fill of Lisbon. I’ve been lucky enough to spend over three weeks in Lisbon over the last two years and have never gotten bored, and I know it’s a city … Read more